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Japantoday is a terrible website, February 19, 2005
Reviewer: Hsin-yi Hu - See all my reviews
Its filled with [...] moderators who delete and edit any pro American post. Their board is filled with topic like
"America the Terrorist" "If I was Bin Laden" "america the communist" If you rebute these claims, you get banned.
I would recommend not going to this site. And I wish there was a lower choice than one star.

This site has very little to do with Japan, February 19, 2005
Reviewer: Atsuko Yamaguchi - See all my reviews
As a Japanese girl, I find this site very offensive. I like to discuss things about my country in a civilized matter.
But this site has a lot of [...] members and moderators that bash Japanese and Americans. The news section has many
flawed news reports and take stories from other websites.
the board runs slow and the moderators are rude.
It also gives an inpression that the views of the website is the view of the Japanese, which is not the case.
i voiced my opinion to the administrator and the next time I tried logging on my account was banned.
I won't visit Japantoday.com ever again. Not worth the headache.

Very Biased website, February 24, 2005
Reviewer: T. Michane "JTS" - See all my reviews

Very Biased web Site. It is a website that takes feedback from users. but if they don't agree with your views, your reply will be deleted.
Their rules also say no insults but all the insults directed at americans are kept up. Like "Who is Dumber..Bush or the American People"
This thread implies that Americans are dumb. an Insult. I complained about this and got a reply saying the thread wasn't insulting and it would remain up.
[...] There news articles are ALL reprints. And many of their articles contain misinformation. A very bad website

Really Quite Puerile, February 25, 2005
Reviewer: Catone in Utica (Proconsularis) - See all my reviews
The forums at "japantoday" are the internet equivalent of a child's soiled playroom.
Perhaps the site owners may want to consider hiring an actual adult moderator.

PS: Please also be aware that "japantoday" pollutes your desktop with pop-under windows.

The JapanToday.com Web site is not for everyone, February 25, 2005
Reviewer: BusterBloodvessel (Parts Unknown) - See all my reviews
After a paying only a brief visit to the JapanToday.com Web site, I have come to the conclusion that if anybody who hates Americans,
Koreans or Chinese; detests a Western-style way of life; or is an armchair cheerleader for global Islamoterrorism.
Then those types of people will love JapanToday.com

The site is Anti-Japan Today or Anti-America Today, March 7, 2005
Reviewer: QooQ - See all my reviews
The webmaster clearly stated [...]remarks against Japanese are allowed on the forum beceuse Japanese is not a skin color.
But he has deleted the comment after receiving protests.
Some moderators/admins have clear intention to lead the discussions to hate Japanese or Americans.
So I always wonder the site may be controled by some kind of political activists?

Very Distrubing, March 15, 2005
Japantoday runs a sex forum were underage girls are posed in sexual positions.
There are threads asking for Japanese school girl pictures,
And a former moderator posts pictures of naked very young underage girls.
There is also a post in the news section that has a picture of a 12 year old chinese girl urinating on a Japanese flag.
I find this type of material to be very lewd and in very bad taste. It boarders on child porn, if it's not child porn itself.
This site should be reported to the authorities.

863 ラジオネーム名無しさん 2007/03/10(土) 03:25:16 ID:FnmgtrwC

864 ラジオネーム名無しさん ! 2007/03/10(土) 04:24:18 ID:TLmr+/o4

866 ラジオネーム名無しさん 2007/03/10(土) 11:46:50 ID:Q77PqVlv

868 ラジオネーム名無しさん ! 2007/03/10(土) 16:02:00 ID:ZHgAu9Ab

Henry Robertson プロフィールを表示
詳細オプション 1994年6月21日, 午前12:14

ニュースグループ: soc.culture.japan
差出人: robo...@OCF.Berkeley.EDU (Henry Robertson)
日付: 20 Jun 1994 15:14:09 GMT
ローカル: 1994年6月21日(火) 午前12:14
件名: Re: Alcohol & Japanese Culture

In article <lcooper.772123555@kaiwan>, Larry Cooper <lcoo...@kaiwan.com> wrote:

It's funny, because when my folks lived in Japan they were influenced by
this culture so my dad pressured a guest at a party to drink, and the
guest really was as intolerant as he said he was after he took one drink
and lapsed into unconsciousness. It seems like a lot of these Western
Japanophiles are so eager to assimilate to Japanese -cu society that
they even adopt the negative traits, down to hating Koreans.


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