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 *Just between us girls -- the secret slang splurted in the ejaculation industry
 >Just between us girls -- the secret slang splurted in the ejaculation industry
 >Shukan Jitsuwa (6/30)          By Masuo Kamiyama
 私たち女の子の間でだけで−−射精産業で飛び交う秘密のスラング  2005,06,25
 週刊実話(6/30)          カミヤマ・マスオ記
 >"Today I've been doing 'tokkan koji' (urgent rush jobs) from morning to night. 
 >That's why my back's been killing me."
 >The above expression might be used in a conversation between women who work in soapland brothels in Tokyo's Yoshiwara district. 
 >To enlighten readers of Shukan Jitsuwa (6/30) to the latest on-the-job slang term, Nami, 23 met the magazine's reporter at an Ikebukuro coffee shop, where she divulged that "tokkan koji" meant climbing atop the customer and moving her hips in a frantically rapid motion to make customer ejaculate more quickly. 
 >These rush jobs are likely when the girl is not in the mood to dispense a "real fight," i.e., engaging in slow, sensual intercourse that resembles authentic tender, loving care.
 >Another term, used in high-class soaplands, is "soku-soku-soku," which means giving the customer immediate attention without any delays. 
 >First, as soon as he enters the private cubicle, comes oral sex (soku-shaku), followed by intercourse (soku-bed) and upon which she provides anilingus (soku-anaru).
 >The initials NS stand for "no skin," i.e., dispensing with a condom. 
 >Riding bareback is also be expressed as "Sapporo."  Sapporo, you see, is a brand of beer. 
 >In Japanese "draft," as in "draft beer" is referred to as "nama," which also means "raw," i.e., without wearing protection.
 >Soapland hookers, by the way, are generally classified as "koibito-ha" (affectionate lover types) and "shigotoha" (technicians).
 >According to a "fashion health" masseuse named Saki, 24, when a customer is unable to achieve erection, girls in the sex trade refer to his flaccid reproductive member as "jaguchi" (faucet).
 >A man's foreskin is referred to as "tennen-gomu" (natural rubber). 
 >A penis that refuses to ejaculate no matter how much it is encouraged is called "kemuri" (smoke).
 >"That's because you yank on it so vigorously you'd expect it to catch fire," Saki giggles.
 >A customer who spills his seed with practically no encouragement, on the other hand, is called a "potto" (pot), a reference to the electric thermos pots used in homes that spout water merely by pressing the button lightly.
 >In addition to the above, Shukan Jitsuwa provides a surprisingly detailed listing of the current patois making the rounds.
 >- Chikubi bokujo (nipple ranch) -- a pink salon.
 - 乳首牧場(乳首牧場) -- ピンクサロン。
 >- Joso-ko -- a man who likes to dress up in women's clothing.
 - じょそ子 -- 女性の衣装を着ることが好きな男。
 >- Omaru -- a man with an enema fetish.
 - オマル -- 浣腸フェチの男。
 >- Yattchin -- a man who is satisfied with normal sex.
 - ヤッチン -- 通常のセックスで満足する男。
 >- Black Knight -- a regular customer whose patronage helps keep the club running, but who is nasty and disliked by the girls.
 - ブラックナイト -- そのご愛顧がクラブの経営の維持を助けるが、嫌なやつで女の子に嫌われている常連客。
 >- Osushi -- a verbal signal said when a hostess is willing to go to bed with a customer is by asking him, "Will you take me out for sushi after the shop closes?" After eating their fill of fish, they proceed to a love hotel.
 - お寿司 -- 客と進んで寝たいと思っているホステスが彼に尋ねるときに言う口頭の合図で、「店が終わったあと、私をお寿司に連れて行ってくれる?」魚をたっぷり食べた後、かれらはラブホテルに赴く。
 >- Dobutsuen (zoo) -- a club that treats women on the same level as animals.
 - 動物園(動物園) -- 女性を動物と同程度に扱うクラブ。
 >- DP -- in a porno film, it means double penetration, i.e., both holes at once.
 - DP -- ポルノ映画で、二重貫通、すなわち一度に二つの穴、を意味する。 
 >- Iramachio -- combining "ira" meaning grouchy or irritable, with fellatio, it means forcing a woman to perform oral sex before the cameras.
 - イラマチオ -- 機嫌の悪さや怒りっぽさを意味する『イラ』とフェラチオを組み合わせたもので、カメラの前で女性にオーラルセックスを行うよう強要すること。
 >- Ekiben -- to do it standing up, with one's hands cupped beneath the woman's buttocks, the way peddlers used to sell stacks of box lunches from a tray on rail station platforms.
 - 駅弁 -- 鉄道の駅のプラットフォームでトレイから積み重なった弁当を売る売り子がするように、女性の臀部の下を両手を支えて、たったままアレをすること。
 >- Kishiro -- performing sex while poking things into apertures, at which time jelly is utilized to smooth the passageway.
 - キシロ -- 隙間にものを突っ込みながらセックスすることで、そのときにはゼリーが通り道を滑らかにするために使用される。
 >- Kaburimono (headwear) -- a penis with a complete foreskin.
 - かぶりモノ(頭にかぶるもの) -- 真性包茎のペニス。
 >- Utsu -- sex inside a hospital room. "Utsu" comes from "tenteki wo utsu (to administer an intravenous drip)
 - 打つ -- 病室内でのセックス。『打つ』は『点滴を打つ(点滴を投与する)』に由来する。
 >- Konya wa sassa de (I want to leave early tonight) -- said to avoid doing overtime in order to meet a customer.
 - 今夜はサッサで(今夜は早く帰りたい) -- 残業を避けて客と会えるようにするためにいわれる。 
 >- Otokui sama no gorai ten (a special customer has made an honorable appearance) -- clerks will say this when a customer suspected of shoplifting walks in the store. 
 - お得意様のご来店(特別なお客様がご来店してくださいました) -- 万引きする疑いがある客が来店したときに、店員がこういう。
 >(By Masuo Kamiyama, People's Pick WaiWai Writer)
 (ピープルズピックWaiwaiライター カミヤママスオ記)
 >June 25, 2005
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