-タイトルになっている Svartalfheim(スヴァルトアールヴヘイム) とは、北欧神話に出てくる世界の一つ。
 -RPGをコンセプトにしたコンピCD 『[[EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Storytellers RPG]]』 収録曲。
 wishing for wings, crawling the dark
 eating the flesh of the gigantic myth
 misshapen lives, no mercy death
 maggots have nothing to say
 look at my hand, darker than black
 supposed to be such a beautiful thing
 feeling the words, spells of Odin
 astonishing evil elves will rise
 in the planet of darkness the sun never shine
 when the night time is over the shade comes again
 life will never begin in this beautiful world
 we will welcome you to the Svartalfheim
 meaning of life, sin of suicide
 how can you know in these two blinded eyes
 doomsday is here, aware of death
 maggots have no law of kill
 look at my hand, look at my eyes
 people say god will never make mistakes
 we never care, we will revenge
 war of the annihilate will roar
 in the courthouse of justice we'll never be true
 when the trial is over it's execute time
 life is never forgave in this wonderful world
 we will fight for our pride and freedom
 in the midland of nowhere the evils revive
 when we overcome heroes they'll be one of us
 life is just piece of cake in this merciless world
 we will welcome you to the Svartalfheim
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