Another plagiarist on IOC?

South Korean's Moon under investigation

Dae Sung Moon during Pyeonchang's final presentation in its successful… *1
April 13, 2012|Globetrotting by Philip Hersh

A recent story on the opinion page of the Korea Times English language edition called South Korea a "plagiarizers' paradise."

And that situation may force the International Olympic Committee to deal with another devilish plagiarism case involving one of its members.

The member in question this time is Dae Sung Moon, an extremely popular figure in South Korea since winning a world title in taekwondo in 1999 and an Olympic gold medal in 2004.

Plagiarizers' paradise

It’s always more sad than disappointing to see a hero fall. Koreans were thrilled when taekwondo master Moon Dae-sung won a gold medal with a spectacular roundhouse kick in the 2004 Athens Olympics.

The athlete-turned-professor-turned-aspiring lawmaker is in trouble: He is suspected of plagiarizing his doctoral, and possibly master’s, theses. Despite Moon’s denial, there appears even no need for more debate, as his papers copied dozens of pages, even including typos, belonging to someone else.

Plagiarism itself makes little stir in Korea, where more than half of Presidential nominees for Cabinet ministers have a record or two of pirating other people’s theses. The time has long past for the nation to do away with this collective betrayal of conscience.

Starbucks Corp.,

the world's biggest coffee-shop chain, will refute a South Korean court decision that dismissed a trademark violation complaint filed by the U.S. company, Chairman Howard Schultz said.
in September lost a trademark dispute with Elpreya Co., a South Korean company that sells coffee from roving outlets in trucks. The Seattle-based company claimed Elpreya's ``Starpreya'' brand should be canceled because of confusion with its name.

The U.S. company won a trademark infringement lawsuit in January this year in China, stopping Shanghai XingBaKe Coffee Shop Ltd. from using the name,
which can be translated as Starbucks in English.
It won another case in China last year and has also taken action in Japan.

The Korea Liberator ?

Japanese Fighters Thump Korean Martial Artists
Koreans often consider martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Yudo, Hapkido and Gumdo
as Korean inventions. There are popular references to Tae Kwon Do having an origin
of 2,000 years and other such nonsense (or that Yudo comes from a “Korean” martial art
of Yusul).

In reality, these supposedly Korean martial arts either originate, or were even copied wholesale,
from Japanese ones: Shotokan Karate, Kodokan Judo, Aiki-Jujutsu and Kendo, respectively.

IMITATION is the sincerest form of thievery,

and no car is more sincere than the new Hyundai Sonata.
isn't it strange how the name Hyundai sounds like Honda with a deviated septum?
And the curvilinear chrome "H" of the Hyundai's snout looks like a Honda badge that's been left in the kiln too long.
although not a Xerox copy,
the Sonata can defy the expertise of seasoned car buffs
who at a glance will struggle to distinguish it from an Accord or Camry.
Stravinsky said lesser artists borrow, great artists steal.
Hyundai had the advantage of a template established by Japanese transplants.

EU strategy to enforce Intellectual Property Rights in third countries

facts and figures
South Korea: Trademarks and designs - counterfeiting of high value luxury consumer goods, estimations that Korea was in 2002 the third producer of counterfeit goods in the world. Copyrights - Music piracy in all format, CDs, VCDs, cassettes and illegal digital downloads and distribution. Industrial design - There are also reports of counterfeiting of designs in sports equipment (mainly footwear)

Countering the counterfeiters

China is not the only culprit.
Sugden explains that he is unable to trade in the lucrative South Korean market because

a savvy but shameless Korean businessman has opened a cashmere and tweed shop in Seoul,
registered under the name of "Johnstons" http://www.johnstonscashmere.com/
The UK trade authorities may be sympathetic,
but challenging the imposter in the Korean courts,
he says, would be prohibitively expensive.

For Koreans, who are used to buying counterfeit brand name clothes, file sharing isn’t seen at all as being wrong, let alone illegal.
On Korean blogs, people often have copyrighted songs playing in the background and regularly email
or share music through blogs or Korean-built file sharing programs such as Sorbida.
Many bars have computers hooked into the Net for customer use and run file sharing programs
to download music that’s played over the bar's sound system.

ザザ(THE THE) - Daddy、パク・ギヨン - 始まり ←Brilliant Green - There Will Be Love There
ザザ(THE THE) - 秘密 ←Judy & Mary - Over Drive
イ・ジョンヒョン - ワ ←DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind
チョ・ソンモ - To Heaven ←Deen - このまま君だけを奪い去りたい
キム・ミンジョン - 帰天道哀 ←TUBE-「SUMMER DREAM」
ターボ - Easy Love ←Hamasaki Ayumi - Depend On You
バック・ジヨン - Dash ←Marc Anthony - Vivir Lo Nuestro
パク・ギヨン - Blue Sky ←Sheryl Crow - Sweet Child O' Mine
フィンクル(FIN.K.L) - 永遠の愛 ←Carpenters - For All We Know
ジュジュクラブ(Juju Club) - もうない ←Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle
EOS - お前は男じゃない ←Sharan Q - Jokyou Monogatari
キム・ヒョンチョル - 私を… ←T-Square - Twilight In Upper West
キム・ブヨン - Beat ←Deen - Tsubasao Hirogede
チョ・ソンモ - 不滅の愛 ←Video Girl - Ai Ano Hi Ni
オジャンバク(メンバー3人の姓を並べた名前) - 明日が訪ねて来れば ←桑田佳祐(ソロ) - 悲しい気特ち ~just Man In Love~
チョ・グワンウ - 沼 ←オオ! 私の女神様 - Illusion
ホ・ジュン - 不忍別曲 ←もののけ姫テーマ
H.O.T.「キャンディ」 ←アニメ「ふしぎ遊戯」OSTから
展覧会「 遺書」 ←アニメ「天空の城ラピュタ」から
ルーラ(Roo'Ra)「 天上有涯」 ←忍者「お祭り忍者」


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