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*How to edit Worldcon Japanese-English dictionary

Please feel free to edit the dictionary if you don't know Japanese words. I beleave that Japanese members will add Japanese translation:-)

**1. Log-in
Click "ログイン"(means log-in) link, at right-top of the page. 
At next page, enter ユーザー名(username) and password then click "ログイン" button.

**2. select page to edit
Go to http://www26.atwiki.jp/jasfic/pages/4.html then click "日米Con用語辞典"(Worldcon Japanese-English dictionary) to edit the dictionary.

**3. Edit an existing page
click a link which you want to edit, then click "このページを編集する"(edit this page) and edit the page. If you want to preview the change, click "プレビュー"(preview). If you save the change, please click "ページ保存" button.

**4. Create new page
To be written.