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+*World perversion theater words 作詞/にゅる
+A Fact that there is nothing. Present I have only it.
+Do I who cling to uncertain existence have a meaning?
+There is no preparedness to give all up. There is also no preparedness to accept all.
+I should do what?
+When forgetting was strength, someone taught.
+To me, even the language was pressed heavily.
+If night comes, a morning will come before long.
+The world where even such an opaque occurrence does not carry out doubt, either.
+If one desire is realized, I want you to kill world and me.
+Is there my room etc. in the point of that light that disappeared?
+My only words which are only jokes melted into the air. And I was not able to accept even it.
+Reality disappeared at the night, and reality faded away in a fantasy
+and tortured me in the future and denied the past me.
+Be "broken"