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MOD解説/The Twilight Forest/過去の更新情報





◆v2.3.3 (2014年9月18日)

◆v2.3.2 (2014年9月18日)
  • Removed some debug messages related to armor calculation
  • Exclude openblocks graves from structure block protection
  • Fix a server crash with unstable ice core mobs

◆v2.3.1 (2014年9月18日)
  • Fixed a few bugs on the server side
  • Added increased search range for safe portal construction
  • Move new bows into twilight forest creative tab

◆v2.3.0 (2014年9月17日)
  • Added giant blocks and giant structures
  • Added giant pickaxe and sword
  • Added recipes for giant items
  • Added giants (two types)
  • Added uberous soil
  • Moved cloud height to 161 to match generated clouds
  • Added beanstalk
  • Added huge stalk blocks and leaves
  • Made unique texture for aurora pillars & slabs
  • Made unique texture for wispy & fluffy cloud blocks
  • Cloud houses should have 2 non-despawning giants and can spawn more
  • Changed highlands biome to look similar to mega taiga
  • Uberous soil patches generate above troll cave and gardens
  • Added triple bow
  • Added seeker bow
  • Added new rendering effect for fiery pick and sword
  • Make fiery armor also render at full brightness, regardless of ambient light
  • Removed fire aspect enchant from fiery sword, made it innate to the item instead
  • Experiments with making progression-protected biomes more obvious Continual weather effects in protected biomes added
  • Added ice bow
  • Improved ice effect on entities
  • Added ender bow
  • Added ice sword
  • Added glass sword
  • Added stairs onto aurora palace entrance
  • Some decoration in aurora palace entrance
  • Added stable and unstable ice core mobs, with models, effects
  • Added treasure caches to random aurora palace rooms
  • Added snow queen boss With trophy, treasures, effects
  • Added sounds for ice creatures
  • Some internal changes to tree generation to improve performance
  • Turn lake generator off in dark forest, as charming as the weird leaf-lakes are
  • Removed water sources from highlands, unflooding the troll caves
  • Added troll vault with chests
  • Randomized giant cloud layout somewhat
  • Fix a few cave generation and ravine generation glitches
  • Remove trolljos
  • Add trollvidr with trollber
  • Adding some wall decorations to troll caves Added bracket fungi
  • Added several stone formations
  • Added huge mushglooms
  • Get structure protection packets heading out to only the players affected
  • Added structure protection all clear packet
  • Remove old biome danger overlay
  • Remove enforced progression as a mod config file option, add it as a game rule
  • Fix some deadrock textures
  • Retexture troll
  • Add troll attack animation
  • Drew a slightly different icon for fiery tears
  • Add snow queen trophy icon
  • Replace aurora palace map icon with snow queen icon
  • Rewrote several of the achievement descriptions to be clearer
  • Lamp of cinders gives lamp achievement on use as well as pickup
  • Fix mobility flags for giant blocks and thorn blocks
  • Get massive chops achievement working
  • Stop trophy pedestal from unlocking early Only if enforced progression is on
  • Trophy pedestal does not work if no eligible players are nearby
  • Warns nearby ineligible players
  • Updated russian translation, thanks Sto3IV
  • Redo biome dictionary entries for Keybounce
  • Added increased search range for safe portal construction
  • Move new bows into twilight forest creative tab

◆v2.2.2 (2014年7月15日)
  • Experiments to support future areas
  • Auto-assigned biome IDs will now be written back to the config file on load
  • Possibly fixed a crash with CustomOreGen mod
  • Updated Russian translation

◆v2.2.1 (2014年7月12日)
  • Many aurora palace revisions and new rooms
  • Fix trophy item placement using a method that does not break 1.7.10 compatibility
  • Fixed hydra sounds, thanks MamylaPuce
  • Fix so that toggling creative mode properly handles the progression biome overlay
  • Add color to aurora blocks, pillars, slabs in inventory
  • Properly name aurora blocks, pillars, slabs in inventory
  • Switch to a more reliable method of making the boss tower in the aurora palace
  • Remove some debug messages
  • Add hardness, resistance attributes to aurora blocks, pillars, slabs
  • Make standard recipes for aurora pillars & slabs from aurora blocks
  • Fix mosquito sound (oh boy!)
  • Add snow guardian mob (still not finished)
  • Snow guardian wears twilight forest native armors
  • Snow guardian drops snowballs

◆v2.2.0 (2014年6月19日)
  • When you hit a yeti, it becomes angry, otherwise they are fairly benign
  • Fixed bug where the uncrafting table wouldn’t work with damaged items
  • Naga should no longer despawn when idle
  • Fixed a bug where the new feature offsets would mess up things like the maze map
  • Fixed a bad quest ram sound
  • Fixed a bug where the torchberry plant would give extra torchberries when sheared
  • Removed old deprecated AABB methods
  • Added alpha yeti
    • Added ice bomb attack
    • Added rampage with falling blocks
    • Added tired state after rampage
    • Snowflake particles, animations, etc.
  • Added ice bombs for player
  • Added outside spawns in the snow forest
  • Added yeti armor
    • Added custom enchant, chill aura, for yeti armor
  • Added winter wolf to outside spawns in snow forest
  • Added treasure drops to alpha yeti
  • Added progress achievement hooks to unique alpha yeti drops
  • Convert Vec3 methods to be forwards compatible
  • Progression effects should no longer affect players in creative mode
  • Alpha yeti stays inside the lair when possible
  • Made an alpha fur crafting material
  • Made arctic fur crafting material
  • Made arctic armor
  • Regular yetis and winter wolves drop arctic fur
  • Alpha yeti drops alpha fur
  • Ice bombs now freeze/snow the area on impact
  • Redrew ice bomb item
  • Fixed occasional bug with aurora block coloration math
  • Increased alpha yeti experience value
  • Worked on forwards compatibility with 1.7.10
  • Successfully got biome ID conflict detection working
  • Implemented biome ID auto-assigning when config file is blank

◆v2.1.1 (2014年6月14日)
  • Registered all my ingots in the ore dictionary, just in case
  • Restored stronghold shield block unbreakabilty
  • Removed most of the stronghold shield in favor of the new block protection mechanism
  • Set the upper part of the knight stronghold as non-protected
  • Removed mob damage protection from non-protected areas of a structure
  • Fixed a terrain gen bug that was making hollow hill floors out of somewhat more dirt than normal
  • Added login message if there is a biome ID conflict detected
    • Does not seem to be working, will try again next version
  • Testing out an algorithm to send new portals to only “safe” biomes when enforced progression is on
  • Fixed bug where screen overlay would stay on even when the player exited the dimension via portal or other means
  • Fixed cave generation bug, thanks kwerti
  • Fixed mixed up cracked & mossy underbrick names
  • Removed stray example mod

◆v2.1.0 (2014年6月8日)
  • Added biome protection system hooked into progression system
    • Biome protection visuals
    • Overlay appears on the edges of the screen when you are in a protected area
    • Overlay fades in and out depending
    • Added protection to swamps, dark forest and snow/glacier biomes
  • Allowed skeletal druids to spawn in light levels as high as 11, similar to blazes
  • A few fixes making sure the enforced progression config option is respected
  • Revamped achievements related to progressions
    • All working up to the snow forest
  • Changed the ur-ghast’s treasure from fiery blood to fiery tears. Works the same
  • Added some other achievements not directly related to progression
  • Make a separate block ID for dark forest leaves
  • Dark forest canopy generation uses the new block
  • Changed regular dark forest back to dark green coloration
  • Dark forest center gets a redder autumn coloration
  • Area protection system prevents activating (right-clicking) blocks in the protected area
    • Only stops certain blocks likely to have treasure or activate mechanisms
  • Added area protection system tied to progression achivements
    • Created animation for protected areas
  • When certain mobs die, mark the structure they are in as no longer active
    • Natural spawning stops in conquered structures
  • Added /tffeature command to check structure status
  • Fixed a crash bug with the tree of transformation on a dedicated server

◆v2.0.3 (2014年3月10日)
  • Updated terrain generator to support block replacement per-biome
  • Fixed it so that the metadata parameters are respected
  • Added per-biome stone block replacement
  • Thornlands and highlands center replace stone with solid deadrock
  • Fixed crash with rendering knight phantom thrown weapons
  • Made dimension provider ID configurable to work around a MCPC+ bug(?)
  • Added traditional Chinese translation, thanks Likol
  • Added thorn blocks
  • Added generator for thornlands biomes
  • Added lamp of cinders
  • Added thorn roses
  • Added leaves3 block
  • Changed thorns to generate these
  • Added name for thorn leaves
  • Re-added flammability for normal log and leaf blocks
  • Added deadrock
  • Fixes to nagastone rendering, but can’t fix completely due to bugs in 1.7.2 rendering
  • Changed nagastone placement logic to be more similar to log/pillar placement
  • Fix a statistics problem in registering our mob eggs
  • Minor change in dimension registration
  • Fix an error message with the twilight leaves block
  • Updated old language files to new format

◆v2.0.2 (2014年3月4日)
  • Removed stray debug message

◆v2.0.1 (2014年3月4日)
  • Fixed a few more conversion errors with item and block particles
  • Fixed a crash launching the mod on a server
  • Fixed a missing sound with the scepter of life draining

◆v2.0.0 (2014年3月3日)
  • Ported to Minecraft 1.7.2, Forge
    • Added many of the new plants from Minecraft 1.7 to the forest
    • Changed several biome map colors to be a little more evocative of the biome changes
    • Rewrote map packet system
    • Rewrote utility packet system
    • Changed the ore colors on the ore map to the new map colors made specifically for that ore
    • Added placeholder map icons for yeti cave & aurora palace
    • Language system updated
  • Map generation changes
    • 4 regions centered around swamp, snow, dark forest, highlands
    • Added center biomes for highlands and dark forest
    • Giant spruce trees in snow biome
    • Yeti lair prototype in snow biome
    • Added lighted forest biome
    • Added oak savanna biome
    • Hanging lamp gen in lighted forest
    • Oak canopy trees in oak savanna, currently just a metadata swap
    • Dark forest canopy edge is less abrupt
    • Updated terrain generation to support higher generation
    • Added placeholder biome surrounding highlands center
    • Made highlands center higher, close to 128 y
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed the lich’s walk speed
    • Lich’s twilight orbs are very slightly affected by gravity, so they don’t stick around forever if they hit an unloaded chunk
    • Fixed knight phantoms targetting creative mode players
    • Lowered mist wolf sound pitch slightly

◆v1.20.2 (2013年11月11日)
  • Knight Phantoms
    • Changed model
    • Got formation synchronization code working again
    • Added special attacks for 3 different weapons
    • Added particle effects & other special effect
    • Added phantom armor
    • Treasure chest appears when defeated
  • Changed naga and hydra to not target creative mode players
  • Changed fiery pick over from hacky method of changing drops to Forge harvest event
    • Fixes a crash with silk touch
  • Fixed NPE with fiery armor and certain mod-added damage sources
  • Dark forest renovations
    • A changed, more autumnal color scheme
    • Tree changes for a slightly higher “ceiling”
    • Fixed so that mushglooms appear in the dark forest again
    • Added special dark-resistant grasses & dead bush blocks
    • Also pumpkins
  • Started to add new type of brick for stronghold
  • Fixed knightly armor model for sneaking
    • Still need to fix bow and holding item animation
  • Fixed mod initialization methods to use newer FML interfaces
  • Fixed a conflict between charms of keeping and Ars Magica’s soulbound enchantment
  • Fixed some texture map glitches with the minoshroomtaur’s horns
  • Re-added Thaumcraft integration for TC4, thanks to Auric245524 for the aspect suggestions
    • Have not done creatures yet
  • Renamed the new goblin stronghold brick to underbrick
  • Added language entries for new stuff

◆v1.20.1 (2013年10月7日)
  • Aurora palace design & experiments
  • Mushroom tower experiments
  • Updated to Forge 916, which fixes a crucial bug in saving structure data
    • Fixed a bunch of my bugs that were exposed by the Forge bug fix
    • Added no-argument constructors to all structure pieces
    • Added save/load functionality to feature type in the structure
    • Added save/load to a bunch of structure component variables
  • Added aurora block & effects

◆v1.20.0 (2013年9月22日)
  • Added names to all structure components
  • Biome stabilization should ensure that structures are better contained within the biome
  • Experiments with turning off the chunk relight flag
  • Fixed wraiths so that they will spawn properly
  • Updated Russian translation, thanks Sto3IV
  • Fixed a few rendering errors in converting to the latest minecraft version
  • Got magic maps rendering as maps in item frames
    • Also did ore maps
  • Fixed swarm spiders back to lower attack effectiveness

◆v1.19.2 (2013年9月8日)
  • Dimension-specific respawn point set when the player arrives via portal
  • Fixed ghast-type monster health
  • Fixed wolf-type monster health
  • Fixed pinch beetle mechanics, no voluntary dismount, do not display mob health
  • Fixed & changed maze slime texture
  • Fixed ur-ghast damage-related behaviors
  • Cannot silk touch harvest special tower blocks, like reactor debris
  • Skipped 1.19.1 version number since some files in 1.19.0 were already tagged as 1.19.1

◆v1.19.0 (2013年8月4日)
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.6.2
  • Many fixes and code changes related to the update
    • Most code relating to monster speed, health, and damage re-written
    • Entity rendering code refactored
    • Texture code updated to the new system

◆v1.18.2 (2013年6月30日)
  • Changed stronghold shield to surround each room, and only be breakable from one direction
  • Knightly armor with some custom minor armor models
  • Goblin knight spear attack working, with effects, etc.
  • Some changes to stronghold decorations and treasure frequency
  • Started working on knight phantoms boss
    • Getting a frustrating bug, will come back to these
  • Drew inventory items and added code for knightly sword, pick. and axe
  • Added special effect for knightly sword, pick and axe
  • Added tooltips to the translation file
  • Reduced the frequency of goblin knights in the stronghold
  • Increased damage for block-and-chain goblin
  • Added recipes to combine 9 shards into a shard cluster, smelt the shard cluster into knightmetal, and make the knightly items out of knightmetal
  • Changed hedge block to inherit from BlockLeavesBase
  • Added impenetrable shield over the entrance pit
  • Fixed mangrove tree roots to not break the stronghold shield
  • Added or changed drops to armor shards for several stronghold creatures
  • Added enchanted books to treasure chests
  • Treasure chests are occasionally trapped
  • Added trophy pedestal to entrance that must be "unlocked" to gain access
  • Made upper stronghold parts more ruin-like in generation
  • Added code that stops dark tower generation from trying to place the urghast scenery & spawner above the world height limit
  • Possibly fixed java.lang.InstantiationException with fire jet tile entites
  • Limited wood root growth along the horizontal axis
  • Stopped wood roots from destroying important blocks
  • Added map icon for knight stronghold in the “little face” style
  • Added “Out of Order” sign to boss room
  • Added translation entry for Knight Phantom
  • Changed some spawn egg colors to be unique

◆v1.18.1 (2013年5月27日)
  • Added dark forest strongholds with a variety of rooms and decorations
  • Strongholds are divided into upper and lower portions
  • Added Simplified Chinese (zh_CH) localization file, thanks crafteverywhere
  • Changed language loading to load any valid language file in the mod zip instead of just ones that are specifically programmed in
  • Fixed a bug in the expanded nearest feature finder
  • Reactivated old Thaumcraft API support

◆v1.18.0 (2013年5月11日)
  • Rewrote naga segment code, improving the animation
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2 codebase, MCP 7.51 and Forge
  • Fixed an issue where the game will generate twilight forest chunks until it can set a valid spawn point, regardless of whether this is useful behavior
  • Register our biomes with the Forge biome dictionary
  • Made fiery aura enchantment ID configurable
  • Experiments with wearable boss trophies
    • Not actually happening yet
  • Ore magnet now works on nether quartz ore and theoretically other nether ores
  • Re-animated magic tree leaves

◆v1.17.2 (2013年4月29日)
  • Added block and chain goblin
  • Some efforts to reduce client-side lag
    • Make WorldProviderTwilightForest inherit from WorldProviderSurface
    • Disable firefly relight checks
    • Stop Forge biome foliage color event from firing
  • Small birds fly when startled
  • Fixed my monster spawn eggs to support naming mobs in the same way as vanilla eggs
  • Added goblin knight
  • Added helmet crab
  • Portal code refactor/rewrite
  • Fixed portal blocks not breaking completely if one block is broken
  • Allow other entities to pass through the portals
  • Worked on some new plants
    • Moss patch
    • Mayapple
  • Implemented new plant clumping technology
  • Fixed some bugs in the ore meter
  • Refactored stalactite generation in the hollow hills
  • Fixed an out of bounds error on sapling icons
  • Breaking the carminite builder blocks starts the bridge blocks collapsing
  • Carminite reactor effect should destroy fewer “unbreakable” blocks
  • Added maze wafer graphic
  • Added experiment 115, a food item similar to the maze wafer
  • Replaced maze wafers in the dark tower chests with experiment 115s
  • Added moss to fallen hollow log generation
  • Gave each of the twilight forest tree logs their own “cut” side texture
  • Added small fallen logs

◆v1.17.1 (2013年3月30日)
  • Restored nagastone auto-connectivity
  • Ur-ghast rebalancing:
    • Changed from a set number of fireballs to switch phases into an amount of damage taken
    • Also leave tantrum mode after an amount of damage taken
    • In tantrum mode, only take 1/4 normal damage, to encourage trap use
    • Reduce minion health so that they are killed with one decent sword hit
    • Also remove minion loot, since they’re theoretically infinite and easily killed
    • Uncharged traps occasionally make little particles highlighting nearby ghastlings
    • Uncharged traps make a large amount of particles when ghastlings die
    • Uncharged traps make little beeping noises as their charge level rises
  • Reduce normal ghastling health to 15
  • Fixed magic tree effects and generation
  • Added dark tower reactor activation animation, effect, sounds
  • Added names in translation file for reactor effect blocks
  • Removed reactor core section from penultimate floor, since it does too much damage to the boss floor when activated
  • Fixed penguins not having a size value under some conditions
  • Fixed trophy rendering to allow showing “inside” polygon faces - fixes lich trophy
  • Fixed naga armor so that the game is looking in the correct directory for the texture
  • Removed roof decorations from dark tower entrance towers, since they poke through the forest canopy strangely
  • Redrew the magic tree saplings to look like saplings of the tree they grow
  • Redrew a few other saplings to look more like saplings and less like mini trees
  • Redrew magic log special blocks for on and off states
  • Allow turning magic trees off and on by clicking the special block
  • Mangroves ignore the check for water when grown from a sapling
  • Fixed tree of transformation so it grows the special block
  • Added redstone-activated smoke block
  • Added redstone-activated fire jet block
  • Added recipes for the new smoker and fire jet blocks
  • Added names in translation file for the new smoker and fire jet blocks
  • Added leaf dungeons in the hollow twilight oaks
  • Fixed zombies summoned with the zombie scepter to have a proper bounding box
  • Fixed recipes to use the new “match all damage values” value
    • This fixes the moonworm queen refill recipe, the maze/ore map crafting, and some ore dictionary declarations
  • Magic log “special” blocks turn into normal log blocks when harvested
    • You have to plant a new tree to get a new one
  • Gave the quest ram more health
  • Added some new ruins/minor features
    • Quest grove-like ruins (two types)
    • Twilight oak stump
    • Hollow log (in two directions)
    • Changed the minor feature generator from straight random to weighted random
  • Adjusted some weights for the minor features
  • Adjusted leaf dungeon rarity

◆v1.17.0 (2013年3月21日)
  • Updated to Minecraft version 1.5.1
  • Fixed penguins to breed with fish again
  • Moved naga scale armor textures to the proper location in the file
  • Fixed a crash with the uncrafting table
  • Allow crafting a new maze/ore map with a blank maze map, not just a full one
  • Put carminite ghastling spawn egg back in

◆v1.16.1 (2013年5月17日)
  • Fixed ‘mosaic’ typo
  • Fixed the chunk generator yet again to deal with strange biome values in strange places without errors
  • Expanded twilightforest/mapicons.png to have more icons
  • Magic map now occasionally checks and removes bad icons
  • Disabled much of the feature cache/biome marker system
    • The features are in a grid and they will stay that way for the foreseeable future, so let’s just make the code simple
    • Also got magic map working with this
  • Fixed pick block function on darkwood leaves
  • Changed wood root generation slightly to restrict how far they travel in the x or z direction
  • Fixed a crash when repairing unenchanted items at the uncrafting table
  • Made boss spawner for tower boss
  • New model & texture for carminite golem
  • Fixed a bug with the charm of life where carryover damage could throw off the calculations, causing an unprevented death
  • Fixed the enchanted books in tower chests so they work
    • Well, new ones will work anyways
  • Added a config option to disable Twilight Forest portal creation
  • Added a config option to disable the uncrafting function of the uncrafting table
    • A better option would be to allow only vanilla or other unexploitable recipes, but we don’t have the technology
  • Upgraded code to Minecraft 1.5
  • Changed minoshroomtaur texture so that the head doesn’t overlap the body
  • Moving all the textures to new locations, watch out texture pack makers
  • All blocks seem to have correct textures
    • Except the animated leaves, need to re-animate those
  • Made a food item class with methods to make it look like another food
  • All items seem to have correct textures
  • Moved sounds to the ‘mods/twilightforest/’ folder
  • Refactored the boss spawner block code
  • Changed redstone ore in dark tower experiment floors to redstone blocks
  • Fixed a particle bug with dark tower boss tears
  • Added dark tower boss spawner somewhere near the proper location
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Disabled Thaumcraft API check
  • Renamed boss to the Ur-ghast
    • Lots of boss revisions, basically making it functional
  • Updated trap textures to include a lid texture
  • Boss spawns a treasure chest when dead
  • Fixed charm effect rendering
  • Removed a bunch of debug messages
  • Added carminite and borer essence textures
  • Added recipes for
    • Carminite
    • Vanishing block
    • Encased towerwood
    • Reappearing block
    • Builder block
    • Carminite reactor block
  • Added textures for carminite reactor
  • Changed map icon for tower to have a tiny ur-ghast icon
  • Got trophies rendering for naga, lich, ur-ghast
  • Made icons for the new trophies
  • Old bosses drop the new trophies when killed
  • Added entries in the translation file for the new trophies
  • Set proper block bounds for new trophies
  • Set better spawn egg colors for a bunch of recent monsters
  • Went through creative menu, added some blocks, removed a few others

◆v1.15.4 (2013年3月2日)
  • Fixed anti-builder so it will replace its own replacement blocks
  • Reappearing blocks respond to redstone pulses
  • Implemented a variety of tower room themes in the main towers
  • Several types of floors in the smaller towers as well
  • Added entrance floor
  • Fixed the fiery pickaxe so it can harvest obsidian.
  • Added russian translation (thanks Sto3IV)!
  • Hostile wolves and mistwolves are appropriately marked as enemies of the player and friendly iron golems, etc, will attack them
  • Fixed tower golems so they move their arms appropriately when not attacking
  • Gave tower golems more health and armor
  • Actually turned the new AI functions on for the tower golem, yay
  • Set tower golems to do regular type mob damage instead of iron golem mega random damage
  • Changed some internal values on the mini ghast model
    • Tentacles no longer poke through floor
    • Can now look up and down
  • Many revisions to the (renamed) carminite ghastspawn & carminite ghastguard ghasts
  • Redrew tower broodling skin (now named carminite broodling)
  • Optimized tower broodling spawning methods to spawn more
  • Changed some of the treasure tables
  • Fixed a bug putting some of the wrong items in “basement” treasure boxes
  • Added charcoal to ovens on the forge level
  • Added german translation (thanks Speedy1505)
  • Removed a few duplicate lines from the translation XML file (thanks again Speedy1505)
  • Shoved tower snowman into the “never happened” file
  • Changed anti-builder replacement blocks to be breakable like glass
  • Refactored tower ghasts to use some of the new AI I added for mini ghasts
  • Some experimental spawn rate adjustments to make up for the tower’s verticality
  • Set up some of the boss fight area
  • Added a boss placeholder
  • Stopped a crash in chunk generation due to erratic biome values
  • Prevented a few crashes when the naga thinks it has more segments than the maximum
  • Fixed a bug with the feature cache when the biome IDs are above 128
  • Finally figured out why I was getting blank major features every so often and changed them to small hills
  • Added squid ink to the “junk” list for generating treasure
  • Slight change in the floor at the top of a large tower to make the fourth door more accessible
  • Added recipe for towerwood planks
  • Added towerwood planks to the forge ore dictionary, so they can act as planks in most other recipes
  • Slightly changed reappearing block texture to differentiate it from vanishing block better
  • Added ‘timed-out’ texture to builder block
  • Renamed some tower monsters and took off some [WIP] tags
  • Revisions to king spider texture and AI
  • Fixed stray black pixel on mushgloom texture
  • Redrew tower key
  • Fixed quest ram noises & added sheep step sound
  • Made it so that tower keys return to the player’s inventory when the player dies
    • Not totally happy with this, but let’s try it
  • Ingredients with a container item (like bucket of milk) are marked as damaged in the uncrafting table and cannot be uncrafted
  • Also blocked UU-Matter from being uncrafted (need to test this)
  • Changed translucent tower block material to glass so that it blocks water flowing
  • Reappearing blocks briefly shed light like vanishing blocks when activating
  • Can’t harvest anti-builder blocks
  • Added temp versions of the blocks & items I foresee needing
  • Increased ghastguard health
  • Revised tower borer skin, AI, drops, other things
  • Fixed connection between large tower middle section and top floors
  • While recrafting at the the uncrafting table, check to see if each enchantment can be applied to the resulting item before transferring it

◆v1.15.3 (2013年2月16日)
  • Refactored some tree/object generation code to contain less state
  • Fixed tree generation code to work at higher altitudes
  • Fixed dark forest tower generation to just deliver a warning if it can’t find four potential key towers instead of crashing
  • Rewrote some sections of the feature caching/determination
    • Now storing some info in the chunk NBT data instead of trying to mark it in bedrock metadata
    • Caching/retrieval should work better
  • Changed around mod initialization a little, moving some things from the pre-init section to the proper init section
  • We now check if Thaumcraft is loaded before we attempt to register values, hopefully saving some possible errors
  • Some changes to make dimension initialization more compatible
    • Changed default provider ID to -777, where hopefully it won’t conflict with anything ever
    • Moved dimension initialization into mod post-init phase
    • We now check if the configured dimension ID is being used, and if not, we move to a backup dimension ID (-777)
    • Obviously, this won’t work if there is another mod waiting until the last moment to initialize as well
  • The server now sends a packet with the dimension ID when a client is connecting. If the client has a different dimension ID set for the Twilight Forest, it is temporarily changed
  • Added some code to make a warning if a biome ID conflict is detected
  • Localization support
  • Changed some blocks, like the cicada, that only have one dropped item back to ItemBlock drops from ItemBlockTFMeta
  • Added a configuration option to change the twilight forest world seed
  • Removed some of the biome generator bad data warning messages since I am out of ideas on how to fix the bug
  • Fixed a possible crash in the chunk provider
  • Possibly fixed a crash in the uncrafting table, with certain types of ore recipes
  • Fixed pick block on twilight forest plants

◆v1.15.2 (2013年2月10日)
  • Implemented new technology to give my structures multiple spawn lists
    • Turned off spawning on tower roofs
    • Turned off spawning in labyrinth treasure rooms
    • Removed torches from dead end treasure rooms
  • Added tower ghasts that spawn outside the tower
  • Changed around tower wood hardness, resistance & flammability a little
  • When tower ghasts are near a tower, they will stay near that tower
  • Skeleton druids
    • Fixed a problem with the robe model
    • Changed the item they drop to torchberries
    • Made skeleton druids also drop bones when killed
    • Added undead attribute
    • Switched their AI / attacking methods to some more recent ones
    • Fixed their sounds to use newer skeleton sounds
    • Druid nature bolt now potentially bonemeals grass it hits
    • Fixed breaking animation on nature bolt impact
  • Added a few alternate tower wood textures
  • Used spawner NBT tags to restrict the amount of mini ghasts spawning in the wooden beam mazes
  • Potentially prevented a lich crash when it takes damage from a null entity
  • Added tower block builder
  • Added block builder obstacle course
  • Added un-builder blocks
  • Added redstone lamp cluster decorations
  • Revised floor/center ratio in the large towers
  • Added entrance towers
  • Invented a new technology which marks a certain number of the smallest towers to generate keys in their treasure
  • Cleaned up some recipe results, fixing a bug where crafted uncrafting tables would have a metadata value of 1 instead of 0
  • Made it so that the moonworm queen can be refilled after any amount of use
  • Added a dispenser behavior for my monster spawn eggs
  • Began adding treasure rooms to the dead-end towers
  • Some revisions to the monster spawn list
  • Added tower iron golems
  • Added tower broodling, like a stronger swarm spider
  • Added tower termites, very similar to stronghold silverfish
  • Infested towerwood now spews out termites
  • Mini ghasts now follow most normal mob spawning restrictions, instead of ghast restrictions
  • Fixed tower ghasts to properly stay near their tower
  • Minor refactoring to swarm spider & hedge spider spawn light level checking
  • Towers now properly generate a locked door going to the next tower
  • Added & implemented tower keys, which generate in the proper towers
  • Implemented mob skull size hydra trophy
  • Added reappearing blocks in the entrance tower doors
  • Tweaked tower map icon
  • Added several new types of dark tower roof decoration
  • Added tower balconies to some towers
  • Refactored door code a little to support multiple types of doors (vanishing, reappearing, locked)
  • Added temp skins to tower monsters
  • Marked tower monsters [wip]
  • Gave temp mob egg colors to tower monsters
  • Gave the tower key item a temporary icon
  • Marked inactive reappearing blocks as able to be harvested
  • Changed a few cases where I was returning null instead of an empty spawn list (thanks, Davidee)
  • Added a configuration option for admin-only portals
  • Stopped skeletal druid projectiles from transforming things they shouldn’t
  • Removed [NYI] tag from hydra trophy, since it’s there, and removed [WIP] tags from the tower device blocks I am happy with
  • Also removed [WIP] from wolf of the mists, since they’re working as intended

◆v1.15.1 (2013年1月19日)
  • Lots more stairs in the dark forest towers
  • Beam parkour mazes in tower centers
  • Mini ghasts spawn in the beam mazes
    • Need tweaking/texturing still
  • Experiments with antennas/transmitters
  • Fixed a bug affecting magic maps on the server
  • Restructured some of the dark tower construction methods to remove some of the state from the StructureComponent object
  • Made tower wood blocks somewhat less hard
  • Fixed another glitch that would change one sapling into another

◆v1.15.0 (2013年1月12日)
  • Lots of work on four "magic" trees, to be found as treasure
    • Still some glitchiness with the tree of transformation and sorting tree
    • Sorting tree can crash servers, need to extract private values to replace client-only getter method
    • Tree of transformation seems to interact strangely with tileentities
    • Still need a few final textures
    • Also would be nice to "turn off" the game effect, even if it means not having full trunk placement options for the special blocks
  • Fixed a bug (or two) where maps would get incorrect ID numbers and possibly overwrite existing maps or other weirdness
  • Fixed a bug where changing recipe sizes would leave leftover items able to be picked up on the uncrafting table
  • Added warning to [WIP] block tooltip
  • Added a few more valid internal values to the recharge recipe for the zombie scepter

◆v1.14.0 (12月21日)
  • Minecraft 1.4.6 および MinecraftForge 以降に対応。
  • 追加:新動物「ホタル(Firefly)」。コウモリの黄昏の森Dimensionで、湧き条件や行動パターンもコウモリのを流用している。
  • 追加:新モンスター「ミストウルフ(Wolf of the Mists)」。闇の森バイオーム限定で出現する。
  • 追加:新モンスター「キングスパイダー(KingSpider)」。闇の森バイオーム限定で出現する巨大な蜘蛛。
  • 追加:最近のアップデートで新しく追加された原木・葉・苗木をForgeの鉱石辞書に登録。
  • 追加:クリエイティブモードのインベントリにTwilightForest専用のタブを用意した。
  • 変更点:凶暴オオカミを飼い慣らしたり交配したり回復したりできないようにした。
  • 変更点:黄昏の森Dimensionにおいて地下要塞が生成されなくなった。
  • 変更点:ホタルとセミの設置音&撤去音を変更
  • 変更点:瓶詰めホタルに関して、瓶の中で蛍の光が動き回るアニメーションを復活させた。
  • 変更点:マップ上におけるホタルの配置コードを改善。

◆v1.13.2 (12月16日)
  • 追加:新樹木「レインボーオーク」およびその苗木を追加。魔法の森バイオームにのみ自生する葉がカラフルな樫の木。
  • 変更点:孔雀扇を使って二段ジャンプできるようになった。ただし落下ダメージは無効化されない。
  • 変更点:空の色を以前までよりも約10%ほど暗くした。
  • 変更点:鍵の護石Lv1において、死ぬ直前に手に持っていたアイテムを検索するシステムがより改善された。
  • 変更点:他MOD等により、死亡時に所持品をばら撒かなくなる効果が有効になっている場合、鍵の護石は発動しないようにした。
  • 変更点:ポータルでの転移時、毎回同じ座標に転送されるのではなくポータルの外周のランダムな場所に転送されるようになった。
  • 変更点:ネザーやジエンド等、「地上世界」と「黄昏の森」の2つのDimension以外では黄昏の森へのポータルを作れなくなった。
  • 変更点:鉱石磁石の耐久値が25→13に半減し弱体化された。
  • 変更点:対象範囲内の鉱石の引き摺り出し中であっても、耐久値が0になった瞬間鉱石磁石が即座に壊れるようになった。
  • 変更点:亡霊鉱山のトレジャーチェストから見つかるナーガの鱗の数&頻度を減らした。
  • 変更点:リッチタワーにおける旧仕様版の木材(樫)の半ブロックを、新仕様版の木材(樫)の半ブロックに置き換えた。
  • BugFix:解体作業台においてアイテムを解体して耐久値のあるアイテムが戻って来た際、耐久値がおかしくなる不具合を修正。
  • BugFix:命の護石が発動に際してプレイヤーに致死ダメージが与えられたかどうかを判断する際に、
  • BugFix:ピンチビートルが何かを拘束した状態ではその場で停止し動き回らなくなる不具合を修正。
  • BugFix:直射日光の当たっている場所では生垣蜘蛛と群れ蜘蛛がプレイヤーに襲い掛からない不具合を修正。
  • BugFix:生垣迷路の生垣の上を歩いてもプレイヤーがダメージを受けない不具合を修正。
  • BugFix:Dimensionを転移した際に、Expの量が正常に更新されない不具合を修正。
  • BugFix:特定の条件下において、バイオームが縞模様状にまだらに配置される不具合が修正された。

◆v1.13.1 (11月26日)
  • リッチタワーの構造の改良
    • 一つのリッチタワーの総部屋数を増やし、かつ各支塔の屋根部分の装飾を簡略化した。
    • タワー内の更に多くの木製ブロックを、可能な限り樫製から白樺製に置き換えた。
    • 中央塔の壁に絵画が配置され、また中央の橋部分にはスポナーブロックが置かれるようになった。
  • リッチの改良
    • アンデッド属性を持つようになり、エンチャント「Smite」の効果対象になった。
    • 金色の盾の枚数が4枚から5枚に増えた。また落下ダメージや窒息ダメージも無効化するようになった。
    • 第2形態移行後、一定時間経過で自ら剣を取って戦う第3形態に移行するようになった。
    • 第1~第2形態時は、攻撃(or盾の破壊)を受けると高確率で短距離テレポートして逃げるようになった。
    • 新たな攻撃手段「ファイアボール」。剣で打ち返せず、従来のマジックミサイルに交えて撃ってくる。
    • 魔法の予備動作が追加された。青い光が散ればマジックミサイル、赤い火の粉が散ればファイアボール。
    • リッチに召喚された下僕ゾンビは、高確率で金防具フル装備で召喚されるようになった。
  • 魔法の地図の改良
    • 白紙状態の魔法の地図各種がスタック可能になった(マップ記載後は従来通りスタック不可)
    • 魔法の地図3種の複製レシピを追加(※書き直しではなく、バニラの地図と同じく既存の地図の複製)
    • 魔法の地図(鉱石)が、エメラルド鉱石を緑ドットで表示するようになった。
    • 魔法の地図(鉱石)が、他MODで追加されたOreという名前のつく鉱石も赤ドットで表示するようになった。
    • アイコンにカーソルを合わせた際、各魔法の地図のマップ番号(#0~)が表示されるようになった。
    • 代わりに魔法の地図内の右上のマップ番号表記を削除した。
    • 魔法の地図(鉱石)の作成の実績(Achievements)が機能していなかった不具合を修正。
  • 金床&解体作業台の改良
    • バニラの金床で、このMODで追加される全てのツール&アーマーが修理可能になった。
    • 解体作業台でバニラのツールが修理(Repair)&変換(Remake)できなくなっていたのを修正。
    • 解体作業台での修理(Repair)に要する経験値コストをバニラの金床に準拠させた。
    • 解体作業台がForgeの鉱石辞書にも対応し、通常クラフトと同様にアイテムを作成できるようになった。
  • Configに蝉の鳴き声をOffにする項目を追加。うるさくてゴメンね。
  • 迷宮スライムがうるさかったので少し静かにした。
  • スライムビートルの粘液弾の連射速度が2倍になった。なにこの防具なしだと近寄れない固定砲台。
  • 亡霊鉱山(大)にはエンダーマン&各種ビートルのスポナーブロックが配置される確率が高まった。
  • 生垣ブロックは、こうもりのような感圧板が反応しないモブに対してはダメージを与えなくなった。
  • 間欠炎ブロックとヒドラの火炎放射の火の粉パーティクルが、間にある実体ブロックに遮断されなかったのを修正。
  • 迷宮ウエハースの満腹度回復量が4.0→2.0に弱体化された。
  • 各種の護石が発動した際の視覚的に分かりやすいエフェクトを追加した。

◆v1.13.0 (11月16日)
  • Minecraft 1.4.4 および MinecraftForge 以降に対応
  • Minecraft 1.4.5 および MinecraftForge 以降でも継続して動作。
  • TwilightForest固有の各樹木に「苗木」を追加(林冠樹、マングローブ、トワイライトオーク、ダークウッド)
  • 新アイテム「魔法の粉(Transformation Powder)」。亡霊鉱山(小)・(中)・(大)のトレジャーチェストからのみ入手。
  • 新アイテム「鉱石磁石(Ore Magnet)」。亡霊鉱山(小)・(中)・(大)のトレジャーチェストからのみ入手。
  • 新アイテム「鍵の護石Lv1(Charm of Keeping) I」。様々なダンジョンのトレジャーチェストから入手。
  • 新アイテム「鍵の護石Lv2(Charm of Keeping) II」。Lv1の鍵の護石4つをクラフトで作成。
  • 新アイテム「鍵の護石Lv3(Charm of Keeping) III」。Lv2の鍵の護石4つをクラフトで作成。
  • 新アイテム「命の護石Lv1(Charm of Life I)」。主に亡霊鉱山(大)のトレジャーチェストから低確率で入手。
  • 新アイテム「命の護石Lv2(Charm of Life II)」。Lv1の命の護石4つをクラフトで作成。
  • 新アイテム「山鳴りの角笛(Crumble Horn)」。霊羊の遺跡で、色食みの羊のクエスト達成時の報酬としてのみ手に入る。
  • 新アイテム「孔雀扇(Peacock Feather Fan)」。亡霊鉱山(中)のトレジャーチェストからごく稀に手に入るスーパーレア。
  • 新アイテム「女王月光虫(Moonworm Queen)」。亡霊鉱山(大)のトレジャーチェストからごく稀に手に入るスーパーレア。
  • 新ブロック「月光虫(Moonworm)」。松明と同じ明るさLv14の照明。上面・側面だけでなく、ブロックの下面にも設置できる。
  • 新たなレアアイテムも加えて、各ダンジョンのトレジャーチェストの抽選内容を刷新した。
  • 亡霊鉱山は(小)・(中)・(大)に応じて、それぞれ配置されたトレジャーチェストの中身が異なるようになった。
  • 亡霊鉱山(大)限定で、エメラルド鉱石が少量配置されるようになった。
  • 迷宮スライムのテクスチャをより石レンガっぽいものに変更。
  • ダークウッドの原木の色合いが僅かに暗くなった。
  • 3種類のビートルに対して虫特攻(Bane of Arthropods)のエンチャントが効果を表すようになった。
  • ピンチビートルを右クリックすると騎乗できてしまっていた不具合を修正。
  • レッドキャップ(通常)の装備武器&落とすレアを、樹鉄つるはし→鉄つるはしに修正。
  • ラビリンスで入手したメイズブレイカーに本来あるべきFortune IIのエンチャントがついていなかった不具合を修正。

◆v1.12.3 (11月14日)
  • 新モンスター「工兵レッドキャップ(Redcap Sapper)」。亡霊鉱山にのみ出現。
  • 新モンスター「迷宮スライム(Maze Slime)」。ラビリンスにのみ出現。
  • 新モンスター「ファイアビートル(Fire Beetle)」。主にラビリンス、亡霊鉱山(中)、亡霊鉱山(大)に出現する。
  • 新モンスター「スライムビートル(Slime Beetle)」。主にラビリンス、亡霊鉱山(中)、亡霊鉱山(大)に出現する。
  • 新モンスター「ピンチビートル(Pinch Beetle)」。主にラビリンス、亡霊鉱山(中)、亡霊鉱山(大)に出現する。
  • ラビリンスの入口が野原のど真ん中に露出しているのではなく、小山の中に覆い隠されるようになった。
  • ラビリンスが草原(Twilight Clearing)バイオームだけでなく、その境界域である(Clearing Border)にも生成されるようになった。
  • レイスのモデリングが微妙に変化。より王冠が目立つようになった。
  • 瓶詰めホタルの描画が僅かに変更。
  • レッドキャップの通常ドロップアイテムが魔法の金貨から石炭に変更。
  • 魔法の金貨はレッドキャップ/レッドキャップ工兵/ミノタウロスのレアドロップでしか出なくなった。
  • レッドキャップ/レッドキャップ工兵/ミノタウロスを倒した際、
  • 魔法の羽根のレシピ変更。作成難易度が緩和された(ブレイズパウダーの代わりにトーチベリーを使用)
  • 魔法の地図3種の書き直しレシピが削除され、同じ地図を何度も使い回せなくなった。
  • このMODの原木がMinecraftForgeの鉱石辞書に原木として登録された。
  • 解体作業台のGUI内で加工時にShift+クリックでアイテムを取り出すと、
  • 葉鋼の剣のエンチャントが「ドロップ増加2(Looting II)」でなく「幸運2(Fortune II)になっていた不具合を修正。

◆v1.12.2 (11月5日)
  • リッチタワーはもはや地面に埋まらず、各バイオームごとの標準高度に沿って生成されるようになった。
  • リッチタワーの中央塔と支塔を繋ぐ連絡橋の生成が、より的確に行われるようになった。
  • マップ上に存在しないリッチタワーが表示されることがある不具合を修正。
  • 1.12.0~1.12.1で発生していたモンスターの多重スポーンバグを修正。
  • 1.12.0~1.12.1で発生していた解体作業台のGUIを開くとクラッシュする不具合を修正(ただしシングルのみ)

◆v1.12.1 (11月1日)
  • ミノタウロスの効果音を1.4.2の牛の効果音に合わせて変更した。
  • コウモリが各ダンジョンおよび闇の森バイオームに湧くようになった。
  • ミノタウロスの斧のアイテムアイコンを金製からダイヤ製に変更。
  • ConfigファイルにDimensionIDを変更できる項目を設けた。
  • ForgeModLoaderのデバッグキャッシュにおけるエラーメッセージのスパムが減るような修正を加えた。
  • 魔法の地図(迷宮)の描画範囲を元に戻した(128x128 → 100x100)

◆v1.12.0 (10月25日)
  • Minecraft 1.4.2 および MinecraftForge以降 に対応。
  • BlockIDの使用数が3増えて2160~2177になった。
  • レシピ指定ミスで焦熱の剣が作成できず、代わりに樹鉄の剣が作成されてしまう不具合を修正。
  • ナーガストーンの種類が頭と尾の2種類のみに統一された。
  • ナーガストーン(尾)を並べて設置した際、バニラのフェンスや階段同様、自動で適切に連結するようになった。
  • Configファイル内の項目の並び順を整理。
  • 各種の魔法の地図(地上、迷宮、鉱石)を作成した際、最初に白紙の地図(Blank Map)が作成される方式になった。
  • ボスの描画およびHPバーの描画に関して、Client⇔Server間での同期が的確になるようコードを書き換え。
  • ヒドラの再生開始タイマーを30秒から50秒に変更。ナーガは30秒のまま据え置き。
  • ヒドラが自身の真上にいるターゲットに対しては火球ブレスを使用しなくなった。
  • 鹿から牛の足音の効果音を削除。
  • ミノタウロスに牛の足音の効果音を追加。
  • ミノタウロスのミノ肉ドロップ数が0-2(期待値1.0)から0-1(期待値0.5)に下方修正された。
  • ミノ肉(生)の満腹度回復量が1.5から1.0に、ミーフステーキの満腹度回復量が4.0から3.0に下方修正された。
  • ラビリンスの入口(地上側)に大部屋の廃墟が1部屋分生成されるようになった。
  • ラビリンスの宝物庫の内部に松明が設置された。
  • ゾンビ召喚の杖の充電に、力のポーション<I>だけでなく<II>や<延長>も使えるようになった。
  • ゾンビ召喚の杖を使用した際の効果音が正常に鳴らなかったのを修正。
  • ミノッシュルームを倒した際のExpオーブ量が10→100に増加。
  • 樹鉄の素を精錬した際に、樹鉄の素1個から生成される樹鉄インゴットの数が1→2に増加した。
  • スケルトンドルイドのモデリングが僅かに変更、両手を下ろした状態になった。
  • ナーガアーマー作成の実績が正常に解除されなかった不具合を修正。


















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