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(also known as wool-hwa byung): A Korean folk syndrome literally translated into English as "anger syndrome" and attributed to the suppression of anger. The symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, panic, fear of impending death, dysphoric affect, indigestion, anorexia, dyspnea, palpitations, generalized aches and pains and a feeling of a mass in the epigastrium.

The U.S. Embassy in Seoul,

which has the largest single U.S. nonimmigrant visa pro­cessing post in the world,
issues an average of 1,800 to 1,900 visas per day.[28]
In 2003, about 420,000 South Koreans applied for U.S. nonimmi­grant visas; 397,000 of these applications were approved,
for a rejection rate of around 5 percent.

As with the emerging democracies of South Korea have been unable to meet the criteria established by the VWP.
For example, in the case of South Korea, U.S. Ambas­sador Christopher R. Hill(現国務次官補) and other American government representatives have said
that the ROK cannot join the VWP until the number of illegal South Korean residents in the United States significantly declines.[33]

Additionally South Korea's visa rejection rate is higher than the 3 per­cent maximum.[34]

Finally, ROK officials estimate that some 70,000 South Korean passports are lost or stolen each year and then traded on the black market, a factor that has impeded Seoul’s partici­pation in the VWP.[35]


Welcome to California Megan's Law web site- CA Dept. of Justice -
Many sex offenders can be displayed by city, ZIP Code, county or within a predetermined radius of a selected address, park, or school.
金 kim 李 lee 申 Shin 尹 Yun 全 Chun 韓 Han 張 Chang
崔 Choi 林 Lim 楊 Yang 邊 Byun

Olympic dreams and love hotels at APEC

PUSAN, South Korea, Nov 14 (Reuters) -
Participants at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum had a chance to experience South Korean passion and spirits on Monday ahead of the arrival of leaders later in the week.
Here are a few notes from the southeastern port of Pusan, which is hosting the summit:

South Korea's second city, with a population of about 3.7 million, is awash with hotel rooms.
But the five-star rooms go quickly in any city when leaders of 21 economies,
foreign ministers and chief executives from some of the world's richest companies along with all of their related staff turn up at the same time.

As a result, media groups and other APEC participants are staying in places euphemistically called "love hotels" where couples can rent rooms by the hour.

Pusan's love hotels have spruced up their rooms, covered mirrors on the ceilings and put their cleanest sheets on round beds for a new sort of clientele.


A group of North Korean defectors living in the South will try to present a gift of traditional ceramics to U.S. President George W. Bush,
who arrives in South Korea on Wednesday.

The defectors want to thank Bush for his push to improve human rights in North Korea.


Well, of course it's reasonably possible. The racial slur "gook" to mean "Asian"
comes from Korean, doesn't it? I've heard that Koreans approached American soldiers
during the Korean War, saying, "Miguk! Miguk!" (America! America!) and the American
soldiers thought they were saying, in broken English, "Me gook! Me gook!"

Survey Finds Alarming Number of Korean Men Impotent


On Monday, the hottest issue on some Korean Web sites was a photo of a woman in her 20s who got off a subway car without cleaning up her dog's droppings.
some Internet users decided she was a public enemy.
They began visiting the Web site of the university they assumed the woman attended, and bombarding it with postings.
The site's server went down because of the surge in traffic. Then people began calling the university, where a staff member finally looked at the photo and said there was no such student at the university.
Some experts say that such "cyber witch-hunts" are becoming a serious problem in Korea,
as individuals are harassed by large numbers of Internet users ―often based on information that turns out to be wrong.
The consequences of these witch-hunts can be more serious than that. Last April, relatives of a 30-year-old woman who committed suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her wrote about him online.
Soon, the location of his workplace and even his cell phone number were being circulated. He eventually quit his job.
Attorney Lee Yeong-hui said, "People tend to think that illegal acts committed online are not a serious matter. This is a big problem.
"An immoral act can be expected to be criticized, but personal attacks that cross the line can lead to another infringement on human rights," said Kim Jong-il金正日,
a professor of social science at Konkuk University

Paris Hilton phonebook hits the web

A supposed hacker attack on the multi-millionairess' T-Mobile phone resulted in both her contacts list and personal musings becoming available to anyone with access to the web.

Contact details for stars like Christina Aguilera, Vin Diesel, Eminem, Anna Kournikova, Lindsay Lohan, Andy Roddick, and Victoria Gotti were offered up for public consumption.

All these, and 400 more, were posted South Korean-hosted website illmob.org




Donor = Korea, Republic of
Country / Emergency = INDIAN

Description Amount in USD
(Indonesia) Cash (Part of 600,000) $200,000
(Indonesia) Emergency aid $198,000
(Indonesia) Logistic centre $132,000
(Malaysia) Cash for emergency assistance (part of U$600,000) $50,000
(Region) Awaiting allocation to specific country and sector $1,000,000
(Region) Food aid $500,000
(Region) Humanitarian assistance to tsunami-affected population $500,000
(Sri Lanka) Cash (Part of 600,000) $200,000
(Sri Lanka) Dispatch of 'Korean Disaster Relief Medical Team' (36 personnel* $0
(Sri Lanka) Emergency Shelter Assistance to extremely vulnerable individuals affected by the Tsunamis $93,500
(Sri Lanka) Registration of displaced families $8,500
(Sri Lanka) Transportation and logistical support for Emergency Relief Distribution $68,000
(Thailand) Dispatch of '119' rescue team* $0
TOTAL : $2,950,000

Hwabyung 火病

Examining Anger in 'Culture-Bound' Syndromes
by Sandra L. Somers Psychiatric Times
"Hwa-byung" and "ataque de nervios," listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV)
as culture-bound syndromes, can serve as gateways to understanding anger's role in psychiatric morbidity, according to a panel of experts.

Christopher K. Chung, M.D., assistant professor and director of psychiatric emergency services at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif.,
who chaired a symposium on hwa-byung and anger syndromes at the American Psychiatric Association last year,
described the *Korean phenomenon of hwa-byung (literally, fire disease) as "more specifically, suppressed anger syndrome."
He said there was not a consensus as to whether the syndrome should be classified as culture-bound.

The Korean Perspective
Hwa-byung is more frequently found in less-educated people,
those of lower socioeconomic status and those from rural areas.
Once provoked, they tend to talk long and in detail
Min described a study in which he sought to identify the psychological and somatic symptoms related to hwa-byung
and to correlate those symptoms with haan, which refers to suppressed anger, hate, despair, the holding of a grudge or feelings of
"everlasting woe"; as well as to disorders of anxiety, depression and obsession-compulsion.


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