Malaysian sues Britain over ethnic Indians' woes

By Clarence Fernandez

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - An ethnic Indian in Malaysia is using an audacious strategy to highlight the plight of his mostly impoverished community by suing Britain, the country's former colonial ruler, for $4 trillion.

The Malaysian government dismisses the case as baseless, but lawyer Waytha Moorthy is determined to pursue it, even vowing to appeal to Britain's Queen Elizabeth to appoint lawyers for the Indian community, which he says is too poor to find its own.

Moorthy wants Britain to pay damages of 1 million sterling ($2.06 million) to each of Malaysia's 2 million ethnic Indians for rights abuses he traces to colonial-era labor schemes that brought their ancestors to Malaysia as indentured workers.

"We are seeking compensation because we were permanently colonized during British rule, and now, under the government of the ethnic Malays," Moorthy told Reuters.

"We have lost touch with our roots and have been suppressed so far," said Moorthy, who accuses British officials of failing to honor their responsibility to protect ethnic Indians when they granted independence to Malaysia in 1957.

In colonial times, many impoverished Indians and Chinese flocked to work and settle in Malaysia, drawn by government schemes meant to attract cheap labor for the country's then lucrative rubber estates and tin mines, he added.

One criminal represent the nationality

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Novel yanked from class

Handful of parents objected to content
By Chris Kenning

Eastern High student Leo Comerlato was just 30 pages from the end of Toni Morrison's classic novel "Beloved" when his teacher told him to stop reading.

Why? Because at least two parents had complained that the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about antebellum slavery depicted bestiality, racism and sex -- inappropriate reading, they said, for 150 senior Advanced Placement English students.

So principal James Sexton ordered teachers to start over with "The Scarlet Letter," by Nathaniel Hawthorne, in preparation for upcoming AP exams that include questions on classic novels.

The decision last week outraged some parents and students.

Many parents "think it's just ridiculous," said Paula Wolf, a PTA member whose daughter is in the class. "That book has been read for several years."

Leo, 17, called it "censorship" and said "students are furious."

Sexton said he was trying to make the best of a difficult situation.

"People think I'm censoring, but I'm not," he said. "The only reason we stopped the discussion process is that we didn't have a good process to challenge books … they can finish it at home."

There is no procedure for challenging books before the school council, but Sexton said the council will create such a policy.

Normally students who object to books are assigned an alternative, Sexton said. But because the class had almost finished "Beloved" before complaints were raised, he said he wanted to spare a small number of students from being "ostracized" and having to study a new book.

Sexton wouldn't identify the parents who complained, and he said he's not ruling out that the book could be taught again.

Senior AP English teachers may choose from among 24 books ranging from Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" to Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment." Students are supposed to read and discuss eight books by the time of the exams.

However, of "Beloved," Sexton said he believes "some of the language and some of the points made, from this principal's perspective, are hard to have in high school."

Sexton said that in 18 years, he's only had four complaints like the ones about "Beloved" -- and one of them was about a different Morrison novel.

"Beloved" is the story of an escaped slave haunted by memories of her murdered child. It portrays her plantation days and life after the Civil War.

Considered a classic of literature and written by one of America's foremost African-American women novelists, the book frequently has been challenged in schools across the country, partly because of its depiction of rapes, beatings and murders.

"At one point, it's talking about a plantation. And there's no females. So the men resort to bestiality," Leo Comerlato said, adding that he didn't object because "we're in a college-level class."

Last year, "Beloved" was among the top 10 most-challenged books in schools and libraries, mainly for its sexual content and offensive language, according to the American Library Association.

Two-fifths think new Holocaust could happen in UK

Do No Evil – Forty-one percent of Britons believe that an event like the Holocaust could happen in the country today, given the depth of intolerance and prejudice, according to a new survey.

Reality TV fracas causes uproar in Britain

Race and class issues play out in living color on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'
These are Britain's most troubling issues at a time of an unprecedented level of immigration and
a never-ending divide between rich and "common," and that is why the nasty, some say racist,
comments that fellow contestants directed at Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty have ignited protests in India and a record 30,000 viewer complaints.

Prime Minister Tony Blair was called to account in the House of Commons,
and a miserable-looking Gordon Brown, scheduled to take over as prime minister this year,
spoke out during a visit to India when officials there pondered a formal protest.
He said Britain should be "seen as a country of fairness and tolerance."

A BRITISH man who vanished in 1999

after being charged with raping an eight-year-old girl has been found working as a teacher in Thailand.
Sean McMahon, 45, was accused of repeatedly forcing the child into sex over an 18-month period.

Teaching English has been a popular job for paedophiles in Asia because of minimal screening and ready access to children.
US child porn pervert John Mark Karr ? who last year claimed to be the killer of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey ? taught English in Bangkok.
He was dismissed as a sick fantasist after no evidence linked him to her death in Colorado in 1996.
Also last year, an Australian teaching English in Jakarta, Indonesia, was charged with molesting street children. He had videoed at least 50 teenage boys.
Another Australian teacher, facing sex allegations at home, killed himself last year in Indonesia, where he also faced abuse claims.

Karaoke fight

October 9, 2006 -- A group of thugs clubbed a young man to death in a Queens karaoke bar yesterday after he and a friend tried to stop a fight, cops said.
Junghwa Lee, 25, of Bayside had been partying with his friend and another pal at Pastel Karaoke on Northern Boulevard near 157th Street in Flushing when the pal got into a fight with a group of unidentified men, police said.
The instigator then suddenly fled, leaving Lee and his friend to face the group of angry men.
Lee and his 21-year-old partner attempted to calm the heated crowd, cops said.
But instead of being quelled, the men brandished bats and pipes and started beating up Lee and his friend, pummeling both in the head.
Lee, who has no criminal record, was taken to Flushing Hospital, where he died from the beating.
His friend was listed in stable condition at the same hospital.
The suspects fled the bar.

Published: November 12, 2006
Along stretches of Northern Boulevard in eastern Flushing, it is hard to walk a full block without passing the narrow entrance to a karaoke bar.
Often they are fronted with awnings lettered in both Korean and English and bearing cartoon characters with rhapsodic expressions. The bars rarely take up normal storefronts, located instead in basements and on upper floors.
Pastel Karaoke, on Northern Boulevard near 157th Street, is no different,
according to the police, a 25-year-old patron at Pastel tried to stop a fight on the sidewalk, but was beaten to death by a group of men.
As of last week, the police had arrested five men in a continuing investigation.
The killing, which took place across the street from St. Andrew Avellino Roman Catholic Church and school,
aroused a burst of anger from local residents and officials, and it was not the first to do so.
In 2004, two people were shot to death inside the Red Rose Club and Bar, another karaoke establishment in Flushing;
in 2001, a bouncer at a karaoke club on Main Street was stabbed in the chest.
“There’s a lot of problems with the karaoke clubs,” said Marilyn Bitterman, district manager of Community Board 7.
She said her office had received several complaints about bar patrons urinating and vomiting on nearby lawns.
Meanwhile, at Pastel Karaoke, things were quiet. A poster on the wall listed the top 150 favorite karaoke songs for the month, all in Korean, but not one of them could be heard.

Leader of British far-right party acquitted of race-hate charges

The Associated PressPublished: November 10, 2006
LEEDS, England: The leader of Britain's far-right British National Party was acquitted Friday of stirring up racial hatred in a speech that labeled Islam a "wicked, vicious faith."

British National Party leader Nick Griffin was cleared by a jury at Leeds Crown Court in northern England. Another party member, Mark Collett, also was acquitted.

BNP supporters in the public gallery broke into tears and cheered as the verdict was announced. Dozens more BNP supporters and anti-fascist demonstrators held noisy rival rallies outside the courthouse, as they have throughout the weeklong trial.

Griffin, 46, had denied using words or behavior intended or likely to stir up racial hatred when he gave a speech at a pub in the northern English town of Keighley in January 2004.

Prosecutors based their case on recordings made for an undercover TV documentary showing a speech in which Griffith branded Islam wicked, labeled Britain a "multicultural hellhole" and claimed gangs of Asian Muslims were raping white youngsters.

More Britons are turning to terror, says MI5 director

1,600 suspects under surveillance
30 plots to kill, maim, damage
200 terror groups or networks

Hundreds of young British Muslims are being radicalised, groomed and set on a path to mass murder, the head of MI5 said yesterday.
In a stark public warning, Dame Eliza ManninghamBuller, the Director-General of MI5, revealed that the Security Service's caseload had risen by 80 per cent since January
and now involved about 30 “Priority 1” plots.

It has identified 200 terrorist networks involving at least 1,600 people,
many under the direct control of al-Qaeda leaders in Pakistan.

Gary Glitter Sentenced to Three Years In Jail For Molestation

03.03.2006 11:50 AM EST
Vietnamese court finds British singer guilty of sexually abusing two 11-year-old girls.

Glitter, who is best known for his towering pompadour haircut and the early '70s hit "Rock & Roll, Pt. 2,"
which is still widely used as a hype song at sporting events around the world.

The chief investigator in the case, Colonel Nguyen Duc Trinh, said he had recovered 2,231 images of child pornography from Glitter's computer
and 31 video clips, opening the way for prosecution by police in Britain if he ends up there after his deportation.

Glitter is a registered sex offender in Britain following a 1999 conviction on child pornography charges.

Britain's non-white population up 500,000

By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor

The non-white British population grew by more than half a million between
2001 and 2003, according to official figures published yesterday.
Over the same period, the white British population fell by more than 100,000,
largely because of emigration and a low birth rate.

Britain probes "passports for sex" claims

January 3, 2006

LONDON (Reuters) - Britain launched a probe on Tuesday into a newspaper report that staff at the country's biggest immigration center were giving UK visas to attractive foreigners in return for sex.

A former employee told the Sun tabloid said that workers at the center in Croydon, south London, used their influence to seduce pretty asylum seekers whereas "ugly" migrants would see their applications rejected.

"These are serious allegations and I will ensure that they are fully investigated," Home Office minister Tony McNulty said in a statement.

"Clearly I will not condone this type of behavior."

The claims were made by Anthony Pamnani, a former administration worker at the Lunar House center which deals with some 300,000 visa and asylum applications a year.

"One girl came in and told us an admin officer had visited her flat and they slept together. She got indefinite leave to stay," he told the paper.

He claimed Brazilian girls were treated most favorably by staff who would allow them to stay twice as long in Britain as their male counterparts.

However, he said unattractive women would receive the opposite treatment.

"Officers use to say about ugly girls: 'She's bloody disgusting -- let's send her back anyway,"' he said.

Pamnani said he quit his post because his complaints about corruption were ignored.

"I have every confidence that staff within the Immigration and Nationality Directorate carry out their roles with professionalism and integrity," McNulty said.

"There are clearly established systems for staff to raise any concerns that they may have with working practices within their team and to take the issue further if they feel it is necessary."

Woman convicted of abusing 'witch' child

London - An African woman convicted in Britain of child cruelty involving a schoolgirl beaten with a high-heeled shoe, insisted the victim was a witch.

Sita Kisanga, 35, and her brother Sebastian Pinto were found guilty on Friday by London's Old Bailey Court of aiding and abetting abuse committed by the eight-year-old's aunt after the women became convinced the girl was involved in witchcraft.

"I know it is not easy for people to believe but those people with the spiritual belief will know what I'm saying is true," Kisanga told the BBC in an interview aired on Saturday.

After their conviction, Kisanga and the girl's aunt were warned by the judge they would face "a lengthy time in prison" when he passes sentence on July 8.

Police fear Africans sent to UK for sacrifice - BBC

Adoring Japanese hail 'European prince of sumo'

By Colin Joyce in Tokyo
(Filed: 21/09/2005)
For 1,500 years sumo has been dominated by fat,
Asian men whom even fans will admit are far from handsome.


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