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1.6.3 Pre-release - 2013/09/13

ダウンロード:1.6.3 Pre-release
  • MC-15547 - Structures (witch huts, nether fortresses etc.) don't get saved with the world file
    • You need to load up every structure you've ever found in your world in order to save it in the worldfile. Also, they will be compatible with 1.7 snapshots

1.6.2 Pre-release - 2013/07/05

ダウンロード:1.6.2 Pre-release
  • Zombies and zombie pigmen now have a chance to spawn as babies
  • MC-149 - Powered pistons drop as items in creative
  • MC-1545 - Player's and Horses head while riding having strange behaviour when looking at the skin in the inventory
  • MC-2025 - Animals going out of fenced areas/suffocate in blocks when loading chunks
  • MC-5770 - When putting a sign in front of water it keeps running
  • MC-7486 - Trapped Chest looks like Regular Chest in inventory / item frame
  • MC-12962 - Attacking wild Wolves with any kind of projectiles (Arrows, Snowballs, Potions) will cause any nearby tamed Wolves to attack their owner
  • MC-13167 - Reloading a world while player is in moving Minecart or riding a horse is glitchy in F5 mode
  • MC-13632 - Horses can be pushed into blocks and then take suffocation damage
  • MC-13695 - Ctrl+Click = Right Click on Mac not working
  • MC-13949 - Leads attached to mobs drop as items when right clicked in creative
  • MC-14157 - Numlock Enter not recognized as Return
  • MC-14359 - Direct Connect does not remember port
  • MC-14415 - rope part of the leash turns invisible in some angles
  • MC-15024 - Hay blocks can not be crafted back into wheat
  • MC-15161 - Gliding crosshair when on a saddled horse
  • MC-15547 - "Nether-Fortress-Only" Mobs no longer spawning in previously generated Fortresses
  • MC-16170 - Unarmored horses appear as wearing diamond armor
  • MC-16222 - Baby Zombies are far too fast
  • MC-16267 - Cannot change Horse Armor like Player Armor by clicking with another armor piece on slot
  • MC-16761 - Sprint does not happen straight away
  • MC-17673 - Distorted fonts when using a converted texturepack on startup
  • MC-18365 - Breaking sound and particles appear when placing water/lava into another source block
  • MC-18627 - The "clear" command is causing a player in creative mode to be unable to move items in their inventory
  • MC-18828 - /clear command causes problems with animations of held items
  • MC-18976 - Health boost resets additional health every 30 seconds
  • MC-19082 - Signs placed on Fences don't have Text
  • MC-19585 - Trying to jump on an unsaddled Horse, then equipping it with a saddle makes the Horse jump automatically
  • MC-19592 - 1.5.2 clients show server 1.6.1 as 1.3 in Multiplayer screen
  • MC-19605 - the /playsound command does not work with @a when >1 player passes the query
  • MC-20050 - Minecraft 1.6.1 demo has crashed
  • MC-21145 - Demo crashes when unable to find 'name' of a bound mousebutton
  • MC-21172 - Resourcepack crashes
  • MC-21436 - Nested colors in json chat don't work
  • MC-22401 - Cannot pick block lead in creative.

1.6 Pre-release - 2013/06/25

ダウンロード:1.6 Pre-release
  • MC-12569 - Sitting in minecart is higher than it should be
  • MC-13754 - Unable to tie mobs to fence with less than 2 leads
  • MC-14126 - Binding "sneak" to any mouse button and trying to mount an entity crashes the game
  • MC-14355 - Can't hit mobs while jumping on horses
  • MC-15270 - Pushing a leashed mob into a portal duplicates the Lead
  • MC-16145 - Potion of Weakness tooltip
  • MC-16467 - Attribute modifiers randomly run out when given via items
  • MC-17867 - "Resource packs" translation missing on crowdin.net
  • MC-17876 - Health Boost extra health vanishes on login
  • MC-17908 - Tamed wolf's health depleted upon world loading
  • MC-18247 - Health Boost and Absorption potions names do not show correctly.
  • MC-18578 - Water sounds when placing water from a bucket to water source reproduce twice
  • MC-18645 - Game crashes with a single frame compass
  • MC-18661 - Strength Potions being nerfed unintentionally [Not related to other Strength issues]
  • MC-18713 - If a team name has "-" in it, the argument for seeing if anyone is in the team doesn't work
  • MC-18730 - Superflat customisation screen have format errors in Australian English / String is missing at crowdin.net
  • MC-18845 - Scoreboard "Health" out of sync (rounds down)
  • MC-18997 - Crash at launch of game with invalid language selection
  • MC-18999 - Using /kill sets health to 2 billion
  • MC-19029 - Instant health effect set to a 29, 61, 93...253 value kills any player without any death message

13w26a - 2013/06/24

  • MC-1038 – Beacon Block Incorrect Texture When Surrounded by Blocks
  • MC-2453 – Jack-o-lantern name is mispunctuated
  • MC-6828 – Brewing stand feet's sides are transparent when placed against a wall
  • MC-9026 – Splash potions particles are incorrect
  • MC-9584 – Cactus texture error when near a wall
  • MC-13774 – Mounting rideable entities (horses/boats/minecarts/pigs) underwater desyncs client/server (ghost mode)
  • MC-14944 – Weighted pressure plates' names are too long to be renamed
  • MC-16413 – Boats toss you off like horses
  • MC-16828 – horses make the galloping sound + their original walking sound at the same time
  • MC-16847 – Horse jump bar becomes stuck if player is kicked off / dismounts while charging a jump
  • MC-16887 – Jumping Sideways on an Unsaddled Horse
  • MC-17571 – Health overflow isn't removed when health boost ends
  • MC-17675 – Sun jitters when time is set to zero and doDaylightCycle is false
  • MC-17997 – Horse "Gelding"
  • MC-18505 – Sitting direction does not fit when riding a horse
  • MC-18632 – Player induced Horse Jumps negate the Horse's Jump Boost Effect
  • MC-18633 – Lag then crash on LAN world
  • MC-18941 – List of languages only contains English (US)

13w25c(Launcher 0.9.5) - 2013/06/20

  • MC-188 - 'doFiretick' makes fire to not extinguish. Lighting makes fire all over the place!
  • MC-4266 - Death counter does not update
  • MC-13559 - Pick block from inventory in creative doesn't preserve size of stacks
  • MC-13745 - Tamed Wolves/Cats Teleporting when Leashed to a Fence
  • MC-16075 - Entities other than the player can't leave the end
  • MC-17537 - Other player's cats can be tied to a lead and dragged away
  • MC-17856 - Unable to load ResourcePack with missing directory-ZipEntries.
  • MC-17864 - Credits end too fast
  • MC-17908 - Dogs' health depleted upon world loading
  • MC-18468 - First my sound was off and I was going to turn it up, but when I did it crashed.

13w25b(Launcher 0.9.4) - 2013/06/18

  • It is no longer possible to break blocks with swords in Creative mode
  • Launcher updated to 0.9.4
    • Added "New Profile" and "Edit Profile" Buttons to the profile selection panel
      プロファイル選択パネルに「New Profile」と「Edit Profile」のボタンが追加された(訳注:これ以前はプロファイルを1つしか保存できなかったが、この更新により複数のプロファイルを作成できるようになった)
  • MC-1903 - Console Command and Set Console for Block in Command Block merges when in windowed mode
  • MC-3737 - Placing Water Source into some blocks yields no drops
  • MC-3798 - 3D Anaglyph Biome Colour Corruption
  • MC-8220 - Water/Lava from Bucket replacing Ladder
  • MC-17456 - objective health does not update with health boost effect
  • MC-18257 - Knockback Resistance Attribute Doesn't Prevent Knockback from Fall Damage
  • MC-18277 - Crash with the mcmeta reading of unicode font
  • MC-18306 - Minecraft crash on clicking the "Texture pack" button
  • MC-18324 - Text misplaced on Direct connect, Rename World screen

13w25a - 2013/06/17

  • MC-3798 – 3D Anaglyph biome color corruption
  • MC-15567 – Incorrect/inconsistent command success criteria breaks Comparator behavior
  • MC-16003 – Possible to create a scoreboard objective without a name
  • MC-17797 – Birch leaves don't use the right texture
  • MC-17830 – Last played singleplayer world changes date last opened to 1/1/70
  • MC-17831 – Crash selecting resource pack
  • MC-17910 – Server crash / hang after typing /kill
  • MC-17917 – Flowing water / lava color corrupted after switching off 3d anaglyph
  • MC-17935 – Igniting TNT doesn't reduce flint and steel durability
  • MC-17936 – Some animated textures only show the placeholder texture
  • MC-17941 – Crash uploading textures to graphics card
  • MC-18010 – Armor bar shown too high during Health Boost or Absorption
  • MC-18011 – Health and Absorption is confusing when displayed on the same line
  • MC-18164 – Resource packs not effective until after restart

13w24b(Launcher 0.9.3) - 2013/06/14

  • Carpet can now be placed on top of any block
    • This includes blocks such as water source blocks, saplings, torches, chests, other carpet, etc.
    • This is part of the fix for being unable to place carpet on iron bars - Making them universally placeable
  • Added Absorption effect
    • Replaces Heart Boost effect in golden apples
    • Also added to effects of enchanted golden apples
  • MC-552 – Command block choosing wrong people / Selecting players cross-dimensional
  • MC-9917 – In multiplayer screen holding shift and pressing "down" without selecting any server crashes the game
  • MC-13276 – Zombies with increased health don't deal damage
  • MC-16183 – Using the autocomplete function in chat (tab) disconnects clients in multiplayer
  • MC-16530 – When under resistance effects above 5, /kill command does not work.
  • MC-16639 – Game Tick Speed Issue?
  • MC-17023 – Packet250CustomPayload StackOverFlowError
  • MC-17093 – Player inducible stack overflow
  • MC-17444 – Health scoreboard doesn't display hearts from health boost
  • MC-17454 – Take damage when removing health boost effect
  • MC-17558 – natural regeneration = false not working in peaceful
  • MC-17571 – Health overflow isn't removed when health boost ends
  • MC-17622 – Baby Zombies Spawner crash the game
  • MC-17656 – No Server Connection Bars in Multiplayer Menu or Ingame
  • MC-17660 – Ressources packs still named Texture packs in options
  • MC-17663 – "Health Boost" Potion Effect shows "potion.healthBoost"
  • MC-17666 – Minecarts do not have the correct texture pack
  • MC-17700 – firecharge texture is green
  • MC-17701 – Fire Animation Jumps and skips frames.
  • MC-17731 – GUI broken when Boss health bar is visible
  • MC-17747 – Carpet can be placed ontop of glass panes but not ontop of iron bars
  • MC-17753 – Texts for "credits" and "end" not showing up properly in default or with a resource pack on.
  • MC-17784 – DoDaylightCycle bed bug
  • MC-17803 – Biome colormaps are not updating on texture pack change

13w24a(Launcher 0.9.2) - 2013/06/13

  • Removed Texture Pack support, added Resource Packs
  • Added new gamerule for day-night cycle (The sun stops moving and stays where it is) - doDaylightCycle
    昼夜が切り替わるかどうかを変更する新しいゲームルール「doDaylightCycle」を追加 (falseにすると太陽の動きが止まる。時間経過自体は行われる)
  • Spiders now have a chance to spawn with potion effects
  • Invisibility potions now work better with teams
  • Made spawn eggs work on water
  • MC-1202 - Mobs spawn and then quickly despawn in peaceful. Looks like the "ender-porting-out-of-water" effect.
  • MC-2097 - You can't get "The End?" achievement
  • MC-2419 - Persistence Required Tag Freezes Mobs
  • MC-2559 - Squids taking damage while in water
  • MC-2692 - Hard to spawn Squids
  • MC-11199 - Eye of Ender does not always lead to the nearest Stronghold
  • MC-14690 - ScoreBoard health objective crashes game
  • MC-15058 - Scoreboard "health" objective set to display "belowname" disconnecting player on multiplayer with end of stream
  • MC-15732 - Achievement "We Need to Go Deeper" rewarded for going through an End Portal
  • MC-16149 - Lava texture animation moves too fast / Animated textures ignoring text files

13w23b - 2013/06/08

  • Added Health Boost effect
    Health Boost効果(訳注:最大HPを一時的に増やす)を追加
    • Also, both the attribute and the potion effect now show the hearts
    • Golden Apples now also give the effect
  • New Zombie mob mechanics and AI.
    • Able to lock onto the player from much farther away.
    • Mobbing Zombies can now move when further than 32 blocks from player.
    • Spawn additional zombies when not being looked at.
  • Normal Golden Apples now give Regeneration II for 10 seconds
  • MC-17222 - ALL Spawners with ActiveEffects crash the game, breaking hundreds of custom maps and servers.
  • MC-17403 - Golden Apples only heal one heart compared to two in version 1.5.2

13w23a(Launcher 0.9.1) - 2013/06/07

  • Added splash screens
    • "What's up Doc?"
  • Continued work on resource packs
    • Still not quite ready yet
  • Added /spreadplayers command
    • Spreads certain players from an origin point
    • Has a Max Spread and Minimum Distance from player to player
    • Can put teams together
  • Added new gamerule for natural health regeneration - naturalRegeneration
  • Balanced potions and hunger to improve gameplay
    • Instant Health nerfed by 33 (heals only 2 health points/1 heart at level I)%
      治癒のポーションは33%減少 (レベルⅠでは2ポイント/ハート1個分しか回復しない)
    • Regeneration nerfed by 50% (takes 50 ticks/2.5 seconds to restore 1 health point/.5 heart at level I)
      Regeneration(再生能力)は50%減少 (1ポイント/ハート0.5個回復するのに50tick/2.5秒かかる)
    • Natural health regeneration now costs hunger points/saturation points
  • Balanced some recipes to improve gameplay
    • Golden apples now require gold ingots instead of gold nuggets to craft
    • Glistering melons now require 8 gold nuggets
  • MC-13880 - Cows eat buckets. Seems unhealthy.
  • MC-16074 - Teleporting to "NaN" (not a number) crashes the game
  • MC-16290 - crash mob spawner crashing game
  • MC-17051 - Dogs attack Horses

13w22a(Launcher 0.8.2) - 2013/05/30

We’ve been working hard on a new Resource Pack system, but unfortunately it isn’t ready for testing yet. Meanwhile we’ve had lots of general bug fixes that should help keep even the silliest of Horses happy.
It's time for a snapshot! No huge game-changing features, only lots of game-fixing love.
  • Horse, donkey, mule, zombie horse and skeleton horse sounds implemented
  • Villager sounds implemented
    • This includes several variants of idle, yes, no, haggle, and hit sounds, as well as a single death sound
  • Leads have a higher tolerance to stress, making it more difficult for leads to break
  • MC-2200 – Sleeping while in a Minecart produces a graphical glitch
  • MC-9355 – Argument "team" do not work with "!" for other players
  • MC-11385 – Scoreboard problem with "seeFriendlyInvisibles"
  • MC-13723 - The horses do not make any sound but do open their mouths.
  • MC-13731 – Horse can climb ladders/vines
  • MC-13788 – Horses graze on non-grass blocks, also underwater
  • MC-14114 – Leashes break when riding a horse
  • MC-14604 - Cannot tie wild horses and foals
  • MC-14757 - Stacked Entity Spawner creating mass duplicate ghost entities
  • MC-14930 - Horse armor not keeping enchantments when dropping from a horse
  • MC-15423 - Crash due to corrupt pack.png in texture pack
  • MC-16051 - horses break lead when being lead when they stop to eat grass
  • MC-16156 - Unable to move previously ridden horses after reloading the world
  • MC-16168 - Opening inventory on wild horse allows you to saddle it up
  • MC-16182 - Problem with horse movement.
  • MC-16196 - Horses not running fast in creative
  • MC-16229 - Horse – Shift Key Locking
  • MC-16381 - Tamed Donkey / Mule drops 2 saddles on death
  • MC-16415 - IllegalStateException: Server tried to update attributes of a non-living
  • MC-16421 - Horse Speed does not remain constant

13w21a(Launcher 0.8.1) - 2013/05/23

  • Added a UI for horses and donkeys, to control saddle/armor/inventory
    • Can be accessed by sneaking and right-clicking, or by pressing the inventory button while riding the horse, mule, or donkey
    • Some features of the UI are specific to situation:
      • Horses, donkeys, and mules all have saddle slots
      • Horses have an armor slot
      • Donkeys and mules do not have an armor slot, but have an inventory of 15 slots when given a chest
  • Started to move over various things to a new attribute system:
    • Item attributes using NBT tags:
      • Attributes can be additive, subtractive and multiplicative using a set value
        属性はset valueを利用することで追加したり、削ったり、複製したりできる
      • Some items have default modifiers in place of previously hard-coded attributes
      • Examples of possible changes players could make: A bow that slows the holder, a helm that buffs health, etc.
        具体例: 所有者の動きを緩慢にする弓、HPを貯めるヘルメット
    • Entity attributes:
      • These properties can now be changed as easily as any other NBT attribute
      • Entity speed, base health, base attack
    • Other properties like weapon damage/bow draw speed/sword swing speed are yet to follow
  • Added effect tooltips for some tools, swords, and potions
  • Lots of work towards a new Resource Pack system, but not finished yet. Currently still compatible with texture packs.
  • New internal chat system; lots of messages should be translated now that were not previously
    新たな内部チャットシステム: 多くのメッセージが新たに翻訳された
    • Messages are now better modularized
    • Server messages can be sent by their code-defined name, allowing the client to utilize the correct translation according to their language settings
    • Color can be specifically designated, preventing leakage into further messages
  • Horse armor is no longer stackable
  • MC-1497 – Damaged Anvils do not show damage in inventory or item frame
  • MC-13626 – XP Bar in creative
  • MC-13640 – Hay Bales do not burn when set on fire
  • MC-13662 – XP, Health and hungerbar are buggy with horses
  • MC-13770 – Using a horse spawn egg on a horse works only when riding the horse
  • MC-13852 – Can’t throw enderpearls while mounting a horse
  • MC-14220 – Player appearance not updating in multiplayer (armor, tools)
  • MC-14417 – No way to remove armor or saddles off a horse
  • MC-14422 – Horse name tag is shown while riding
  • MC-15138 – Sides of cauldron has compass texture after placing compass in Item Frame
  • MC-15201 – Bottom part of some types of horses-harness is misplaced
  • MC-15416 – Selected item disappears when armor breaks

Notable bugs:
  • MCL-319 – Launcher 0.8.1 not generating complete version files for snapshots
  • MC-16143 - Sprinting and Speed effect not working
  • MC-16150 - No sounds after a while / Music corrupting sound

13w19a(Launcher 0.8.1) - 2013/05/21

  • Launcher updated to 0.8.1
    • Client window now uses Crafting Table icon for main window when a snapshot build is selected; Launcher window still uses Grass Block icon
      • Selecting release builds on Windows currently uses the basic Java icon

13w19a(Launcher 0.8) - 2013/05/20

  • Launcher updated to 0.8

13w19a(Launcher 0.7.2) - 2013/05/15

  • Launcher updated to 0.7.2

13w19a(Launcher 0.7) - 2013/05/13

  • Launcher downgraded to 0.7

13w19a(Launcher 0.7.1) - 2013/05/10

It’s Monday, and all of us have our perception of time thrown off from the recent mid-week-holidays.
I have something you want. Come get it.
  • Stained clay added to coordinate with the array of wool colors
  • Donkeys and mules with chests can have their inventories accessed
    • Right-click while sneaking to open it
    • The name of the donkey or mule will show in their inventory GUI similarly to other renamed containers
  • Charcoal, block of coal, and lapis lazuli block have been retextured
  • Mobs will spawn in groups again
  • Command blocks no longer are minable in Survival
  • Horse armor can be stacked to 32 instead of 64
  • MC-671 – Minecarts with Furnace consume coal in creative mode
  • MC-3960 – After the last use of a bow you get a glitch bow that when dropped and picked up again duplicates
  • MC-15061 – Coal blocks do not burn away
  • MC-15148 – Blurred menu background textures

13w18c(Launcher 0.7.1) - 2013/05/04

  • Launcher updated to 0.7.1

13w18c(Launcher 0.7) - 2013/05/02

Update: 13w18c was released to fix some crashes and nasties.
Snapshot 13w18c has been released through the launcher. Bugfixes and fugbixes!
  • MC-14632 - Enchanted Books dont show what tab is it
  • MC-14979 - Wrong particle texture when changing texture packs ingame
  • MC-15035 - Skins messing up
  • MC-15041 - Breaking Item Frames causes a null pointer exception and crash.
  • MC-15058 - Internal exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • MC-15061 - Coal blocks do not burn away
  • MC-15095 - Coal Blocks and Note Blocks
  • MC-15096 - Game crashes on startup

13w18b(Launcher 0.7) - 2013/05/02

'b' snapshot going up shortly for crashes and stuffs
Snapshot 13w18b is out. Fixes ahoy. Restart the launcher.
Update: 13w18b was released to fix some crashes.
  • MC-15020 - Animations are not working
  • MC-15022 - fps drop due to new texture system while looking at horses
  • MC-15027 - Crash on world load
  • MC-15034 - Texturepack descriptions do not load
  • MC-15036 - Riding horses into obstacles crashes the game

13w18a(Launcher 0.7) - 2013/05/02

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the new snapshot and has a coal block. It doesn't need to make sense.
Another Thursday, another Snapshot. We’ve still been focusing on the launcher some more this week, but we had time to address a few things for 13w18a:
  • Added a Block of Coal.
    • Crafted with 3x3 coal.
    • Crafted only with coal, not charcoal.
    • Can be used as furnace fuel and smelts 72 items, like 9 Coal.
    • Can be used to store large amounts of coal.
  • Start of a new texture loading system.
    • "May blow up."
    • New "missing texture" texture
  • Added crafting recipes for leads and hay blocks.
    • Hay blocks are crafted with 3x3 Wheat.
    • Hay blocks cannot be uncrafted.
  • Tweaked horse equipment obtainability
    • Players can no longer craft horse armor
    • Horses no longer use special saddles
    • Saddles can now be found in most generated chests
    • Added horse armor to dungeons
  • Adjustments related to horses makes them more practical later in the game
  • Added chest generation in the Nether
    • Chests now generate in Nether Fortresses, in some corners of interior corridors
  • Comparators now output a signal for Cauldrons and End Portal frames
    • Cauldrons give from zero signal (empty) to three signal strength (full) depending on water inside
    • End Portal frame varies between zero and fifteen signal strength, depending on if an Eye of Ender is present
  • New blurred shading on the dirt background in menus
  • Mechanic whereby zombies spawn more zombies adjusted and is no longer easily visible to the player
  • Carpets can now be placed on some translucent blocks
    • This includes glowstone, glass, glass panes, and beacons
      • Beacons will still function under carpet
  • MC-73 - Green arrow bug on maps in frames
  • MC-590 - Mobs not realizing they killed their attacker and trying to attack empty space
  • MC-1320 - The buttons for logging in with the launcher cannot be read in Windows 7 / XP classic theme
    Windows 7 / Windows XPのクラシックテーマを利用しているとログインボタンの文字が読めない
  • MC-1980 - Despawning cured zombie
  • MC-4631 - Lava decay fails to schedule block update
  • MC-14221 - Blocks stop updating one minute after entering the Nether or the End
  • MC-14586 – You can pick up command blocks with any pickaxe
  • MC-14926 - Cannot use resolution clock and compass textures with resolutions higher than 16x16

13w17a(Launcher 0.6) - 2013/04/25

We have a double feature for you today. Not only are we releasing a 1.5.2 pre-release but there’s also another weekly snapshot for 1.6 to get your hands on!
Next up, we have the snapshot! Not too much has changed on the surface since 13w17a as most of our efforts are focused on the launcher currently, but there’s a few cool things you’ll want to check out:
  • Added hardened clay
    • Obtained by smelting a clay block
  • Added extra tooltip info in the search tab for the Creative inventory
    • Tooltip shows what category a block/item is in.
  • Water lakes no longer generate in deserts; however, lava lakes continue to do so
    • Water lakes only generate on the edge of desert biomes
  • Zombies have a low chance to spawn more zombies when they take damage
    • This is an early version of the function; In the future, this will mainly apply to spawning zombies out of sight in enclosed spaces.
  • The carpet crafting recipe now gives 3 carpet blocks
  • MC-22 - Jukebox audio volume doesn't decrease
  • MC-1407 - Tamed wolves and cats despawn
  • MC-7134 - Silverfish breaking blocks when "mobGriefing" is set to false
  • MC-8112 - Pick-Block and Furnaces
  • MC-8260 - Achievement "Hot Topic" Uses Faceless Furnace Icon
  • MC-12133 - Arrows visually float when shot into a block
  • MC-13692 - Launcher Beta - OS X with Retina Display is pixelated
  • MC-14606 - New Minecraft Launcher unable to play/download snapshot
  • MC-14618 - Custom Language-PackRemoval

1.5.2 Pre-release - 2013/04/25

ダウンロード:1.5.2 Pre-release
We have a double feature for you today. Not only are we releasing a 1.5.2 pre-release but there’s also another weekly snapshot for 1.6 to get your hands on!
First up, the 1.5.2 pre-release. We’ve decided to put out a small bug fix update to address some minor issues that players are having in 1.5.1, and you can test it out before it goes live! A full list of fixes are as follows:
  • MC-22 - Jukebox audio volume doesn't decrease
  • MC-1123 - SMP: Anvils charge level for nothing when using languages other than English
  • MC-1407 - Tamed wolves and cats despawn
  • MC-4253 - Endermen are rendered hostile if they take environmental damage
  • MC-8112 - Pick-Block and Furnaces
  • MC-8260 - Achievement "Hot Topic" Uses Faceless Furnace Icon
  • MC-12133 - Arrows visually float when shot into a block
  • MC-11229 – Using the anvil for free
  • FPS issues when using high-resolution textures
  • Minecraft Realms-related fixes
    Minecraft Realms 関連の修正

13w16b(Launcher 0.5) - 2013/04/23

Just pushed 1.5.1 in the new launcher. Experimental, may not work for everybody and doesn't auto-select. But it's there! Woo!
... It's not a new version. It's the same old 1.5.1 that has been out forever. It's just avail in the new launcher, is all.
  • Added 1.5.1 to the launcher

13w16b(Launcher 0.4) - 2013/04/23

Snapshot 13w16b was released in the launcher. Some big crash fixes, and re-enabled crash reporting too. Also, something for @paulsoaresjr!
Update (23rd): Released ‘b’ snapshot for crash fixes!
  • Re-enabled crash reporting
  • Added name tag
  • Added tooltips for hay block and lead
  • Horse riding is slower and doesn't glide so much
  • MC-11713 - Unintended debug output to console if .minecraft does not exist
  • MC-13599 - Leash and Hay Bale do not have a name
  • MC-13601 - When going fullscreen, character looks up into the sky and spins around quickly.
  • MC-13610 - Players do not activate Stone Pressure Plates anymore
  • MC-13623 - Nullpointer exception when entering boat / minecart / riding horse
  • MC-13625 - Color of the experience bar while having spawn eggs, enchantment bottles, enchanted books and nether stars in the inventory
  • MC-13627 - When killing a horse you will get a normal saddle back
  • MC-13628 - SMP/LAN: NPE when right clicking horses
  • MC-13638 - Boats do not work in 13w16a
  • MC-13660 - Mobs Become Stuck on Carpet
  • MC-13711 - Icon in the taskbar shows LWJGL default icon while loading Minecraft
  • MC-13870 - New launcher fails to launch on certain linux setups
  • MC-13929 - Mouse cursor no longer snaps back to centre of window after exiting inventories/menus
  • MC-14035 - New Launcher 0.2 not starting on OS X
  • MC-14321 - Carpets obstruct bed spawns / stuck in ceiling after leaving bed
  • MC-14460 - no lwjgl in java.library.path
  • MC-14513 - The new snapshot doesn't run under Linux.

13w16a(Launcher 0.3) - 2013/04/22

Rolled out a new launcher automatically, no need to redownload it. Not much to say about it other than small bugfixes. Yay bugfixes!
  • Added Local Version Editor (NYI) tab to the launcher
    ランチャーに Local Version Editor (NYI)タブを追加
  • Added window to check server status
  • Small bug fixes

13w16a(Launcher 0.2) - 2013/04/19

New launcher has been pushed out, if you were having trouble starting the game then please give it a try now! (You will need to redownload)
  • Added Development Console tab to the launcher
    ランチャーに Development Consoleタブを追加
  • Fixed starting game trouble

13w16a(Launcher 0.1) - 2013/04/18

It’s time for us to release the first snapshot from the development of 1.6.
This version of Minecraft comes with huge changes to the base technology of the game.
For instance, starting from Minecraft 1.6, we will build the game for Java 6 instead of Java 5.
We are also aiming to raise the required OpenGL version to 2.0 (from 1.2 / 1.3, that Minecraft 1.5 and prior versions are using).
Additionally we are working on a new launcher that will support these libraries, and also come with a bunch of new features such as version changing, detailed game settings, and so on.
  • Added horses
    • Ridable by right-clicking them, move with usual movement keys, maximum speed and jump height differ between horses
    • Have various amounts of maximum health, use wheat and carrots to heal them
    • Drop leather when killed
    • Can be bred using wheat - baby horses can be grown using apples, golden apples, wheat, and hay bales.
      小麦を用いて繁殖が可能 - 仔馬はリンゴ、金のリンゴ、小麦、干草の俵で成長させることができる
    • Players can make them jump by holding and pressing the space bar
    • They naturally step up over 1 block, which enables you to walk up hills
    • They can also use ladders, when steered towards them
    • Creation assisted by DrZhark (Creator of the Mo' Creatures mod)
    • There is a Undead and Skeleton version of the horse included in the code, although they require NBT editing to view ingame
  • Added donkeys
    • Like horses, but can carry chests on their back although no inventory is currently available
    • Mules can be obtained by breeding a Donkey and a Horse
  • Added horse armor
    • Exist in diamond, iron and gold variants
    • Crafted with six iron/gold/diamond, and a wool block
  • Added horse saddle
    • Stack to 32
    • Crafted with five leather and three iron ingots
  • Added horse spawn egg
    • When used, a different horse breed is created each time
    • Works like any other spawn egg
  • Added hay blocks
    • Can be placed in all orientations, just like wood
  • Added leads
    • Can be used to bind mobs to fences or lead them around
    • Right click mob first, then right-click fence or right-click the mob again to get the leash back
  • Added carpets
    • Carpets are made using 2 of your desired colors of wool in a horizontal line
  • When riding something, like a mob or a boat, dismounting is only possible using the Sneak key, by default
  • Improved Respiration enchant
    • Now also helps seeing underwater (this depends on the enchantment level, ranging from 1-3)
  • Changed the idea of mob difficulty
    • Regional difficulty: The longer you spend in one area, the harder it gets
    • Scales with difficulty - Items, enchants or AI improve with difficulty
      難易度設定により変わる - 難易度に応じたアイテムエンチャントAIの改良
  • MC-1123 - SMP: Anvils charge level for nothing when using languages other than English
  • MC-4253 - Endermen are rendered hostile if they take environmental damage