Korean youth not allowed back in Annapolis County

A 16-year-old youth faces two charges after incidents said to have taken place at Bridgetown Regional High School
and a Bridgetown resident last Tuesday and Wednesday.

"The youth was reported to have made some comments and gestures in Bridgetown Regional High School,
and to have brandished a toy gun in the school and in a residence in Bridgetown," Annapolis RCMP said Friday.

Illegal marriage bureau busted in Vietnam metro

They found 7-8 Korean men selecting brides from out of 118 girls, mostly from the Mekong Delta countryside.

Recent Korean rape cases in Japan.

1998 Aug, Korean man 宋治悦 arrested for raping 19 women.
2000 Jan, Korean man 李昇一 arrested for raping 140 women.
2000 Aug, Korean man 金允植 arrested for raping 200 women.
2005 Apr, Korean pastor 金保 arrested for raping 35 women.
2006 Jan, Korean man 金義昭 arrested for raping 6 women.
2006 Jun, Korean man 金平和 arrested for raping a woman. (more cases under investigation)
2007 Jan, Korean man 金龍義 arrested for raping 3 women.
2007 Apr, Korean man 李正遠 arrested for raping 20 women.

Woman's son is charged in death

Body found in car along Eisenhower
By Art Barnum
Tribune staff reporter
Published March 29, 2007
A Willowbrook man released from prison in January was charged Wednesday with bludgeoning and strangling his
mother, then dumping her body in a car along the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago over the weekend.

Jae Harrell, 24, is accused of first-degree murder in the death of Ruth Harrell, 59, his widowed mother with whom
he lived. He has been in custody since Saturday, when he called DuPage sheriff's police to report his mother
missing. He is scheduled to appear Thursday in DuPage County Bond Court in Wheaton. He faces 20 to 60 years in prison.


KoreKorea issue

South Korean embassy officials are continuing to refuse to answer questions over the issue of young girls in Kiribati selling themselves for sex to men off Korean fishing vessels.

The National Youth Commission carried out an investigation on the island last month
together with the international NGO Naeil Women's Center for Youth.
It said the investigation came after a UNICEF report on the sexual exploitation
of children in East Asia and the South Pacific last year listed Kiribati as a nation at risk.
There is even a word -- "korekorea” -- being coined in the islands for girls who service Koreans.

Busted in Ghana

He was testifying in the case in which the owner of the vessel, Joseph Kojo Dawson, Pak Bok Sil, a Korean, Isaac Arhin and Philip Bruce Arhin, both Ghanaians, Cui Xian Li and Luo Yin Xing, both Chinese, are alleged to have played various roles leading to the importation of 77 parcels of cocaine, each weighing 30 kilogrammes, into the country.

OC Woman Arrested For Trying To Set 3 Kids, Husband On Fire

February 27, 2007
Hyang Sun Lee, a 39-year-old woman from Orange, was arrested for allegedly trying to set her three children and husband on fire.
Lee's husband woke up to find his Hyang Sun Lee trying to set him and their three children - 2, 7 and 9 years old - on fire shortly after 6 a.m. Monday,
the Orange County Register reported.

The woman allegedly put the children in bed with her husband,
doused them with lighter fluid and started to light it.
However, her husband woke up and stopped her before anyone was hurt, police told the newspaper.

State mobilizes to fight human trafficking

A task-force study completed this month refers to recent cases, including a Denver police crackdown on Korean-run spas and the conviction of an Aurora couple from Saudi Arabia who kept an Indonesian woman as a slave.

Some of the 800 trained so far, under a $450,000 federal grant, have begun using a network of on-call interpreters who speak Korean, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish and can help identify potential victims.

The U.S. State Department estimates 14,500 to 17,500 foreign workers are brought into the country each year via trafficking - part of a $9 billion global criminal trade exceeded only by illegal arms and drug dealing.

South Korean Gets 5 Years for Dealings With Iraqis

Tongsun Park, a once flamboyant South Korean businessman convicted of illegally representing Saddam Hussein in trying to influence the United Nations oil-for-food program, was sentenced yesterday to five years in prison.

S. Korean name-change law aids illegal reentry to Japan

A 44-year-old South Korean woman who was deported last spring for illegally entering the country was found to have reentered Japan twice in a year by changing her name,
although the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law does not permit deportees to reenter Japan for five years, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

The woman was issued a passport under the new name and came to Japan in August 2006, three months after she was deported, and again in January.

Because of a South Korean Supreme Court decision in November 2005 facilitating name changes, similar illegal entries into Japan by South Koreans reportedly have been increasing.
Immigration authorities have strengthened their measures to halt illegal entries in the country through such ruses.

Korean Duo Accused of Sending 1.6 Billion Spam E-Mails

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
SEOUL, South Korea — Two South Korean computer programmers have been arrested on suspicion of sending out 1.6 billion spam e-mail messages in violation of the country's commerce laws, police said on Tuesday.

The two men, one aged 20 and the other 26, are suspected of sending out the unsolicited e-mail messages between September and December last year in what police describe as one of the biggest spam blasts in the country's history.

The two are suspected of obtaining personal and financial data from 12,000 South Koreans who responded to their spam messages.

Korean National Arrested For Henderson Fire

Man accused of murdering dental assistant
Police investigating the circumstances of a suspicious fire in the Henderson CBD yesterday have arrested a 43 year old Korean male, and charged him with murder, attempted murder, and arson.

detectives went to a Henderson CBD dental practise at about 12.45pm yesterday [Saturday 3 February 2007], after the deceased body of a female was discovered inside the first floor premises.


SUNG CHUL LEE, 48, of Cerritos, California was sentenced today to 41 months in prison,
three years of supervised release and $367,851 in restitution for Conspiracy to Commit Use of a False Passport and Bank Fraud and Possession of Unauthorized Access Devices.
At sentencing U.S. District Judge Ricardo S. Martinez noted that once LEE had completed his prison term he likely would be held by immigration authorities pending deportation.
LEE was the leader of a ring of defendants who traveled the country using phony Korean passports to open bank accounts and to rent mail boxes.
Members of the ring would deposit checks into the bank accounts knowing there were insufficient funds to cover the checks.
They would quickly withdraw cash from the banks, before the bad checks had been returned.
LEE provided other members of the ring with the false passports, drivers licenses and some cash for expenses.
In late May 2004, criminal cohort Young Ho Chang traveled through California, Arizona and Florida opening the bank accounts and mail boxes.
The checkbooks and bank cards that were mailed to the mail boxes were given to LEE.
LEE and Chang traveled through Washington State as well opening bank accounts in Tacoma and Seattle.
In mid-April 2006 two other conspirators, Yusang Kim and Hee Chan Ryou also traveled through Washington State arranging for mail boxes and opening bank accounts.
On May 2, 2006 they were arrested outside a UPS store in Tacoma. In their car and at their hotel room, investigating agents found numerous checks and debit cards issued in a variety of names,
43 different picture pages from Korean passports with different names and Kim?s picture, and paperwork documenting numerous mail box rentals, bank accounts and maps of various cities.

Jail escape lasts just minutes

January 24, 2007
An escape from the Orange County Jail lasted just minutes this morning.
Inmate Roger Hyung Yi is accused of bolting at 7:10 a.m. while a security gate was left open for a truck delivering supplies, said Corrections spokesman Allen Moore.
Assigned to work in the jail laundry in the 33rd Street complex, Yi ran from the laundry past a security checkpoint with guards in foot pursuit, an arrest report states.
An Orange County deputy conducting surveillance nearby saw the escape and stopped Yi, 32, before he could leave the jail property, the report states.
Yi, a South Korean national previously arrested on forgery and grand theft charges, asked to speak with a lawyer after being taken into custody and charged with escape

A South Korean man has been arrested in Vietnam

in the stabbing death of a South Korean restaurant manager after an apparent dispute over bad service, police said Thursday.
Song Young Il, 35, was arrested immediately after the death Wednesday of 31-year-old Eo Soo Jin, manager of Blue Sea Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.

The two South Koreans had quarreled over the quality of the restaurant service after Song had dinner there, according to the Vietnamese investigator in the case, Nguyen Duc Nghiem.

An angry Song left the restaurant at about 2 a.m. and reportedly smashed the front window with a rock, after which Eo came outside and began beating the customer with a stick.

Song left, but later returned with three knives and witnesses told police he stabbed Eo in the stomach.

A man who plowed his S-U-V

into a stopped C-H-P cruiser on a freeway in Downey, injuring two officers in the car, has been booked on D-U-I charges.

Officials say Seong Gook Kim crashed his Toyota 4-Runner
into the cruiser that had stopped on the shoulder of the Santa Ana freeway near a disabled vehicle and tow truck last night around 10:00.

The 37-year-old's vehicle overturned,
but Kim was not seriously hurt. He was booked on suspicion of felony driving under the influence at a nearby sheriff's station.

The two C-H-P officers were hospitalized with moderate injuries. The tow truck driver and the woman whose vehicle was disabled suffered minor injuries.

Police arrested a South Korean man

who allegedly strangled a Japanese woman in Tokyo in 2004
after South Korean police handed him over Tuesday based on an extradition treaty.
Kim Sang Ho, 47, was arrested inside a Tokyo-bound airplane at Seoul's Gimpo Airport.
He has denied perpetrating the slaying, Japanese police officials said.
Kim left Japan immediately after the slaying.

A police officer arrested him

as he tried to cross from Maryland to Delaware.
The highway was off-limits to vehicles other than cars, and the cop demanded his passport.
Unaware that "Republic of Korea" refers to South Korea, the policeman suspected the young man looking haggard from the laborious trip might be a North Korean terrorist, he said.

Foreigners Arrested in Marange Diamond Rush

DIAMOND smuggling and mining in Chiadzwa, Marange, continues unabated amid reports that several foreigners,
some masquerading as tourists, have been arrested for illegally dealing in the blue gem.

On Wednesday, 24 illegal miners were nabbed after alert police officers cordoned off the shafts they were plundering.

Also nabbed was a Korean, Sung Hyun Kim (29), who was found in possession of diamonds worth $53 million and a South African passport.
In the case involving the Korean, acting Manicaland area prosecutor Mr Levison Chikafu said on December 17,
police received information that Kim and his Zimbabwean accomplice, Tobias Marowa, were dealing in precious stones.
Marowa resides in Chikanga 3 and works at Blue Star Service Station.
Having picked up the information, police went to Blue Star where they intercepted Kim's Mazda Familia Sedan registration AAA 1246 and searched it.
Eighty-eight pieces of rough diamonds were found concealed in a travelling bag and wrapped in a plastic bag with sweets.
The diamonds are worth $53 million.

Charges are filed against landlord

December 21, 2006
The owner of a 15-unit South L.A. building faces 34 counts over conditions that allegedly put tenants in danger.
The Los Angeles city attorney's office Wednesday filed 34 criminal charges against
a landlord who allegedly removed pipes, tore out windows and cut off power to his building south of downtown,
putting his tenants' health and safety at risk.

The charges, which could send Joon Lee and his wife, co-owner Eun Sil Lee,
to jail for up to 17 years if they are convicted,
follow a lawsuit filed by the tenants accusing Lee of waging an illegal campaign to drive them out of their graceful
but dilapidated building to replace them with higher-paying residents in a gentrifying area.

"This is one of the worst cases this office has seen in a long time," City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo said.
"You could see windows gone, and children were there, with open windows with drops of up to three stories."

Rapist Teddy Baek

A Kearny Mesa travel agent accused of raping women in University City pleaded not guilty Wednesday
Thirty-nine year old Teddy Baek was ordered held in jail on $1.5-million bail.
A deputy district attorney called the the Del Sur area resident and married father of two a serial rapist.
"The striking similarities between the victims and the attacks indicate the defendant is a serial rapist who chose his victims with some care
and was poised to do it again when he was caught last week," said Deputy District Attorney Gretchen Means.
Means said in court Baek would look for young, Asian females who attended UCSD (University of California San Diego) and were by themselves in first-floor apartments.

In jail and in danger

Violence has left 14 dead and hundreds hurt since 2000 in L.A. County lockups. Critics fault the sheriff's efforts.
By Stuart Pfeifer and Robin Fields, Times Staff Writers December 17, 2006
On a Tuesday in October 2003, Ki Hong entered Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles to serve a five-day sentence for soliciting a prostitute.
He didn't survive two hours.
Three members of a Korean gang instantly spotted Hong, 34, who authorities allege was a member of a rival gang.
The trio had broad freedom to roam the jail because sheriff's deputies had given them jobs as inmate workers ? jobs for which they, awaiting trial on murder charges, should have been ineligible.
They let themselves into Hong's dormitory using a guard's control button. Then they stabbed Hong repeatedly, strangled him with bed linen and hid his body in a trash bin.

Ugly Koreans

The anti-sex trade law that bans prostitution has been in effect for two years now with some superficial results.
Red light districts have been zoned for urban redevelopment and crackdowns on prostitution seem to have worked. Up to a point.

However, other forms of sex trade have sprouted up in defiance of the strict law and the number of people
engaging in the sex trade overseas has increased.

A recent report showed that even Korean male teenagers are buying sex in a number of Southeast Asian
countries. The field survey conducted in Thailand and the Philippines from July to September interviewed 116 local women engaged in sex trade.

It is shocking that it is not just adult men on group tours that engage in prostitution, but that teenage boys are
also seeking the services of prostitutes. Even more alarming is that Korean men and boys are engaging in sex with minors.

Engaging in prostitution outside Korea is punishable by the anti-sex trade law. However, the long arm of the law
cannot reach that far, and most men do not get prosecuted for engaging in illegal sex abroad unless they are
caught by the local authorities.

To prevent these "ugly Koreans" from ruining the country's image in Southeast Asian countries, countries which,
incidentally, have been very receptive to Hallyu, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is working to get
the passports of sex offenders abroad cancelled and their passport issuance restricted.

Sex trade in SE Asia sees increase of Korean males

A growing number of South Korean males in their late teens and early 20s are going to Southeast Asian countries to buy sex,
as the crackdown on the sex trade here is intensifying, a report showed.
According to the report, based on a field survey of 116 prostitutes in Thailand and the Philippines,
not just the usual demographic of men in their 30s and 40s but males in their late teens and early 20s are going to countries in the region in increasing numbers to buy sex from minors.
In addition, some male South Korean college students that have gone there for study reportedly find female minors and exchange sex for a place for the girls to live.
The survey was conducted by the Naeil Women's Center for Youth from July to September this year.
Among the prostitutes surveyed, there were some that dreamed of coming to South Korea.
Most of them want to get married to their South Korean "boyfriends,"
but many are abandoned when the South Koreans return to their country.

Those that have been impregnated during their relationship with South Koreans become single moms and have to seek help from charitable religious organizations.

In addition, according to the report, 68 percent of the prostitutes surveyed said that they were physically abused by their South Korean "clients" during sexual intercourse.
They testified that many Korean men were "obsessed" with having sex with minors, and that they tend to refuse to wear condoms.

Some of them also said that Koreans forced them to sell or take drugs.

The Gender Equality and Family Committee of the National Assembly will hold a forum on December 7,
where members will listen to a presentation by Filipino women's right activists.
During the meeting, news items will be presented regarding female Filipino minors being rescued from Korean-run brothels in the Philippines.

NY Cracks Down on Illegal Mystery Meats

Sung Soo Kim, president of Korean American Small Business Service Center of New York,
says it's hard to change centuries-old eating habits. He runs a state-approved food safety education program and has delivered seminars to the Korean community about food laws.

Corby says education is key ? along with fines ? in getting owners to pass inspections and stop buying and selling illegal food.
“Immigrants coming from the Third World would not be schooled in the issues of cross contamination and would not intuitively know hygiene standards,”
said Dr. Pascal James Imperato, a former city health commissioner who spent six years in Africa with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Kyong Ho Kim in connection with drug offenses

Friday, November 24, 2006
Police are asking for the public's help in locating Kyong Ho Kim in connection with drug offenses.
Kim is wanted on suspicion of promoting dangerous drugs in the first degree and promoting detrimental drugs in the third degree, according to police.
Kim, also is known as "Korean Mike," allegedly is known in the Waikiki area for selling crystal methamphetamine and also has been arrested for other crimes related to his alleged drug sales, police said.

Police ask anyone with information about Kim to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300, or *CRIME on your cellular phone.

Police Arrest 2 Men In PlayStation Robbery

Eric Hwang(黄・エリック), 18, was arrested shortly after 9 a.m. at his Lakewood home, where the equipment was recovered, Sgt. Raul Morales said.
At about 10 a.m., detectives arrested Joonhan Andrew Choi(チェ・アンドリュー・ジョンファン), 18, also of Lakewood.
Both men were booked on suspicion of conspiracy to commit robbery and for robbery, Morales said.

The owner of the consoles, Wikan Lumya, 26, of Los Angeles met the men
at a McDonald's at Moody Street and Orangethorpe Avenue shortly after 1 a.m., Sgt. Terry Kim of the La Palma Police Department said.

Banned from library

SUWANEE — Dillon Ham shrugged it off.
“It’s not a big deal,” the teen said.
But an incident in which Ham and about 20 other Korean students were kicked out of the Suwanee library has others in the community questioning whether racism is involved.
“I could not believe these things existed,” said Yong Song. He said he was told about the incident by a friend whose daughter was forced to leave Oct. 18. “It seems just Korean kids were pointed out. If that’s what happened, that’s outrageous.”
About this time last year, Korean media reported a similar situation where students were asked to leave the library, which has Song and some other community members taking more interest in this event.
But officials with the police and library are trying to assure the community that Koreans weren’t targeted, and Ham said he didn’t believe the librarians acted in a racist manner.
“I think the librarians were trying to do a job,” the 15-year-old said.
Dillon said the situation began when some white children came up to the group of Asians and told them to “go back to Korea.”
The kids got loud, he admitted, although he said he left to get food and was not a part of the ruckus. When he came back, a police officer had arrived.
Lt. Cass Mooney, a Suwanee police officer who was called to the scene, said librarians called to complain of noise and unruly behavior. They pointed to a group of about 20 teens, including a couple of whites.
All were asked to go outside, and he talked to them about proper behavior in the building.
He told them that they could go back inside if they acted properly, but Mooney was called back to the branch an hour later because the kids were causing another disturbance.
That time, he stayed at the scene until the last of the teens were picked up.
“Nobody wants to throw kids out of the library,” he said. “It had nothing to do with them being Korean.”

Hangul scribbles in Canadian libraries.

The Fathers

October 29, 2006
Four children were dead. To most, this was incomprehensible. But some could understand.
Yet for all the agonizing and debate, "they all know this can happen," says Charles Kim, referring to the Korean American community. "And it will happen again."

'To understand Koreans," Kim is saying, "you have to understand woori mentality."

Kim is president of the Korean American Coalition in Los Angeles, a national organization whose goal is to promote the participation of Koreans in American political life.
On a hot afternoon in September, he is leaning across his desk in his cramped office at 6th and Harvard in Koreatown, trying to convey the dynamics of the Korean family structure.

South Korean-born American accused of underage sex in Cambodia

2006/10/21 PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (AP)
An American national of South Korean origin has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl in Cambodia, police said Saturday.

Myron Maboris, 46, was picked up during a raid on his guesthouse room in Phnom Penh on Wednesday, said Keo Thea, chief of anti-trafficking police for the city.

Last Saturday, Cambodia expelled Terry D. Smith, a 54-year-old American, to face sex crime charges in the United States.

Korean apartment owners violated Fair Housing Act

The owner had, according to some evidence, made statements that he did not like African-Americans or Hispanic tenants, but preferred Korean tenants.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits "making, printing or publishing 'any notice, statement, or advertisement,
with rental of a dwelling that indicates any preference, discriminated against Plaintiff SMITH and other African-Americans
by printing and distributing fliers indicating a preference for Koreans and Korean-Americans.

Such marketing discriminates against all non-Korean discriminated against Plaintiff SMITH, based upon his race,
by falsely representing the unavailability of apartments at The Townhouse, by refusing to allow him to complete an application,
by refusing to rent an apartment to him, and by excluding him from marketing that was only directed at individuals of Korean ancestry
that could speak Korean. Defendant JOHNSON, who is also Korean-American, solicited only Koreans and Korean-Americans in the summer of 1998
Plaintiff SMITH filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Housing on April20, 1999.
Such discrimination, denying Plaintiff section 1021.5 of the California Code of Civil Procedure because this action involves the enforcement of an important right affecting the public interest,
namely access to low-income apartment housing at The Townhouse by all individuals not of Korean ancestry.

Woman Brings Loaded Pistol to NY Court

October 19, 2006
A Korean woman about to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday was a tad premature in exercising her right to bear arms.

Mal Soon Jin was busted after security officers X-rayed her handbag and detected a small derringer.
The five-shot pistol was unloaded and inside a zipped inner compartment of the handbag, Deputy U.S. Marshal Deborah Piagentini stated in a complaint.

Jin, 49, of Flushing, Queens, initially accused security officers of planting the gun,
then changed her story and claimed she did not know how it got there, according to a law enforcement source.

Magistrate Cheryl Pollak released Jin on a $100,000 bond but ordered her to surrender her passport.

Suspect Idenitifed In Triple Koreatown Slaying

Oct 15, 2006
LOS ANGELES Police identified a suspect in a triple homicide at a Koreatown restaurant, saying the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims may be to blame for the murders.
Tai Zui Chi, 55, was the ex-boyfriend of a waitress found shot to death along with
Jae Woong Cho, 46, and another man at the Cinyuya Restaurant at 3418 W. Eighth Street, according to police.

Their bodies were found after the restaurant's owner, Hae Chang Cho, went to the restaurant looking for her husband after he failed to come home overnight.
She found her husband dead, along with the other man and the 45-year-old waitress about 11:15 a.m.

Police believe they were killed sometime after the 2 a.m. closing time, according to media reports.

Tai Zhi Chi was described as being nearly 6 feet tall, weighs about 190 pounds and has black hair cut in a flat-top style.

He may be driving a silver Toyota Sienna minivan bearing California license plate numbers 5KEF678.
Anyone with information on the slayings was asked to call (877) LAWFULL.
Police considered Cui armed and dangerous.

Korean man facing extradition

A bail hearing for a Korean man facing extradition to the United States after allegedly kidnapping his grandson was adjourned yesterday
after a judge said the man would have to come up with a lot more than $50,000 bail to convince the court he wasn't going to flee the country.
"I can't tell you how little faith I am prepared to put in this individual," said Justice Alan MacInnes.
"If I am going to be asked to find a way to let this man out of custody it is going to have to be on some pretty significant assurance, and a $50,000 surety doesn't cut it."

Tae Seung Kwon, 61, is accused of abducting his 10-year-old grandson from his estranged daughter in Denver, Colo.,
and using a falsified passport to fly him to South Korea.

The boy's exact whereabouts remain unknown, and Kwon has made no effort to reunite him with his mother, court was told.
MacInnes dismissed defence lawyer Saul Simmonds' efforts to describe his client as "honourable" and the abduction as a "misguided attempt at altruism."

"If he knows what he did was wrong, why has he not returned the child?" MacInnes asked. "Until I see that, don't tell me he's a man of honour."

Tamuning woman arrested for beating child

Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Agents with the Guam Police Department's Juvenile Investigation Section arrested 41-year-old Su Cha Ko,
a Korean bartender from Tamuning, for allegedly beating an 11-year-old male.
Officials tell KUAM News that the woman is accused of beating the child with a coat hanger and a golf club after the child failed a practice test.

The child was taken to a private clinic where he was treated for numerous bruises and welts throughout his body.
Ko was arrested Tuesday night and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, assault, child abuse and family violence.
She was placed behind bars.

Knife-wielding Korean man arrested

October 3, 2006, 9:52 AM EDT
LONDON -- A South Korean national, who now lives in Jericho, was arrested after he climbed the fence at No. 10 Downing Street -- the residence of British Prime Minister Tony Blair -- Sunday night in London.

Byung Jin Lee, 32, struggled briefly with police inside the compound before being pinned down, handcuffed and arrested by Metropolitan Police, The Associated Press reported.

British police said Lee was in possession of a large kitchen knife, but was not wielding it when he lunged at an officer who confronted him.

Blair was home at the time, according to authorities, but was never in danger.

Lee appeared in London central court this morning, charged with assault on a police officer and possession of a knife. He was ordered to remain in custody pending a further court appearance Oct. 17.

Speaking through an interpreter, Lee gave his address as Orange Drive in Jericho.

The Associated Press reported that a man who answered the phone this morning at the Jericho address given by Lee said no one by that name lived there. But, a Korean church van was parked near the house.

"The incident will prompt a review of security, as is routine," a London police spokesman told The Associated Press, which also reported that Lee was arrested after he scaled a back fence at 10 Downing St. -- but was arrested before he could climb another wall into the gardens at the home. Blair's office would not comment on the incident.

Hae Sung Lee pleaded guilty

A 55-year-old Newport News man faces up to 40 years in prison for scamming a couple into paying him for a house he didn't own.

Hae Sung Lee pleaded guilty Thursday in Chesapeake Circuit Court to two counts of obtaining money by false pretense.
He is scheduled to be sentenced Dec. 12.

Lee tricked a Chesapeake couple out of cash and checks totalling $58,590 -
money they thought was going toward the purchase of a foreclosed house,
according to Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Nicole Montalto. The house belonged to someone else and was not in foreclosure.

10 year sentence in Queens human trafficking case

Sep 30, 2006
A tearful Port Jefferson woman was sentenced to just over 10 years in federal prison Friday for her role in a human trafficking operation
that enticed young women from Korea to come to the U.S. to work as hostesses at a Flushing bar.

Speaking through sobs, Kyongja Kang, 43, apologized to Brooklyn federal Judge I. Leo Glasser for her actions,
which ultimately led to the sexual abuse of two Korean women at the hands of her husband, who was also charged in the case.

Kang, a native of Korea, was arrested with her 42-year-old husband in January 2004 on charges they convinced the women to travel to the U.S. illegally
and work for little or no money at the Renaissance Bar, which had been at 35-28 154th St. in Flushing.
The women had been promised as much as $6,000 a month from tips of wealthy customers at the bar, money that would be used to pay off travel expenses,
which ranged up to $20,000 per person, federal prosecutors charged.

"She and her husband built a mini-empire on the backs of slaves," Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee Freedman told Glasser.

Most of the customers were Korean

As they soon learned, No. 88 was known as Korean Heaven, and catered to a mostly Asian clientele.
The house attracted an average of 40 to 60 customers a day, but the numbers sometimes varied wildly.
Korean Heaven ran with the precision of a well-run fast-food restaurant
virtually every customer arrived and left within 30 minutes.
"You could set your watch by it," Det. Palmer says.
Its services were advertised by word of mouth, and through forums held on websites like Toronto Escorts Review Board and
Behind Closed Doors, where customers traded connections and cell numbers.
Most of the customers were Korean, but aside from that, there were few points of commonality.
Some were single, others were married or divorced. One owned a construction company. One drove a dump truck. Another was a corporate vice-president.

SKorean 'sex tourists' may lose passports

Thursday, September 21, 2006 08:37 IST

SEOUL: South Korean "sex tourists" could lose their passports under new proposals to crack
down on prostitution at home and abroad, media reports said on Thursday.

The proposals and others directed at the Korean market were announced by the ministry of
gender equality and family to mark the second anniversary of an anti-prostitution law.

Since then, the number of brothels has fallen and more sex workers are training for new jobs,
vice-minister Kim Chang-Soon was quoted by the Korea Times as saying.

"However, there are also new kinds of problems to deal with, such as the sex trade going
underground at hotels, massage parlours and bars, and the growing number of people going overseas
to buy sex," he added.

Kim said the government would form a special team to monitor Koreans buying sex overseas and
investigate Internet dating services which were sometimes a front for the trade.

Under a new law being drafted, authorities will be empowered to shut down hotels, massage parlours,
karaoke bars and other establishments found to be offering sex.

US charges South Korea with human trafficking, Seoul denies

by Theresa Kim Hwa-young
Seoul (AsiaNews) – A South Korean official yesterday challenged the United States’ claim that South Korea was “a frequent destination for trafficked women and children from the former Soviet Union and neighbouring Asian nations”. He did however state that the issue was currently under review.

The charges come in a report issued by the US Department of Labour on the status of human trafficking in the 137 countries it surveyed.

The report lists Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan and Romania as some of the countries that traffic women and children to South Korea.

Indonesia traffics children who often become sexually enslaved, said the report, and women and girls as young as 10 years old from Kyrgyzstan are transported for sexual exploitation and end up in countries like South Korea, the report said.

Grocer caught selling expired baby food

Thursday, September 07, 2006
Parents beware - the next time you purchase baby food for your little one, you might want to look twice at the expiration date on the package.
One local store was caught on tape selling expired goods, coincidentally with September being Guam Food Safety Education Month.
How would you feel if you purchased baby food without knowing that it was expired?
KUAM News received a tip that New Crown Market in Barrigada was selling expired baby food without indicating that it was expired.
And even more disturbing - the dates were intentionally covered with price tags.
Visiting the store, with several bottles of Gerber brand juice and food I'd previously purchased in tow,
we asked a cashier if there was a manager who could comment on the matter.
The cashier, a female employee that was visibly shaken at our camera crew's request, hurriedly sent for her boss.
Noting that it's against the law to sell expired baby food without marking it,
a Korean man emerged from the back room, angered at our presence. He proceeded to cover our camera lens,
and after our repeated urging for him to explain why he was selling expired food, ripped our microphone cord, severing it from our camera.
He finished by further damaging our equipment, breaking the on-board boom mic atop the kit and pushing our camera operator aside.
Because the owner assaulted KUAM's videographer,
officers from the Guam Police Department responded and arrested Chong In Kim on two counts of criminal mischief and one count of disorderly conduct.

Police on lookout for kidnapping suspect

Aug, 25 2006
Burnaby police are looking for a 21 year old Korean man who they claim played a role in a vicious assault and kidnapping.

It started as a fight over a woman between two groups of Korean men in their early 20's at a Burnaby karaoke bar.

Police have arrested and charged two suspects, but Corporal Pierre Lemaitre says they're still looking for 21-year old Minchul 'Richard' Sung.

"Again, we repeat that he's known to police, and should be considered violent. if you know where he is, call the nearest police agency or call Crimestoppers", says Lemaitre.

Sung is described as Korean, six feet tall and 200 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes.

Afghans Rally Against Korean ‘Proselytes’

Afghans have taken to the streets against a bizarre “peace march” planned in the devoutly
Muslim nation by hundreds of Korean evangelicals as violence continued unabated in the country.
It emerged Thursday that an explosive device was recently discovered in the vest of a Korean aid worker.
Rumors that Korean prostitutes had entered the country and that the Christian groups were carrying
“giant crosses” marching through downtown did little to defuse the situation.

Sung Koo Kim sentenced to 11 years in prison

Knicker thief Sung Koo Kim, 32, who stole more than 3400 pieces of underwear from college dormitories, was sentenced to 11 years in prison in Portland, Oregon, yesterday.

Korean man excretes 48 wraps cocaine in Nigeria

LAGOS (Reuters) - A Korean man has excreted 48 wraps of cocaine, weighing a total of 1.6 kilos
(3.5 lbs), since his arrested three days ago at a Nigerian airport, the country's narcotics agency
said on Wednesday.

"He is still excreting. It is a scary quantity to swallow," said a spokesman for the National Drug
Law Enforcement Agency.


Martial arts expert sentenced in sex assault

Korean martial arts expert Kun Mook Lee is facing a prison sentence of between six and 30 years
after a jury found him guilty of aggravated criminal sexual assault and unlawful restraint.

Lee, 51, is also awaiting prosecution on charges of arson for setting fire to his Buffalo Grove home,
in the 1100 block of Courtland Drive, just before he was arrested last November.
Police had to spray Lee with a fire extinguisher before they could subdue him.

At the time, Lee had been on supervision for a prior battery incident involving the woman
and he had failed to complete a court-ordered anger management course.

A Fiji government taskforce

has uncovered a citizenship scam involving mainly Chinese and South Korean investors.
The Fiji Times quotes the taskforce chairman, David Tansey, as saying the scam started after the 2000 coup when government officials were bribed to award investors certificates.

He says they have investigated 100 cases so far and found that many were engaged in illegal activities such as gambling and prostitution.

Their investors certificates have been cancelled and about a dozen have been deported.

Foreign workers tell of exploitation by business

Wednesday, 19 July , 2006
The two men, one in the country lawfully, one illegally,
worked for Sydney's Kyo Group. One worker alleges he was kidnapped and beaten when he asked his employer for assistance.

Their plight has shed light on the problems that often face more than 100 000 illegal and guest workers in Australia.
Jae Sik Kim is a South Korean national and until recently, an illegal worker.

25 arrested in international drug and human smuggling sting

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

VANCOUVER -- RCMP say U.S. and Canadian police have arrested 30 people in connection with separate human and drug smuggling attempts between the two countries in southeastern British Columbia in the last month.

The next day, 13 people -- 10 of them Korean nationals -- were arrested in an alleged human smuggling attempt. Police believe six of the 10 were destined for involvement in the Los Angeles sex trade industry.

And, on June 13, two men were arrested and 28 kilograms of cocaine was seized.

Korean-run local brew ‘factory’ found;

Hospital supervisor caught selling abortion pills for KD 40 each

Liquor factory found: Police have arrested three Koreans for manufacturing and trading in locally made alcohol,
reports Al-Rai Al-Aam daily. The daily quoting a security source said a police patrol saw a Korean man carrying
a carton. However, when he saw the police, he abandoned the carton and escaped in a building under construction.
Police took possession of the carton which contained seven bottles of locally made brew and went looking for
the man. When the police entered the building they found no one.

Man wanted over attempted murder

AN arrest warrant has been issued for a Korean man wanted over the attempted murder of a
seven-year-old boy at his Sydney home.
Kyung Keun Son, 47, was wanted on two counts of attempted murder over the attack in Strathfield
yesterday afternoon, police said.
The boy suffered serious head injuries and remained in a critical but stable condition at Westmead
Children's Hospital today.
His 43-year-old mother, who suffered injuries to her arm and face, was at the boy's bedside.
Son is described as being of Asian appearance, 170cm tall, of medium to large build, with a chubby
face and short, white hair.

panty thief Sung Koo Kim Sentenced to 65 Months For Panty Theft

(HILLSBORO a?“ AP) - A convicted panty thief has been sentenced to more than five years in jail
in Washington County.
Sung Koo Kim is already serving more than four years in Yamhill County - and still faces charges
in Multnomah and Benton counties.
According to testimony at his trial in Washington County, Kim began stealing women's underwear when
he was 17 and had collected about 34-hundred pairs by the time he was arrested in May 2004.

A 47-year-old man has been charged with attempted murder

after an attack on a seven-year-old boy and his mother at their home in Sydney's inner-west.

The boy suffered serious head injuries in the attack in The Boulevard at Strathfield on Thursday
and remains in a critical but stable condition at The Children's Hospital in Westmead.

An arrest warrant was issued on Friday for Korean national Kyung Keun Son, 47, on two counts of attempted murder over the incident.

Six Korean women found

near Osoyoos in the south Okanagan last week were sobbing and grateful to the RCMP after being told they would have been forced into prostitution in the U.S. to pay off their debt to their human traffickers.


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