SKorean girl, 14, held as sex slave for 6-month

6 June 2007
SEOUL - South Korean police said on Wednesday they have arrested three people for holding a 14-year-old girl in a motel for six months and forcing her to serve hundreds of clients as a prostitute.

The three including a 20-year-old woman were arrested Monday on charges of kidnapping and extorting money from a minor, police said.

They lured the teenager to a motel in the southern city of Gwangju last November and held her there until her escape on May 22.

“She was forced to serve as a prostitute for six months in the motel,” said a police officer in the southern city of Jeonju north of Gwangju, where the girl is staying with her uncle.

Police gave no details, but the JoongAng Daily said the trio earned about 120 million won (129,032 dollars) by forcing the girl to engage in sex up to five times a night for six months.

The girl told investigators she was often beaten with iron pipes and fists.

“Men saw my bruises and wounds but they did not care. I told them that I was a prisoner but they just turned away. They were afraid because they were engaged in the sex trade,” she was quoted as saying

Middle school girl gang-raped by classmates

Police said that the sexual assaults began in February, when six male middle school students, all 14, in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province allegedly coaxed one of their female classmates, also 14, to a corner of their school playground and raped her.

After the initial assault, the boys allegedly blackmailed the victim, saying that they would tell their classmates what they did if she did not obey them. They later allegedly raped her again in an empty classroom, a school bathroom, and the playing field, among other places around school. She was sexually assaulted by the six boys on six different occasions, police said. The boys sometimes staged scenes they had seen in pornographic films when raping the girl, said police, including the use of sticks and belts.

The alleged several-months-long attacks came to a halt as the girl ended up reporting to her teacher and parents about what had been happening.

Police say the boys have not shown remorse about the alleged crime. "During interrogation, we were shocked that they didn’t show any regret over what they’d done," a police officer said.

South Korean soldier accused of assaulting American

Erik Slavin, Stars and Stripes
Pacific edition, Saturday, January 27, 2007

CAMP RED CLOUD, South Korea ? A South Korean soldier faces trial in a military court, accused of sexually assaulting
a female U.S. soldier at Camp Casey on Dec. 19, 2nd Infantry Division and Ministry of National Defense officials confirmed this week.

The soldier’s first hearing in the South Korean military court is scheduled for Feb. 2 in Dongducheon but will be closed to the public,
a defense ministry spokesman said.

The 6th Infantry Division soldier has been jailed since his arrest, the spokesman said.

Officials declined to name the South Korean soldier.

He is accused of assaulting the woman on the last day of the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division’s Warfighter exercise, which included
about 1,200 U.S. soldiers and a South Korean contingent.

U.S. officials declined to offer further information until the trial’s conclusion.

However, one eyewitness and another soldier close to the incident said the alleged assault happened between 3 a.m.
and 3:30 a.m. at the Warrior Exercise Barracks, where soldiers from other bases sleep during long training exercises.

25 Held Over Drug-Fueled Orgies

A man in his 40s with six prior drug-related convictions has
been arrested together with 24 others for taking part in
“drug-fueled orgies.” Prosecutors say the man contacted
women over the Internet and by other means and had sex
with them after giving them the amphetamine-like stimulant
Philopon, a common illegal drug in Korea and Japan. Investigators
say his partners included teenage girls and pregnant women.

Sex Abuse

By Ben Brown
Owing to a series of heinous crimes such as the rape and murder of an 11- year- old girl in Seoul,
the arrest of a soldier who sexually abused more than half a dozen elementary schoolgirls,
and the arrest of a 42-year-old business executive who sexually assaulted the teenage daughter
of an employee, there has recently been considerable public discussion about how to control
the sexual abuse of children here in Korea.

People targeted range from elementary schoolchildren to a 90-year-old woman,

and perpetrators range from a shop owner to a lawmaker.

Civic groups are calling for drastic change of the public recognition on sexual violence,
and the government is looking for ways to tighten punitive measures on sex crimes.

Last month, people were shocked by a case in which an 11-year-old elementary schoolgirl in Seoul
was sexually assaulted and killed by a 53-year-old man with a record of nine sex offenses.

Last weekend, a 23-year-old soldier was also arrested for sexually assaulting seven elementary schoolgirls since 2004 in Pochon,
Kyonggi Province, while a 32-year-old man was arrested for raping 24 women and taking money from them since 2004.

A 55-year-old man was Friday arrested for trying to rape a 90-year-old woman in Seoul.

Recently, a 16-year-old girl,
identified as Song, was sexually assaulted by a 25-year-old man whom Song became acquainted with in a computer chat room.

Worried about pregnancy, Song visited a pharmacy to buy morning-after-pills, but an employee at the pharmacy took Song to the dispensary,
saying he would tell her how to use the pills, and sexually harassed the girl.

TOEIC Test Cheating Widespread Feb 27, 2006 Korea Times

TOEIC test cheating has been widespread among examinees wanting to obtain high scores in the country’s most popular English proficiency test, according to an report by a local cable news channel.
YTN, a 24-hour cable news channel, reported on Monday that its reporter posing as a TOEIC exam-taker,
was able to receive answers on 155 questions out of a total 200 during the Sunday’s test through cell phone text messages from an unidentified person.

TOEIC, which stands for the Test of English for International Communication,
is widely accepted as a uniform test of English communicative skills in Korean schools and businesses.

Man sets self on fire in courtroom after fine

SEOUL (Reuters) - A South Korean man was in critical condition after setting himself on fire on Wednesday
in a courtroom where he was sentenced to a $300 (171 pounds) fine for disturbing the peace, a court official
and an emergency room physician said.

The district court in Uijongbu north of Seoul had just upheld a fine he received in 2004 for causing a disturbance
at a mobile phone sales outlet where he was demanding a new phone number.

The man walked out of the courtroom after the sentence, doused himself with heating oil, came back to
the courtroom and set himself on fire, the court official said by telephone.

Group Wants Child Sex Tourists Punished at Home

A study published by the National Youth Commission on Wednesday says the South
Pacific island nation of Kiribati banned Korean fishing boats from docking in
the islands for a time in 2003 because child prostitution became a serious problem
whenever Korean deep-sea fishermen came ashore. In the islands, which have
a population of 85,000, there are 30-50 girls who exclusively service Koreans,
most of them underage girls from low-income groups, some of whom are raising
children of their own.

Victims Call Factory "Slavery"

Wed Jul 6, 5:46 PM (VietACT News Bulletin)
his Fourth of July will have special meaning for Quyen Nguyen, a 26-year-old human-trafficking victim from Vietnam.
Nguyen said she can truly say she is free from former employer Kil Soo Lee, a South Korean businessman who recruited men and
women like her to work under →slave-like conditions in an American Samoa garment factory producing clothing for major U.S. retailers.

Lee, 52, convicted in U.S. District Court in →the largest human-trafficking case ever prosecuted,
Stanley Togikawa of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention was in American Samoa when he heard of Nguyen's plight and made the arrangements to get her and other workers to Hawaii.
He and the church fed, housed and found sponsors across the United States willing to take them in. They received numerous community donations of rice, food and money to help the workers with their first month's rent and deposit.

S. Korean police seek rape suspect

Stars and Stripes
Pacific edition, Thursday, July 7, 2005
SEOUL ? South Korean police are searching for a Korean man who allegedly raped
a female U.S. officer Sunday in Daegu.
A Daegu Nambu police detective said authorities are seeking a 5-foot-5-inch Korean
man who they say entered the American woman’s off-base apartment around midnight
The detective said the suspect entered the apartment from a balcony, struck the woman
and raped her before stealing about $1,100 and 250,000 won (about $250), and about $2,000 worth of items, including a digital camera.
The police officer said the 22-year-old American worked for a medical support unit and
that local police are conducting a joint investigation with U.S. Criminal Investigative
Command agents.
An 18th Medical Command spokesman from Seoul said he was aware of an incident but
was unable to provide additional details Tuesday.

Man photographs nude girl

Associated Press Phnom Penh, Cambodia, June 22, 2005
A South Korean man was charged with sex offenses on Wednesday for allegedly making a 10-year-old girl in Cambodia pose naked for photographs.
Kim Sung, 55, was charged with debauchery, according to court documents shown to reporters.
Police confiscated a digital camera and four memory sticks containing dozens of pictures of other nude underaged girls, Khieu Sophal said.
"Our initial conclusion is that he planned to distribute the pictures of these naked girls to other foreigners outside Cambodia," he said.
The suspect, who worked for a company that imports cars from South Korea to Cambodia, had been under police surveillance before his arrest.
South Korean Embassy officials were not immediately available for comment.


February 4, 2005
Kim faces burglary and theft charges in four Oregon counties involving thousands of pieces of lingerie that had been taken from women's college dormsand were found in his possession.
In Washington County, he also faces 16 counts of possessing child pornography after police say they discovered those types of images on his computer.
Sung Koo Kim was initially arrested in early May, about a week and a half before
19-year-old Brooke Wilberger disappeared from a Corvallis apartment complex where Kim had allegedly been stalking an OSU swimmer.

Authorities accused Kim, a somewhat reclusive 30-year-old who lived with his parents, of traveling to college campuses up and down the Willamette Valley
to steal thousands of pairs of panties. The burglaries, they allege, were part of an obsession
that left him with a vast collection of pornography depicting violence against women and, in a few cases, images of children.
A police task force investigating Wilberger's May 24 disappearance from a Corvallis apartment complex was intrigued by Kim's links to the apartments.
They suspected Kim of stealing panties and lint from a clothes drier in the complex,
cyber-stalking an OSU swimmer who resembled Wilberger and searching the Internet for nations without extradition treaties with the United States.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005.
"Suspected panty thief may lose fourth attorney in year"
PORTLAND - Accused panty thief Sung Koo Kim might soon need another lawyer - his fourth
in a year. Des Connall, of Portland, citing an undisclosed ethical issue, said he plans to file
motions to withdraw from the highly publicized set of cases in Yamhill, Washington, Benton
and Multnomah counties, the (McMinnville) News-Register reported.

"No Excuses For Sung Koo Kim, The Oregon Panty Bandit"
(U-WIRE) PULLMAN, Wash.-Sung Koo Kim, the alleged Oregon underwear thief, is a Washington
State University graduate. Kim graduated from WSU with a degree in Genetics and Cellular
Biology in 2001, according to the Oregonian. The 30-year old Kim has been accused of stealing
more than 3,400 pairs of women's underwear at Oregon colleges since 2001.
Police caught Kim in his Tigard, Ore., home with the stash of underwear in May 2004. He was
charged with theft in Benton, Multnomah, Yamhill and Washington counties in Oregon. The
underwear thefts were reported in at least six Oregon colleges, including Oregon State
University, Linfield College, George Fox University, Concordia University and the University
of Portland. The thefts were from laundry rooms in dormitories and apartment complexes.

Sung Koo Kimの両親、息子は火病ニダ!
Accused panty thief's parents say his mental health worsens
The parents of Sung Koo Kim, a Tigard ... Sung Koo Kim, accused of stealing women's underwear. "My main concern is my son's mental health.

Accused panty thief puts himself on a suicide watch
A suspected underwear thief was put on suicide watch for one day at his own request

Korean nabbed for shooting maid to death

Manila Police District (MPD) operatives have arrested a Korean national suspected of shooting to death a maid of a Korean businesswoman in a condominium in Ermita, Manila.

The suspect identified as Kwang Hyun Cho, 30, alias "Daniel" was nabbed by MPD elements at about 12 noon Friday inside the departure area of
the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), shortly after complainant Jin En Hi sought the help of the police.

Jee-hyung Song,

who was living in Anaheim, had been suspected in Dong-uk Kim's stabbing death last week.
A Korean woman arrested on charges of killing her husband is free today after prosecutors declined to file charges.
Jee-hyung Song, 28, was released at about 11 p.m. Tuesday, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.

Song, a theology student living in Anaheim, was arrested Nov. 10 on suspicion of killing her husband, Dong-uk Kim, 24.
He died that night in their apartment from a stab wound to the chest. Anaheim police said Song was the only person with him at the time.
In an interview with the Register over the weekend, Song said she was innocent and loved her husband.
"Everybody knows we love each other," she said in the interview. "We're perfect for each other.
There were no fights, no arguments, just talking. We talked every day. We had conversations with each other, every morning, every night. There was never, ever fighting."

Guilty Verdict for Edmund Ko

Korean American murdered his former college girlfriend

Korean fugitive nabbed in $8M stock scam

Newsday, NY November 8, 2005
Acting on a tip from Interpol, the global police agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in New Jersey arrested a Korean national
wanted in that country for an $8 million stock and currency swindle.

Heung Joo Kim, 56, is facing a deportation hearing and an extradition request from Korea. He was arrested Friday at his home.

Federal authorities discovered Kim was living in the United States when agents checked fingerprints received from Interpol and Korean authorities
against a U.S. database into which Kim's fingerprints were stored when he entered the country as a visitor in December 2004,
said Thomas Manifase, deputy special agent in charge of ICE's New Jersey office.

Young Woman Tortured by Teenage Lesbians

Police on Tuesday applied for an arrest warrant for six young women and booked two others on
charges of confining and robbing a woman they met online and torturing her for a month.
The six suspects are in their late teens and early twenties including two college students,
police said.
Police said the group, who met through a lesbian website, locked up a 21-year-old identified
as Cho in a room in Dalseo-gu, Daegu city from June 2 until July 5, reportedly because they
were angry that Cho had recently started seeing another woman. They subjected her to regular
beatings so severe that her wounds will take up to 12 weeks to heal.

Suspect Is Not "Koreatown Rapist"

LOS ANGELES (CNS) ― A man arrested last week as a suspect in nearly a dozen sexual assaults won't be charged with them after DNA testing eliminated him as the so-called "Koreatown Rapist," police said.
Testing performed over the weekend by the Los Angeles Police Department's Scientific Investigative Division eliminated Quintman Patterson as a suspect because his DNA didn't match DNA in any of the four sexual assaults, police said.

However, the City Attorney's Office filed misdemeanor firearms charges against Patterson, authorities said.

The investigation, which involves police detectives from Los Angeles, Glendale and Beverly Hills, will continue, authorities said.

The suspect was described as a black man, 25 to 35 years of age, 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 1 inches tall, 180 to 220 pounds.

He had short hair or a shaved head, wore a cap or headscarf and has been armed with a handgun.

Anyone with additional information on the sexual assaults was asked to call (877) 529-3855.

English teachers in Korea face wrath of an angry nation

Mar 22, 2005
The Seoul Times reported that demonstrations against foreigners are planned and an online petition to keep foreigners out of South Korea has already received thousands of signatures.
The US embassy, the paper said, has warned American citizens to stay away from certain parts of Seoul. “Many foreigners are worried, some have already left,“ the paper said.
The Canadian Embassy in Seoul on its website said that it is concerned at the rate of sexual assault against foreigners.
“The use of public transport after dark may be safer than using taxis when travelling alone,“ it states.
The embassy website also advises that strikes and demonstrations frequently occur in Seoul on short notice.

South Korea - Consular Information Sheet
October 29, 1999

CRIME INFORMATION: Women should exercise caution when traveling alone in taxis,
especially at night, because there have been incidents reported involving unwanted
attention by taxi drivers towards unaccompanied female passengers.
Also, there have been occasional reports of the molestation and rape of foreigners.

DNA match in woman's '95 murder Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Seeking clues in a Paramus neighborhood after a bloody murder 10 years ago, police found two cigarette butts that, at first, seemed useless.
The butts sat in an evidence room for years - until one of the suspects, Jin Sig Choi, was arrested in South Korea last year
and brought to Bergen County to face charges in the murder of Usung Suh, who was stabbed 11 times during a failed home invasion in 1995.
Choi, 43, of New York City, is the second person to be tried for the murder of Suh.
The first, Jae Sik Chang, was convicted in 1999 and is serving a life term. A third man, known to authorities only as "Mr. Lee," is still at large.
In 1996, investigators received a call from a woman in Tacoma, Wash.,
who said she recognized Choi and Chang from an "America's Most Wanted" television program.

Choi, who fled to South Korea, was extradited in April 2004.

Wearing a black suit, Choi said nothing Monday as he listened to the proceedings through an interpreter.

His lawyer, Brian Neary, repeatedly cautioned jurors not to be overly impressed by DNA evidence. He spent a good portion of his opening statement explaining the difference between a real trial and television dramas in which DNA evidence seems to be used in every investigation.

"We have almost become TV jurors," Neary told them. "This is real."

Neary said Choi was in Paramus the night of the murder but did not take part in the robbery or murder.

"The law says mere presence at a crime scene is no proof of guilt," Neary said. "This is not a question of who was there. It's a question of whether [Choi] shared the criminal intent of the two other persons he was with."

The trial continues today with testimony from, among others, Chang and Michael Suh.

Seoul schools spawn student gang

April 28, 2005
With the seemingly benign name "Seoul Association," 307 students from the city's middle
schools high schools have formed a gang that police say has assaulted fellow students and extorted
money from non-members of the group.
Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced yesterday a female member of Seoul's largest-ever student gang
voluntarily turned herself in. Her account of her connection to the gang led 183 other members, 92 of them
females, to come forward and acknowledge their membership in the violent group.
Police officials said they plan to tell remaining members to break up the group on their own, adding that those
who turn themselves in will not be charged.
The gang was reportedly founded in January 2003, and has 29 affiliates with 307 students from 94 different
middle and high schools across Seoul. According to the authorities, the gang leaders are members
of the 11 leading affiliates who first joined when they were in middle school, and stayed on through
their high school years.
The founding members forced honor students and top athletes from their respective schools to join. Police said
the initiation included physical attacks on newcomers.
From January 2003 to last February, police officials said the Seoul Association members hosted seven shows
featuring sexually charged dance competitions and auctions of one-night dating partners at up to 30,000 won
($30) per person.
The gang coerced non-member students to buy tickets for the show, which cost between 3,000 won and 8,000
won. According to police reports, the shows generated nearly 3.5 million won in revenues and the senior
members split the money after paying for the rent of the venues.
Police levied yesterday a 5-million-won fine on the owner of a Seoul nightclub that provided the venue for
one of the shows.

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November 4, 2003


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