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現在のこのページの情報は、Forestry for Minecraft Minecraft 1.4.6)時のものからForestry for Minecraft 4.2.16(for Minecraft 1.7.10)時のものに更新中です。

MOD名 Forestry for Minecraft
製作者 SirSengir
配布場所 1.7.10以降)
前提MOD 【MinecraftForge】
半前提MOD 【BuildCraft】
使用Block ID (35個)
使用Item ID (186個)
関連サイト (公式英語Wiki) (公式英語Forum)


Forestry for Minecraftについて



Version Historyを参照して下さい。

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.8.3
  • Changed: Fertilizer can now be used as bonemeal.
  • Changed: Memorizing research notes now also discovers the resulting species.
  • Changed: Changed power perdition in machines to conform to new BC defaults and increased the minimum power required for input to make sure even low-energy engines can overcome the power loss.
  • Changed: Species are now discovered when analyzing a specimen in tree-/bee-/flutterlyzer. (Binnie)
  • Changed: Still is now meta sensitive. (Binnie)
  • Changed: Worktable will now always craft the Forestry bronze recipe, unless it has been disabled in config.
  • Changed: Logs now rotate according to side they are placed on, not according to view of the player.
  • Bugfix: Fixed stalled biogas engines not losing heat.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused crafting to be impossible in fabricator and worktable if there was a valid itemstack without sufficient stacksize, blocking other valid itemstacks.
  • Bugfix: Fixed leaves not destroying snow when despawning.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which may have caused items registered multiple times in the ore dictionary to not be recognized as crafting equivalents.
  • Bugfix: Putting a stack of circuit boards into electric engines or multifarms will not eat the whole stack anymore.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused bio generators to disconnect from wires on save/reload.
  • Localizations: Several updates to localizations by contributors.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.8.2
  • Changed: Bees requiring hellish biome should now accept all types of nether biomes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed leaves only dropping fruits in orchards or on natural despawn.
  • Bugfix: Fixed bottler not accepting any liquid container.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with naturally nocturnal bees.
  • Bugfix: Fixed engines not outputting to BuildCraft's new wooden conductive pipes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash in the apiarist's pipe gui.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash on cyclic recipes in the worktable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed slightly incorrect size on the carpenter gui.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused stacks in fabricator inventory to be eaten entirely, regardless of actually needed resources.
  • Bugfix: Possibly fixed framerate issues with spectacles on SMP.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused OP mode to handle fertilizer in MultiFarms incorrectly.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.8.1
  • Changed: Some additional API changes for ExtraBees.
  • Bugfix: Research notes should now be able to differentiate between mutations which have the same base species, but different resultant species.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.8.0
  • Added: Spectacles which reveal pollinated leaves. (Crafted with two glass panes and a bronze ingot.)
  • Added: Arborist's Chest.
  • Added: Bee larvae, caterpillars. Caterpillars can be retrieved by hitting the trees they house in with a scoop. (Binnie)
  • Added: 20n, 50n and 100n stamps intended for use as currency. Crafting is disabled by default. If crafting is enabled they use diamonds, emeralds and nether stars (in that order).
  • Added: Config option to common.conf to exclude stamps from crafting by their postage value.
  • Changed: Pollinated leaf blocks do not change colour anymore. Put on spectacles or an apiarist's hat to have pollinated leaf blocks highlighted.
  • Changed: Papayas and dates are now recognized by orchards.
  • Changed: Vindictive, Vengeful and Avenging bees can now be obtained legitimately ingame. Also unnerfed them. They are kindof deadly.
  • Changed: Reduced natural butterfly spawn rate further.
  • Changed: Added a significant portal time for butterflies. Should (hopefully) prevent them from flying into the nether.
  • Changed: Breaking a worktable will not clear its recipe list.
  • Changed: Bronze crafting recipe is now shapeless.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a potential crash in the worktable.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.6.3
  • Added: More butterflies.
  • Changed: Worktable now handles damageable crafting tools (minium stone).
  • Changed: Fruit pods can now be bonemealed. (Binnie)
  • Changed: Catching butterflies is now actually recorded.
  • Bugfix: Ensured that broken fruit leaves don't hang the game.
  • Bugfix: Fixed shift-clicking into internal inventory of the worktable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed papaya and date pods not dropping fruits.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.6.2
  • Bugfix: Fixed handling of container items (buckets) in the worktable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed handling of crafting equivalency (ore dictionary) in the worktable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when the server could not keep up with client clicks in the worktable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a text issue which could occur on tabs.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.6.1
  • Added: Worktable. Remembers the last eight recipes used. Right-click on a memorized recipe to lock it.
  • Added: More butterflies.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when shift-clicking out of an escritoire.
  • Bugfix: Fixed fermenter manager adding broken recipes when a certain API function was used.
  • Bugfix: Added additional check to prevent an ExtraBees crash.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.6.0
  • Added: Escritoire to analyze butterflies, bees and saplings. If you are successful in your research, you have a chance to get hints on future mutations or other loot.
  • Added: Research notes can be right clicked to memorize them. Memorizing a research note will enter the information into your apiarist's chests and other databases.
  • Added: More butterflies. (3 courtesy of MysteriousAges)
  • Changed: Stationary analyzer now accepts butterflies.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue were adding other mods could cause miner backpacks to not pick up certain mod ores. (Thanks to AlgorithmX2!)
  • Bugfix: Fixed rendering and network synch in stationary analyzer.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue loading older carpenters.
  • Bugfix: Fixed planks puchased from a villager placing as a different type.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.4.3
  • Added: More butterflies.
  • Updated: IC2 API.
  • Changed: Only the most common butterfly species are shown in creative menu.
  • Changed: Butterflies now have a minimum cooldown period between pollinations and egg laying.
  • Changed: Butterflies will flee from players. Sneak to creep close enough for the scoop.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the alveary sometimes dropping a seemingly invalid block when broken.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.4.2
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when bees try to pollinate.
  • Bugfix: Fixed butterfly rendering inside item frames.
  • Updated: Localizations by crafteverywhere, VeryBigBro and mariogrip.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.4.1
  • Added: Lepidopterist's chest and backpack.
  • Added: More butterflies.
  • Changed: Butterflies now pollinate tree leaves.
  • Bugfix: Butterflies are less interested in drowning themselves.
  • Bugfix: Removed some orphaned debug output.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.4.0
  • Added: Alveary sieve to filter out pollen collected by bees. Requires woven silk as sieve material. Sieve material is destroyed and needs to be replaced when removing any pollen from the sieve.
  • Added: Fertile pollen. Contains the same genetic information as saplings and can be applied directly to leaves.
  • Added: Butterflies as collectible items. Forestry trees now occasionally spawn butterflies. The type of butterfly spawned depends on several factors, including biome. Butterflies do not yet serve a purpose. They are however pretty.
  • Added: Flutterlyzer to take a look at the genetic traits of butterflies. You cannot breed butterflies yet though, so this serves only informational purposes.
  • Changed: Rewrote certain mutations to be compatible with biome mods. (Rural, Heroic.) (RichardG)
  • Changed: Fixed some textures to reduce seams on render models.
  • Bugfix: Stairs can now be placed upside down.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a carpenter dupe bug.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.2.2
  • Added: Nether quartz to miner's backpack.
  • Added: To builder's backpack: All remaining stairs, slabs, planks, fences, quartz blocks, emerald block, stone walls, candles.
  • Added: To forester's backpack: Remaining logs.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when no matching/active trade stations where found.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when placing a vanilla hopper below a carpenter.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.2.1
  • Added: Use the new mail order catalogue to browse trade stations on your server. Click 'Use' and open a new letter to have the address filled in. Crafted using a stamp and a book.
  • Changed: Increased the default yield on some tree species. Made high yield attainable.
  • Changed: Three letters of any state or size can now be converted to a piece of paper. Use to recycle at will.
  • Bugfix: Bee houses now drop their contents when broken.
  • Bugfix: Fixed title display in trade station gui.
  • Bugfix: Fixed letter gui being cut off at the bottom.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the arborist potentially selling an invalid wood plank.
  • Bugfix: Fixed recipient type being changeable on sent letters.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.2.0
  • Upgraded: Minecraft 1.5.2. (May work on 1.5.1, unsupported.)
  • Added: OP game mode.
  • Changed: Sprite for royal jelly by niel.
  • Changed: Handling grafters differently to re-enable normal leaf drops. A grafter may give an additional sapling now at the usual drop rate.
  • Changed: Boosted proven grafter to 150 uses.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused planting in arboretums to become irregular.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.0.2
  • Changed: Slight boost to output on clockwork engines.
  • Changed: Biofuel is now ethanol.
  • Changed: Ethanol burns at 4 MJ/t in a combustion engine for 60.000 ticks. (Biofuel was 5 MJ/t for 40.000 ticks.)
  • Changed: Bio Generator produces 32 EU/t for 4000 ticks per bucket of ethanol. (Biofuel was 32 EU/t for 2000 ticks.)
  • Changed: Honey is now worth 2 MJ/t in a biogas engine at 10.000 ticks. (1 MJ/t for 10.000 ticks previously.)
  • Bugfix: Fixed still consuming filled cans when running out of empty cans.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crashbug in the treealyzer when a tree with different amounts of tolerances on primary and secondary allele had been bred.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.0.1
  • Added: Sapling rate and yield to sapling tooltips. Extended tooltips on bees and saplings now hidden unless shift is pressed.
  • Added: Papayas and dates can now be squeezed for fruit juice and/or mulch.
  • Bugfix: Vanilla hoppers will now sort liquid cans through farm hatches.
  • Bugfix: Biofuel now replaced by whatever the liquid dictionary returns.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a crash when placing alveary hygroregulators.
  • Bugfix: Fixed registration of analyzer recipes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed mahoe having an incorrect sappiness allele.
  • Bugfix: Fixed treealyzer not rating sapling rate, yield and maturity correctly.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.0.0
  • Added: 5 new bee species.
  • Added: 8 new tree species.
  • Added: Bee house as a low level alternative to the apiary.
  • Added: Clockwork engine. Wind it up for early game energy.
  • Added: Vanilla hopper support to all machines and engines.
  • Changed: Trunk size on trees can now be inherited. That 3x3 cherry tree is now possible!
  • Changed: Internal changes to several machines to improve performance and some interaction with other mods.
  • Changed: Raintank is now an unpowered machine.
  • Changed: Bottler now uses the liquid dictionary to dynamically populate its recipe list.
  • Changed: Seed oil output has been rebalanced, reducing it further on easily obtainable seeds.
  • Changed: Several changes to the default traits of several tree species.
  • Changed: Sapling yield in the fermenter has changed. The amount of biomass produced from a single sapling is now determined by the sappiness trait on it. Saplings without genetic information are treated as though they have lowest sappiness.
  • Changed: Adapted to new vanilla bonemeal behaviour for saplings.
  • Changed: Added squeezable lemons and plums. (Sprites for both by Xizzzy.)
  • Changed: Apple juice is now fruit juice.
  • Changed: Increased the guaranteed drop from apatite by 1. Reduced the minimum world height required for apatite to spawn to 56.
  • Changed: Reduced power requirements for farms a bit.
  • Changed: Reduced fertilizer requirements on some of the more basic farms, including arboretum.
  • Changed: Changed humus degradation behaviour. Now only degrades over time instead of on-growth of a tree.
  • Changed: Drastically increased the potential generations artificial princesses ("swarmer princesses") can reproduce before genetic fatigue sets in.
  • Changed: All work and no play makes the queen a dull girl: Forcing a queen to produce way too fast or trying too hard to mutate her may result in undesireable consequences. (Note: Only applies to outside factors, not to factors inherent in the queen's genetic makeup.)
  • Changed: Minor improvements to treealyzer and to sapling tooltips.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.11
  • Added: Alternate carpenter recipe for letters using six wood pulp.
  • Added: Alternate carpenter recipe for stamps which omits the honey drops, but requires seed oil.
  • Changed: Reduced fertilizer consumption on peat farms 10 -> 5.
  • Bugfix: Fixed two potential NPEs on farms.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a potential crash when opening letter gui.
  • Bugfix: Fixed habitat locator not working.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.10
  • Added: Ops can now "virtualize" trade stations with the '/mail virtualize <tradestation-name>' command. A virtual trade station does not require resources.
  • Added: Genetic saplings as "treeSapling" to ore dictionary. Can now be crafted into IC2 plantballs.
  • Changed: Made more trees support more fruit families.
  • Changed: Increased output rate of farm hatches slightly.
  • Changed: Added bituminous peat as a vanilla fuel source.
  • Bugfix: Backpacks now force close the gui if they are dropped for any reason at all. Unified handling for all items with an inventory.
  • Bugfix: Different types of circuit boards should not accidently stack anymore.
  • Bugfix: Fixed genetic saplings not being recognized as valid vanilla fuel.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.9
  • Changed: Limited iteration of arboretum and mushroom farms to +/- 5 from the tree trunk horizontally.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused arboretums to sometimes "forget" patches.
  • Bugfix: Removed debug log message.
  • Localization: Update to zh_CN by crafteverywhere.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.8
  • Added: Farm Control. Will disable farm sides according to sides with redstone signal. A redstone signal from top or bottom will shut down the whole farm.
  • Added: Craftguide now displays recipes for farm blocks, still, fermenter, bottler. Better use of CraftGuide API. (RichardG)
  • Added: Bare-bones '/mail trades' command.
  • Changed: Crafting of old farms is now disabled by default on new installations.
  • Changed: Farms should now handle their storage more intelligently.
  • Changed: Forestry now auto-ops its fake player. Can be disabled in config. Login of fake player can also be changed in config.
  • Changed: When opening a backpack gui, inventory slots with backpacks in them cannot be manipulated anymore in any way. Behaviour of letters has been changed to match.
  • Bugfix: Capped modification by drought in farms at 2500 %.
  • Bugfix: Energy modifier in game modes should now affect farm gearboxes.
  • API: Changed IFarmListener around a bit for better functionality. Made StructureFarmLogic retrievable.
  • Removed: Automatic display of changelog with version notice. You need to type '/forestry version' if you want to see the changelog now.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.7
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong mushrooms being planted in mushroom farms.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.6
  • Added: Managed and manual mushroom farm. (Apatine Electron Tube)
  • Added: Some basic craftguide integration for carpenter, thermionic fabricator, squeezer and centrifuge.
  • Added: FarmCraftory support for crops and vegetables. Corn is handled in the wheat farm, everything else in the vegetable farm.
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential rare client crashes on Beealyzer, Habitat locator and Treealyzer.
  • Bugfix: Fermenter will respect NBT data now.
  • Bugfix: Fixed slight issues with sand replacement in MF arboretums.
  • Localization: Updates to it_IT by Frantisek-Markov, to zh_CN by crafteverywhere.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.5
  • Bugfix: Fixed dirt not being accepted when piped into a farm set to arboretum.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.4
  • Added: Another Forestry update? Don't be sad, have a cocoa plantation!
  • Added: Disabling the crafting recipes for the old farms will now unlock uncrafting recipes to turn planters and harvesters into 30 new farmblocks. Craft one harvester or planter with a single brick-like block. They block chosen will determine the type of the resulting farmblocks.
  • Added: Facades for BC pipes in all types of logs and planks now available.
  • Added: Support for IC2 rubber trees in the arboretum as well. (Requires an IC2 update.)
  • Added: Config option to switch farms to using a square layout instead of a diamond shaped one. Server side config controls it.
  • Changed: Tweaked apatite world gen slightly.
  • Changed: Removed the requirement of humus from the multifarm arboretum. Plain dirt is now required. The arboretum will mix it with fertilizer and will plant it out as humus.
  • Bugfix: Fixed apiaries not displaying exact temperature and humidity.
  • Bugfix: Wenge and baobab should now be breedable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential NPE on alvearies in SMP.
  • Bugfix: Fixed duplication bug in farms when collecting windfall.
  • Bugfix: Fixed support stems on kapok and meranti stems replacing other blocks.
  • Bugfix: Liquid pipes should now connect to a farm valve even if the farm validates after the pipe was placed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed steadfast drones generating in stacks of ten.
  • Bugfix: ExtraBiomesXL saplings now work in the fermenter.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which would cause an invalid farm block to drop when breaking a farmblock on the metal band level.
  • Bugfix: Hatches do not eject into sandstone pipes anymore.
  • Bugfix: Removed orphaned debug output.
  • Bugfix: Made fruits with random drops instead of ripening useable in orchards. (Apples)
  • API: Mods can now send an IMC with the key "add-farmable-sapling" and format "farmArboreal@saplingID.saplingDamage" or "farmArboreal@saplingID.saplingDamage.windfallID.windfallDamage" to Forestry to add a generic sapling. Will accept damage -1 as wildcard.
  • API: Same as above for "add-farmable-crop" and format "farmCereal@seedID.seedDamage.cropBlockID.cropMatureMeta".

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.3
  • Changed: Alvearies and apiaries now accept the full stack of drones when piping into them.
  • Changed: Orchards now require 10 fertilizer per operation instead of 5. Arboretums 30 instead of 40.
  • Changed: Harvest phase does not consume fertilizer anymore, however actually collecting the crop will, leading to a uniform per crop cost instead of giving an advantage to tree-like crops.
  • Bugfix: Fixed soldering iron eating tubes if a circuit board was inserted first.
  • Bugfix: Fixed sapling placement sounds again.
  • Bugfix: Fixed sipiri tree not actually being breedable.
  • Bugfix: Fixed piping bees into alvearies.
  • Bugfix: Moving an apiary via frames or gravigun should now also reset the biome. (RichardG)
  • Bugfix: Fixed peat-fired engines not ejecting waste into pipes.
  • Bugfix: Fixed stairs not removing associated tile entity when broken.
  • Bugfix: Fixed stair placement consuming two stairs instead of one.
  • Localization: Several updates to ES-variants, CN and others.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.2
  • Added: Low fertilizer triggers for BC gates on farm hatches.
  • Changed: Tied seed oil output for cherries, walnuts and chestnut to seed oil from wheat, with cherries giving 3x, walnuts 10x and chestnut 12x as much.
  • Changed: Reduced ripening time on chestnuts and walnuts.
  • Bugfix: Rubber plantation will now tap resin spots on the lowest wood block as well.
  • Bugfix: Fixed orchard infighting over which fruits are harvestable and which are not.
  • Bugfix: Neutered orchards ability to eat servers.
  • Bugfix: Fixed rare stackoverflow crash on multiblock structures.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which caused extracting from alvearies to break.
  • Bugfix: Fixed fruit colours incorrectly synching to client.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.1
  • Added: 4x4 farm.
  • Added: Config option to disable specific structure schemata.
  • Added: Missing config option for fertilizer value in gamemodes.
  • Changed: Fertilizer lasts longer in farms on easy gamemode.
  • Changed: Back side of engines is now solid.
  • Changed: Farm hatches now output into pipes and inventories below them.
  • Changed: Managed arboretum now uses all the available space.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue that caused BC's emerald pipes to crash.
  • Bugfix: Infernal farm now actually harvests crops and doesn't just sit there looking pretty.
  • Bugfix: Alveary swarmer and hygroregulator properly drop inventory contents when broken.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue which can cause a crash in the treealyzer gui due to old sapling genetics.
  • Bugfix: Fixed infernal farm not starting up without liquid in the tank.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a Java 7 incompatibility.

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.0
  • Added: Multiblock farms with hatches, valves and gearboxes. Can be configured via circuit boards.
  • Added: Added grafter item with 5 uses.
  • Added: Alveary Hygroregulator to control humidity.
  • Added: Stairs for Forestry woods.
  • Added: Seperate tabs for Forestry mod items.
  • Added: BC gate triggers for low soil and liquid on multiblock farms. Low soil will accept an item as a parameter.
  • Added: Rubber plantation for multiblock farms when IC2 is installed. Works similar to an orchard.
  • Added: 5x5 variant of multiblock farms. (Hi CPW!)
  • Removed: Bonus to sapling drop rate on leaves. Use your grafter!
  • Changed: New textures for apatite, apatite ore, fertilizer. Apatite ore now drops between 0 and 5 gems per ore block, works with fortune.
  • Changed: Soldering iron can now switch between different layouts for the electrical engine, managed farms and manual farms. The layout determines the effect of an electron tube.
  • Changed: Bonemeal now works on fruit leaves.
  • Changed: Removed generational data from drones. Should improve stacking behaviour significantly.
  • Changed: Refactored alveary to use single block id. Will update existing apiaries.
  • Changed: Alvearies and farms will now keep their inventory even if broken. Only breaking the master block will eject items.
  • Changed: Alvearies and farms can be owned like any other machine.
  • Changed: New textures for copper and tin ore.
  • Changed: Ore gen slightly. Apatite does not spawn below Y=60 anymore. Copper needs at least Y = 32, tin Y = 16.
  • Changed: Ash cannot be used to create fertilizer anymore. It can be mixed with existing fertilizer to double it though.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that caused fruits to only drop a single time.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some derpy backpack behaviour. (Thanks CovertJaguar!)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a few soldering iron issues when removing chipsets.
  • Bugfix: Fixed some stacking issues with bees. (Thanks Direwolf!)
  • Bugfix: Fixed imprinter.
  • API: Full API to add entirely new farm logic to multiblock farms via circuits or just single crops to existing farms.
  • Localization: Added/Updated PR and CN.


Forestry for Minecraftの導入方法

前提として「MOD解説/MinecraftForge」に従って【Minecraft Forge】を導入する。
  1. modsフォルダの中に、ダウンロードしたForestry for Minecraftをjarファイルのままコピー&貼り付けする。
  2. マインクラフトを起動、ログインしてタイトル画面まで進めたなら導入成功。

  1. 上記の手順に従って、シングルプレイ用にForestry for Minecraftを導入する。
  2. サーバー主側から指定がある場合は、指示通りにコンフィグファイルを修正し、Forestry for Minecraft以外のMODも導入する。
  3. 対象のサーバーにログイン。

前提として「MOD解説/MinecraftForge」に従って【Minecraft Forge】を導入する。
  1. modsフォルダの中に、ダウンロードしたForestry for Minecraftをjarファイルのままコピー&貼り付けする。
  2. サーバーを起動。正常に起動し、MOD内容が反映されていれば導入は終了。


Forestry for Minecraft ver4.2.16
  • ◆Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Minecraft Forge ~

Forestry for Minecraft unstable
  • ◆Minecraft 1.10.2
  • Minecraft Forge ~

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.3.1.1
  • ◆Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Minecraft Forge ~

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.2.8.4
  • ◆Minecraft 1.5.2
  • Minecraft Forge ~

Forestry for Minecraft ver2.0.0.10
  • ◆Minecraft 1.4.7
  • Minecraft Forge ~

Forestry for Minecraft ver1.5.0.2
  • ◆Minecraft 1.3.2
  • Minecraft Forge ~

Forestry for Minecraft ver1.4.8.7
  • ◆Minecraft 1.2.5
  • Minecraft Forge ~











┣ gamemode
┃┣ EASY.conf ・・・ このMODのEASYモード(デフォルト)の各種設定に関する変更
┃┣ NORMAL.conf ・・・ このMODのNORMALモードの各種設定に関する変更
┃┣ HARD.conf ・・・ このMODのHARDモードの各種設定に関する変更
┃┗ OP.conf
┣ apiculture.conf ・・・ 養蜂関連に限定したゲーム全体の各種設定変更のためのConfig
┣ backpacks.conf ・・・ 各バックパックの管轄アイテムを追加するためのConfig
┣ base.conf ・・・ FFMで追加される養蜂パイプ以外の全BlockID&ItemIDの変更を担当
┣ common.conf ・・・ 養蜂以外のゲーム全体の各種設定変更のためのConfig
┗ lepidopterology.conf ・・・ 蝶に関する設定 ( ? )
(┗ pipes.conf ・・・ 養蜂パイプのItemIDの変更のみを担当 BuildCraftが導入されているときのみ生成される。)

apiary.sidesensitive=false trueにすると、養蜂箱からパイプでアイテムを搬出する際、
beekeeping.mode=NORMAL 養蜂に限定したゲーム難易度の変更であり、MOD全体の難易度変更は別なので注意。
なお、変更する際は必ず全て大文字で記載する必要がある。 バニラの赤&黄の花以外に、要求植物Flowerの蜂が花と認識するアイテムを追加する。
雑草(ID 31:1)とカカオ豆(ID 127)を追加する。
species.blacklist= 蜂のSpeciesIDを指定する事で、その蜂が突然変異で出現しないようにする。
【記述例】 species.blacklist=5;6;8;9

backpacks.miner.items= 各バックパックの管轄アイテムをプレイヤー側の指定にて追加する。
【記述例】 backpacks.adventurer.items=33;35:14;390
冒険バックパックにピストン(ID 33)、羊毛・赤(ID 35:14)、植木鉢(ID 390)を追加する。

# block
○○○=xxxx Block IDの追加。個別指定方式。
# Item
○○○=xxxx Item IDの追加。個別指定方式。

crafting.bronze.enabled=true falseにするとFFM側の青銅インゴット作成レシピを削除する。
crafting.farms.enabled=true falseにすると、全ての農業&収穫マシン(林業・泥炭含む)の作成レシピが削除される。
crafting.stamps.enabled=true falseにすると、全ての切手の作成レシピが削除される(郵便箱・交易箱・手紙のレシピは残ったまま)
difficulty.gamemode=EASY MODの難易度をEASY、NORMAL、HARDの3つの中から変更する。
difficulty.dungeonloot.rare=false trueにすると、元々天文学的に出にくいSteadfast蜂が更に出にくくなる。
genetics.invalid.chromosome.clearing=false trueにしておくと、参照データが無効な蜂がワールド上に存在した場合、
harvesters.sidesensitive=true trueの状態では伐採マシンにパイプを接続している場合、
presentation.particleFX.enabled=true falseにすると、養蜂箱の周囲で蜂がブンブン飛ぶエフェクトが発生しなくなる。
performance.backpacks.resupply=true falseにすると、各バックパックのRESUPPLY(自動補給)モードが機能しなくなる。
performance.planter=10 大きい数字にすると林業・農業マシンの作業速度が現在よりも上昇するが、
performance.harvester=200 大きい数字にすると伐採・収穫マシンの作業速度が現在よりも更に上昇するが、
planters.sidesensitive=true trueの状態では林業・農業マシンにパイプを接続している場合、
tweaks.mailalert.enabled=true falseにすると、郵便箱使用時の画面左上の着信通知が表示されなくなる。
(ベル音は鳴る) falseにすると、伐採マシンがリンゴを回収しなくなる。
tweaks.hints.disabled=false trueにすると、各GUIの右上のヒント表示欄が表示されなくなる。
tweaks.energystat.disabled=true falseにすると、各GUIの右上の出力(MJ/t)表示欄が表示されなくなる。
tweaks.tooltip.liquidamount.disabled=true falseにすると、FFMの追加マシンのGUIにおいて液体ゲージにカーソルを合わせた際に、
tweaks.nags.disabled=false GregTech-Addonなど特定の高難度MODを入れていると、ログイン時に警告される。
tweaks.upgradenotice.disabled=false 新しいVersionのFFMがリリースされている場合、ログイン時に通知される。
world.generate.apatite=true falseにすると、以後Chunks生成時に燐灰石の鉱石が配置されなくなる。
world.generate.beehives=true falseにすると、以後Chunks生成時に蜂の巣ブロックが配置されなくなる。
world.generate.copper=true falseにすると、以後Chunks生成時にFFMの銅鉱石が配置されなくなる。
world.generate.tin=true falseにすると、以後Chunks生成時にFFMのスズ鉱石が配置されなくなる。

○○○=xxxx Item IDの追加。個別指定方式。0にすると追加をoffにできる。


energy.demand.modifier= 全てのマシンの作業1回あたりに要する必要MJ量がX倍になる。
1.0 1.25 1.5
fermenter.cycles.fertilizer= 化学肥料1個あたりにつき醸造できる原液量が以下の通りに減る。
EASY=11200mB NORMAL=8400mB HARD=5600mB
200 150 100
fermenter.cycles.compost= 堆肥1個あたりで醸造できる原液量が以下の通りに減る。
EASY=12000mB NORMAL=9600mB HARD=7200mB
250 200 150
fermenter.value.fertilizer= 化学肥料を使用した場合の、1工程につき作り出せる精製後液体の量。
56 56 56
fermenter.value.compost= 堆肥を使用した場合の、1工程につき作り出せる精製後液体の量。
48 48 48
fermenter.yield.sapling= 発酵槽における発酵原料としての苗木の価値。
800 600 400
fermenter.yield.cactus= 発酵槽における発酵原料としてのサボテンの価値。
100 50 20
fermenter.yield.wheat= 発酵槽における発酵原料としての赤キノコ・茶キノコの価値。
100 50 20
fermenter.yield.cane= 発酵槽における発酵原料としてのサトウキビの価値。
100 50 20
recipe.output.fertilizer.apatite= 「燐灰石1+砂2」のレシピから作れる化学肥料の個数。 8 6 5
recipe.output.fertilizer.ash= 「砂1+灰8」のレシピから作れる化学肥料の個数。 2 1 1
recipe.output.compost.wheat=4 「土1+小麦4」のレシピから作れる堆肥の個数。 4 2 1
recipe.output.compost.ash=1 「土1+灰4」のレシピから作れる堆肥の個数。 1 1 1
recipe.output.humus.fertilizer=8 「化学肥料1+土8」のレシピから作れる堆肥の個数。 8 8 8
recipe.output.humus.compost=8 「堆肥1+土8」のレシピから作れる堆肥の個数。 8 8 8
recipe.output.bogearth.bucket= バケツ使用版の泥土レシピから作れる泥土の個数。 6 4 4
recipe.output.bogearth.can= 使い捨て容器版の泥土レシピから作れる泥土の個数。 8 6 5
recipe.output.can= 「錫3」のレシピから作れるカンの個数 12 10 8
recipe.output.capsule= 「蜜蝋3」のレシピから作れるカプセルの個数。 4 3 2
recipe.output.refractory= 「耐火蜜蝋3」のレシピから作れる耐熱カプセルの個数。 4 3 2
squeezer.liquid.seed= 圧搾機で「(各種)種1」から搾れる種オイルの量(単位mB) 20 15 10

EASY 特定の組み合わせで交配した際の突然変異の発生率が飛躍的に上昇する。
NORMAL 通常の養蜂難易度。
HARD 特定の組み合わせで交配した際に突然変異が起きる確率が従来の80%にダウン。
HARDCORE 特定の組み合わせで交配した際に突然変異が起きる確率が従来の50%にダウン。
INSANE 特定の組み合わせで交配した際に突然変異が起きる確率が従来の20%にダウン。



BlockID 1375~1382 1386~1399 1404~1413 1415 1417~1418 、ItemID 5256~5261 5263~5266 5268~5282 13256~13265 13276~13278 13283~13302 13304~13308 13312~13315 13318~13347 13351~13354 13356~13392 13756~13812 にアイテムを追加する他MODを入れていると競合する。

前提に使用する【Minecraft Forge】も非常に競合の原因になりやすいMODである。
また、単純な競合の他に、【Minecraft Forge】本体との互換性問題もある。詳しくは「MOD解説/MinecraftForge」のページも参照の事。


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  • 投稿されているコメントへの返信の際は、返信したいコメント横の○にチェックを入れて返信して下さい。
  • 1.7.10版で、ゴムの真空管がありませんでした。 - 名無しさん 2016-08-28 01:06:08
    • forestry_1.7.10-にはあるのは確認済みです。 - 名無しさん 2016-09-07 00:06:14
  • 全体的にこのMODの解説が古いような・・・いますぐやれとは言いませんがそのうち更新などがあるとありがたいです。 - 名無しさん 2016-10-06 22:00:50
  • Unstableとなっていますが1.10.2版がでていますね - 名無しさん 2017-05-19 21:19:20
  • 1.12では(それ以前から?)green house、温室なるものが存在しています。まだ使い方調査中 - 名無しさん 2017-10-18 21:13:03
  • [.cfg]、[.conf]ファイルはWindows付属のメモ帳で開くと、改行の形が違う為、編集内容を保存してしまうとマイクラッシュします。 - m.s 2017-12-04 18:31:07
  • 深これmodとの連携があり - 名無しさん 2018-01-25 20:51:30
  • 1.12版にてスイカ ニンジン自動農場削除されています - 名無しさん (2018-03-21 01:10:34)
    • にんじん・ジャガイモは小麦に統合されてました - 名無しさん (2018-04-27 22:30:26)
  • 自分だけの環境かな?1.12.2版のマルチファームブロックを設置するとクラッシュしてしまう。 - pne (2019-04-15 17:28:18)
    • どうやら横からGUIを開こうとするとクラッシュしてしまうようです。改良待ちと言いたいところなんですが、FFMが参照している他modのAPIがなくなっているようで、その影響か開発が停止しているようで、解消は望めません... - 名無しさん (2019-09-07 21:57:38)
  • pneさんと同じ症状。うちはマルチでやってるんですが、マルチファーム動いた瞬間にクラッシュ。検証するのに、FFM単体は動くのだけどBC入れたらクラッシュです。 - poka (2019-04-15 20:02:47)
  • ver1.12、現在はBCのパイプがマルチファームに普通に使える様子。オークの木で確認。FfMの更新はないけどBCの更新が今年あったからいけるようになったのかな? - 名無しさん (2020-07-14 22:44:45)
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