10 songs from Hungary(第3回3国合同ねとらじ)



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10 songs from Hungary

日本語ページ: 日本の10曲  /  ハンガリーの10曲  /  台湾の10曲
English Page: Japan 10 songs  /  Hungary 10 songs  / Taiwan 10 songs

  1. Dob + Basszus - Hiperkarma
  2. Hello Tourist - Emil Rulez
  3. Bogozd ki - 30y
  4. K-K-Ketszer - Supernem
  5. Meggyújtom a pipám - Besh o drum
  6. Betlehemi királyok - Kormorán
  7. Játssz még - Szekeres Adrien
  8. Ha én lennék - Kiscsillag
  9. Rázd még - Varga Zsuzsa
  10. Wings of love - Zagar

Dob + Basszus - Hiperkarma

Basically they play rock'n'roll music since 1999. In this year, at summer the singer announced that they will break up, after many great songs and emotional ballades. They released three albums, and all of them became very popular. They often gave live performances, and they are famous, and beloved festival musicians. In the last concerts, the singer made not acceptable performance, and that broke up the band. Maybe they got bored a little. :(
This song is a little sarcastic, it sings about the people who like electronic music, and the drum and bass always sound in their ears. They don't care about the world or themselves, they just listen the drum and the bass constantly. This song is the opening theme of a television program, which is about musicians and festivals.

Hello Tourist - Emil Rulez

It started in the 90s as a hobby band by three talented musician, and though one member left it, they are still able to keep their unique sound. They play jazz music with an interesting atmosphere and very funny, ironic lyrics. The songs usually very cheerful, but in hungarian only, the lyrics are extremely tricky. The singer often appears in a satirical TV show, and he has quite good sense of humour. However, they was an underground group, and they are not widely-known nowadays, too, but enough popular to be in the top.
This is a special song called Hello Tourist! with lamer English pronunciation, which is a curved mirror for other Hungarian bands. It's a habit to write songs in English after some time hoping international success. On one hand it's very difficult to reach that from Hungary, on the other hand they usually have awful pronunciation.
Interestingly enough, this is one of the most popular songs of Emil RuleZ! in Hungary.

Bogozd ki - 30y

This fresh and bit alternative rock band was founded in 2000., but they made their first album in 2004., and published it only on the internet, as well as the second album in 2005. But in 2006., the first studio-album was released, and they are maybe the most popular rock band since then, with many fans, mostly due to their refreshing sound and lively rock music. Their concerts were the most popular in the last few years, and they play always for many-many people.
The song "Bogozd ki - Puzzle out" is sings about the problems in the everyday life of the people like the members of the group. What you mess up, you have to solve yourself.
You have to step over the bad things, like when your new relationship became frozen.

K-K-Ketszer - Supernem

The Supernem founded in 2001. The trio (leaded by Szabolcs Papp who is appears in some TV show too) made first album in april of 2003 titled Louder! After that they bring out two albums, the last was in 2007 named "Nemde". The band is playing pop-punk music which is very popular nowadays in Europe, too. The lyrics anatomize youngish life problems and a little bit nasty.
The song from the first album titled "D-d-double", tells a story about a stutterer boy who want to be on the top.

Meggyújtom a pipám - Besh o drom

The world-music group Beshodrom was founded in 1999., and their first and second albums became platinum and gold very soon. Their exceptional sounding, which was built up from many European and balcanic folk music culture made them unforgettable, and very well known, and popular on many festivals across the world, and in Hungary, too. They often play world-known artists, and they earned a big success on the Montreal Jazz Festival, being the best group among thousands.
The song "Meggyújtom a pipám" is a combination of greek, gipsy, and balcanian folk music with hungarian folk music elements. It has a great rhythm, and power, but it a bit sad. It's about people, who are alone, because their lovers are with an other person, or just far away.

Betlehemi királyok - Kormorán

The now 31 years-old group Kormor疣 is what can be called "Hungaricum". It is the most original and representative music group in Hungary since decades. The basics are very simple, they use hungarian folk music elements and mix them with soft rock music. In most songs they use traditional instruments. They visited almost all European country, used to make albums for singers and several important and popular hungarian movies. They usually singing and playing about the history of our nation, and they are the best "national" music group nowadays. They even got insignia from the government and the Hungarian Scientific Academy.
This song is about the well-known (actually it is well-known in western civilization) biblical story about the born of the savior, Jesus Christ. When he was born on the day of Xmas, three kings went to him to welcome and give presents to him. In Europe, and so in Hungary people often make miniatures about that story or play it themselves. I think every hupper took place in that event in her/his life, at least once.

Játssz még - Szekeres Adrien

She decided to be a singer in her early childhood, and learned in special schools to obtain it, and won contests as a child. In 1995.,she joined the excellent Hot Jazz Band, as a guest singer. She had an official group, too, from 1997. It was called Unisex, and they became extremely popular (five songs became top hit from the first album), but in 2001, she decided to start a solo career. In the recent years she had two children, and her albums are all succeeded. She is a widely known, popular, beloved singer by the masses, and recognised as a very talented artist.
This song is from the last album, which was released a few weeks ago, and it seems that it is just written for clickers ;). It's title means Play more (Játssz még), and she asks (originally musicians) people to continue playing, even if none understands you, if others think you are crazy, just play more! This is the most important message we'd like to send to all clickers, please play more, no matter what happens!

Ha én lennék - Kiscsillag

The group was founded in 2005., by three members of the Kispál és a Borz, and one guy from the also well known hungarian rock band, Pál Utcai Fiúk. They started this group as a "hobby-music-group", and they don't want to became famous, they just play good music for their own happiness. They don't have much time for that either. They barely made the first album, and now looking in the future.
This song, "Ha én lennék " is loved by many people, who like the alternative rock music of the group Kispál. It is something similar, use artistic lyrics, and very abstract music style. The singer is wondering about the case: "If you would be my love...". So it is a romantic song after all, but has funny expressions in the lyrics.

Rázd még - Varga Zsuzsa

She was born in 1976., and started to sing and learn music in the elementary school. She was still a student when she started her career with friends, and made records with them. Two albums were released with the group Venus in 1999-2000., and they became great success, they became platinum, and that group was really popular at that time. She left the group in 2002., and in 2003., she released her first solo-album, which almost got the prize for best hungarian pop-album. She worked with several known artists, and she became more famous with every year. In this year she made a new band and new album.
The song ["Beat it! - XD Rázd még"] "Shake it - Rázd még" is from the first solo-album
called "Szivadóvevő - Heartransmitter", and it is a cheerful, energetic song, with simple music and meaning. It says: Shake it with me, don't sleep, you can't do anything anyway!

Wings of Love - Zagar

In 2001., three members of the "Yonderboi Quintet" started to make music, with a new drummer, and under a new name "Pulzus". They soon developed their unique sound, and in 2002., they appeared on festivals with the name "zagar", in Hungary and abroad, too. In that year, they first album, "Local Broadcast" was released, and it became a very succesful one. since then, they became one of the most famous hungarian music group and they play on almost every festival, and not just in their homeland, but in across the whole Europe.
The song "Wings of Love", featuring the female singers "Underground Divas", is from the latest album, "Cannot Walk, Fly Instead", and it talks about the very joy of the feeling of love. When you love someone, and you are being loved, you can do everything, and nothing can stop you. That's what is our secret. We feel a strong, unchangable "love" for this game, and more importantly, for our great opponents, and dear friends, the Tappers and the Vippers. That's why we can't stop.