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MOD解説/Immersive Engineering

Immersive Engineering 0.12-84 for Minecraft 1.12.2 のものへ編集中です。

MOD名 Immersive Engineering
製作者 BluSunrize, malte0811
配布場所 https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/immersive-engineering
前提MOD 【Minecraft Forge】
使用BlockID *~*(*個)
使用ItemID *~*(*個 )


Immersive Engineeringについて



Version 0.12-85

Version 0.12-84 - BUILT
  • Changed handling of Potions in the mixer: (BluSunrize)
    • Now supports MixPredicates as well as custom brewing recipes
    • Shows properly in JEI, based on Potion output, rather than input
    • Bottling recipes are consistent, anything you can mix, you can bottle (ideally)
    • Added tooltips to Potion fluids to show which mod added the PotionType
    • Added compat for KnightMiner's Inspirations, allowing their Splash and Lingering bottles to be filled
  • Added a separate JEI Handler for Arc-Recycling (BluSunrize)
  • Added a particle trail to Minecarts that use fancy shaders (e.g. IKELOS) (BluSunrize)
  • Added the ability to pop Balloons by hitting them with a Projectile (BluSunrize)
  • Added Shader Particles to the Railgun and Drill (BluSunrize)
  • Added a "Noise" component to the revolver, which will make it attract nearby mobs when fired (BluSunrize)
    • Adding a bit of a stealth/survival aspect
    • Probably not super impactful in normal singleplayer, but could be fun for pack makers
    • This will play into a larger customization system for the Revolver, to be implemented in the future
  • Re-Added some shader textures that got lost in the 1.11 update (BluSunrize)
  • Changed Arc-Recycling to run in init and be overall cleaner (Malte)
  • Changed the recipe for Vacuum Tubes to use Nickel Plates (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed compatability with ActuallyAdditions and AttainedDrops (Shadows-of-Fire)
  • Fixed out-of-thread call to JEI functions causing crashes (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed depth-rendering issues in JEI handlers (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed shiftclicking on IE's containers (BluSunrize)
  • Translations Added/Updated: zh_cn (DYColdWind)

Version 0.12-83 - BUILT
  • Added the Extracting Conveyor. It pulls from inventories like a Hopper (BluSunrize)
  • Added even fancier Shaders with pulsing colours and dynamic rendering. Quite open for addon devs, too! (BluSunrize)
    • Added the IKELOS shader to make use of this
  • Added maps to the vanilla Catographer which lead to Mineral Veins (BluSunrize)
  • Added a config option to disable all use of the stencil buffer for old Intel GPUs (Malte)
  • Added normal tools (Axe, Pick, Shovel, Sword) made from Steel and Treated Wood. Good durability & efficiency, iron harvest level (BluSunrize)
  • Added a new rarity, "Masterwork". Currently only for Shaders (grabbags gained from secret advancements) but will have more use in the future! (BluSunrize)
  • Changed ItemRouters to allow pulling as well, allowing for filtered extraction (BluSunrize)
  • Changed BlastFurnace to not start using a new piece of coke if there is nothing left to smelt (Malte)
  • Changed the Excavator's Mineral Veins to consider the chunks in a radius of two around them, to avoid duplicate veins (BluSunrize)
  • Changed Chemical Thrower to factor in player-momentum to projectiles (TeamSpen210)
  • Fixed wires sometimes leaving behind the damage sources when broken (Malte)
  • Fixed the TConstruct compat module failing (Malte)
  • Fixed Hammers and Wirecutters to be properly repairable (Malte)
  • Fixed Wirecutters to be enchantable (Malte)
  • Fixed texture and model errors being spammed (Malte)
  • Fixed dropping conveyor spawning countless fake items in certain setups (Malte)
  • Fixed conveyors causing infinite loops in rare cases (Malte)
  • Fixed a crash when breaking a connector after dying (Malte)
  • Fixed wires connected to transformers breaking when they shouldn't (Malte)
  • Fixed horizotal wires on the breaker switch (Malte)
  • Fixed crashes with the Core Sample Drill in some dimensions (Malte)
  • Fixed pipes accessing the world from wrong threads (Malte)
  • Fixed a dupe bug (Malte)
  • Fixed the skyhook for vertical wires (Malte)
  • Fixed placing blocks against pipes not working as expected (Malte)
  • Fixed the garden cloche accepting any item into the fertilizer slot (Malte)
  • Fixed the workbench creating excess items (codewarrior0)
  • Fixed obstructed connections not rendering properly in LAN worlds (JamiesWhiteShirt)
  • Fixed Razor Wire not having collision on upper wall section (TeamSpen210)
  • Fixed Arc Furnace recycling being broken (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Squeezer and Fermenter not updating the GUI when filling buckets (BluSunrize)
  • Improved log output when a compat module fails (Malte)
  • Translations Added/Updated: ja_jp (iceink001), ru_ru (kellixon ), zh_tw (vongola12324)

Version 0.12-82 - BUILT
  • Added compat for farming Hemp to ActuallyAddition's farmer (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Wirecutter getting consumed when cutting plates (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Alloy Kiln consuming fuelsource container items (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed uncovered FluidPipes allowing mobspawns (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed spawn interdictors (Electric Lanterns, etc) not being removed on chunk unload (codewarrior0)
  • Fixed Metal Press animations and sounds with customized recipe times (codewarrior0)
  • Fixed some potential crashes in networking and reduced packet size (JamiesWhiteShirt)
  • Fixed 'removeRecipesForInput' in Crusher Craftweaker compat not working (BluSunrize)
  • Reduced the amount of ItemStacks being copied in rendering and recipe checking (Malte)
  • Translations Added/Updated: ja_jp (iceink001), zh_CN (DYColdWind)

Version 0.12-81 - BUILT
  • Added the functionality for the Faraday Suit to protect against live wiring (Malte)
  • Added the ability to use Pick Block to take a connector's wire by sneaking (BluSunrize)
  • Added Magma blocks to the list of heatsources for the Thermoelectric generator (BluSunrize)
  • Added Efficiency, Unbreaking and Mending enchantments to the Engineer's Hammer and Wirecutter (BluSunrize)
    • Made those tools take damage when used to break blocks
  • Added compatibility for Forge's update checker (Malte)
  • Added support for Forge's memory Maven repo, this makes deleting old coremod versions unnecessary in Forge 2656+ (latest) (Malte)
  • Changed fences to allow torches on top and prevent mobspawns (Malte)
  • Changed animated item models to use Item-TESRs rather than rebaking (Malte)
    • Made the Fluorescent tube to be really fancy again! (Malte)
  • Changed renderdistance config to work as described (Malte)
  • Changed the images of wiring in the manual to use up-to-date pictures and feature connectors and relays (BluSunrize)
  • Shift-clicking is no longer needed to connect wires to breaker switches etc (Malte)
  • Failed wire connection attempts no longer spam the chat (Malte)
  • Changed Thermoelectric generator to cache its output values, improving performance (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed wires being invisible when logging into a server for the first time (Malte)
  • Fixed localization for treated wood banners (Malte)
  • Fixed the mineral command not workign with Vein names that contain a space (Malte)
  • Fixed shield having a really trippy enchantment glow (Malte)
  • Fixed conveyor recipe (Malte)
  • Fixed Skyhook crashing servers (Malte)
  • Fixed lag with redstone connectors (Malte)
  • Fixed blocks somtimes taking longer to break with the hammer (Malte)
  • Fixed a divide-by-zero issue in the ExcavatorHandler for blacklisted dimensions (BluSunrize)

Version 0.12-80 - BUILT
  • Fixed multiblock rendering in the manual with Optifine and texture packs (Malte)
  • Fixed pre-IE-79 multiblocks not working on IE 79 (Malte)
  • Fixed FluidContainer slots not accepting empty containers (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Villager trades for Shader bags being inverted (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Multiblocks dropping themselves as illegal items (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed ugly high-rez textures on Engineering blocks when CTM isn't loaded (BluSunrize)
  • Translations Added/Updated: ja_jp (iceink001), zh_CN (DYColdWind)

Version 0.12-79 - BUILT
  • Added the ability for Wirecutters to cut wires from anywhere (Malte)
  • Added Craftweaker support for the Thermolelectric Generator (BluSunrize)
  • Added documentation for metal ladders (BluSunrize)
  • Added Squeezer recipe for beetroot seeds (pap1723)
  • Re-Enabled OpenComputers compat (Malte)
  • Changed Feedthrough Connectors to break like normal multiblocks (Malte)
  • Changed Feedthrough Connectors to form regardless of connector face clicked (BluSunrize)
  • Changed codebase for wire coils to allow easier extension (AntiBlueQuirk)
  • Changed Multiblocks to only move FluidContainers to the output slots when they are full (BluSunrize)
  • Made the IE config react to changes from the in-game GUI
  • Fixed a crash with Optifine and feedthrough connectors (Malte)
  • Fixed wire rendering in edgecases (Malte)
  • Fixed issues with the Skyhook (Malte)
  • Fixed missing textures on conveyors (Malte)
  • Fixed dupebug with Jerrycans (Malte)
  • Fixed stackoverflow with routers (Malte)
  • Fixed Feedthrough Connectors functionality (Malte)
  • Fixed Coresamples not dropping when broken (Malte)
  • Fixed missing revolver sounds (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed broken audio-subtitles (lgthibault)
  • Fixed crash with windmills (lgthibault)
  • Fixed crash with metal ladders (lgthibault)
  • Fixed Craftweaker removal function of MetalPress (BluSunrize)
  • Translations Added/Updated: ja_jp (iceink001), zh_CN (DYColdWind)

Version 0.12-78 - BUILT
  • Added a preliminary connection render to debug obstructions (Malte)
  • Added Craftweaker function to remove Crusher recipes by input (BluSurize)
  • Fixed crash when breaking middle block of Feedthrough connector (Malte)
  • Fixed errors related to floating point accuracy (Malte)
  • Fixed Blastfurnace not working at all (Malte)
  • Fixed raytracing on vertical connections (Malte)
  • Fixed Sampledrill render (Malte)
  • Fixed J8U25 message showing on dimension change (Malte)
  • Fixed Feedthrough connectors connecting to themselves (Malte)
  • Fixed wires dropping in the wrong location (Malte)

Version 0.12-77 - BUILT
  • Various changes to the wiring system (Malte):
    • Uninsulated energy wires cause damage now
    • Wires don't need clear line-of-sight but a clear path along the wire as it is rendered
    • Placing blocks that obstruct wires will cause the wire to break/drop
    • The skyhook can attach to the middle of connections, rather than just the endpoints
    • Added a feedthrough insulator as a way to get wires through walls
    • Addons using wires will have to adapt to these changes!
  • IE now prints a message to chat if Java 8 update 25 is used since it causes unfixable crashes (Malte)
  • Changed Drill to have the "Shovel" tool class (primetoxinz)
  • Changed Excavator to show Cobblestone instead of missing texture when digging items instead of blocks (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed the drill not properly accepting its head (Malte)
  • Fixed broken deserialization of boolean properties, this caused some potential issues with Buildcraft (Malte)
  • Fixed some TESR blockstate crashes (Malte)
  • Fixed IE projectiles (chemthrower, railgun) not working (Malte)
  • Fixed wire loss being higher than intended in some cases (Malte)
  • Fixed fluid pipes losing fluid and not accepting small amounts (Malte)
  • Non-IE wires can no longer be connected to IE connectors (Malte)
  • Fixed arc furnace particles rendering when the arc furnace isn't active (Malte)
  • Fixed some capability crashes (Malte)
  • Fixed mobs trying to jump over IE fences (Malte)
  • Re-fixed the blast furnace using slightly more coke coal than it should (Malte)
  • Fixed Vertical Conveyor recipes returning too little (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Nullpointer on Redstone Probes (BluSunrize)
  • Fixed Output slots not being blocked (BluSunrize)
  • Translations Added/Updated: en_ud (The-Fireplace), ja_jp (iceink001)

Version 0.12-76 - BUILT
  • added various config options for the Belljar, to adjust growthspeeds and fertilizer effects
  • re-added partivles and animation for the Arc Furnace (thanks Malte)
  • added TOP compat for the Sheetmetal Tank (thanks SirWindfield)
  • added Metal Ladders and Scaffold covered versions
  • fixed wires connected to razorwire not rendering (thanks Malte)
  • fixed missing comparator output on the Current Transformer (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the drill accidentally modifying its NBT on sharing (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the Bucket Wheel having rotation issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed crashes related to newer Forge versions (thanks Malte)
  • fixed rendering issues with the Floodlight and improved its performance (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Carrots and Potoes not working in the Cloche (thanks SirWindfield)
  • fixed crash when the Teslacoil destroys a piece of Faraday armor
  • fixed Chisel compat
  • fixed AA compat, Canola in the squeezer
  • fixed TCon compat, mixup of Constantan and Uranium (thanks tgstyle)
  • fixed TCon compat, Arc Furnace for alloying
  • fixed a crash with the Slippery potion
  • fixed derpyness with Mineral Veins (at least for the most part), regarding CraftTweaker
  • fixed links to Biodiesel in the manual pointing to a nonexistant page
  • fixed a minor texture warning in the console
  • Translations Added/Updated: zh_CN (DYColdWind)

Version 0.12-75 - BUILT
  • Relicensed IE, because it was about time. It's not perfect but it's better than uncertainty
  • added a basic description to the mcmodinfo (thanks carstorm)
  • added a configurable, global, modifier for the Cloche's Fertilizer effectiveness
  • cleaned up internal BlockState logic a bit (thanks Malte)
  • changed Chisel compat to use proper IMC keys
  • changed Stone Multiblocks to be immovable to pistons
  • changed RedtoneBreakers to not visually connect to non-direct redstonedust
  • fixed broken rendering for blocks in non-standard layers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed config checks for @Mapped values causing issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed issues with invalid block rotations (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Autoworkbench not disassembling properly (thanks Malte)
  • fixed crashes caused by empty ItemStacks (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Multiblocks not firing visual updates properly (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Eletrode Blueprints not being craftable
  • fixed Fluid Pump and Sheetmetal Tank not preserving NBT data
  • fixed Storage Crates writing empty enchantment tags on pickup
  • fixed Wire connections not synchronizing properly when switching between worlds (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Assembler consuming too much fluid in edgecases (thanks Malte)
  • fixed desync issues with the Workbench in multiplayer (thanks Malte)
  • fixed waterwheel rotation issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed shooting non-living entities with the Chemthrower (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Mixer recpies not showing tooltips in JEI
  • fixed Cloche voiding seeds

Version 0.12-74 - BUILT
  • changed IE to ACTUALLY load on all 1.12 subversions

Version 0.12-73 - BUILT
  • added whitelist configs for the toolbox
  • re-enabled WAILA compat
  • re-enabled OpenComputers compat (not sure if it works)
  • changed IE to load on all 1.12 subversions
  • changed Metal Press render to have items sink a bit down to hide blocks
  • changed IE blocks to allow states for directional setting (thanks Malte)
  • changed Crushers to have a limited size queue to avoid login crashes
  • fixed toolbox crashing when placed (thanks Malte)
  • fixed lighting of the chemthrower particles (thanks Malte)
  • fixed drill and revolver looking derpy when fancy animations are disabled
  • fixed the Miló Shader's name (thanks Malte)
  • fixed client-access exceptions with TOP handler
  • fixed Foresty compat errors
  • fixed cycle animations for the gunturret
  • fixed issues with Botania compat

Version 0.12-72 - BUILT
  • added a recipe to fill the Speedloader in a crafting table
  • added Packing and Unpacking molds to the Metal Press
  • added Jar Signing to comply with Forge's coremod guidelines (thanks Malte)
  • added support for amounts on OreDict ingredients in Crafttweaker compat (thanks MatrixN1)
  • added Crafttweaker compat for the Dieselgenerator + Drill (thanks Faxn)
  • changed IE's items with internal storage to use ItemHandler capabilities (thanks Malte)
  • changed IE's OBJ models to generate less comparative objects (thanks Malte)
  • changed IE to register its recipes on the proper event, fixing Crafttweaker compat
  • changed Alloy Kiln and Blastfurnace to tick down their active fuel even when not smelting (like vanilla furnaces)
  • changed Pumpkin and Melon seeds to have reduce oil outputs, and reduced their growthrate
  • changed Metal Press molds to be crafted in the Workbench
  • changed Metal Barrels to not output fluid when receiving a redstone signal, to work as valves (thanks Berinhardt)
  • changed dummies on Multiblocks to be removed from the list of ticking tiles (thanks Malte)
  • changed Windmills to rotate in in accordance to wind from the north or west, rather than fixed clockwise
  • fixed issues with dummyblocks spawning outside world borders (thanks Malte)
  • fixed crates and toolboxes losing their inventory (thanks Malte)
  • fixed various desync issues with the Engineer's Workbench (thanks Malte)
  • fixed render issues with multiblock TESRs (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Botania compat
  • fixed various desync issues with the Revolver & Speedloader HUD displays (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Multiblocks not dropping their contents
  • fixed Diesel Generators not allowing levers to be attached
  • fixed tooltip localisation for Alloy Kiln and Automatic Workbench
  • fixed Stripcurtains not notifying the strong signal to turn off
  • fixed Railgun projectiles not colliding with entities properly
  • fixed Fluid Pipes not showing their covers with CTM installed
  • fixed inventory models for Engineering blocks with CTM installed

Version 0.12-71 - BUILT
  • added missing recipes for Scaffold Slabs & Stairs
  • added Albedo compat for Flare Cartridges
  • added a recipe to make torches out of wool and creosote
  • added the "Ancient" shader
  • added the Covered Vertical Conveyor
  • added the Chemthrower Multitank upgrade
  • re-added the Hemp to String recipe
  • changed logging to use separate logger rather than FMLLog (thanks Malte)
  • changed Garden Coche to allow Podzol as a mushroom soil
  • changed the Cloche to run at a reduced speed
  • changed all multi- and dummyblocks to be immovable by Pistons, because Quark
  • fixed Core Sample Drill animation (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a bunch of Capability errors (thanks Malte)
  • fixed turrets causing issues in target acquisition (thanks Malte)
  • fixed client disconnecting due to NBT overflow in crates and toolboxes (thanks Malte)
  • fixed broken remapper (thanks Malte)
  • fixed conveyor recipes requiring single inputs (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Tesla Coil animation not getting reset (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Chisel compat conflicting with CTM
  • fixed HarvestCraft compat not handling water and milk in the assembler properly
  • fixed auto-breakers causing issues with Storage Crates and others
  • fixed shiftclicking being broken in the Cloche GUI
  • fixed Manual not reopening on the selected page
  • fixed Railgun not working on Ender Dragon, Crystals and non-living entities (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Bullets not loading the damage from the config properly
  • fixed deprecated uses of getDrops
  • fixed Splitting Conveyor being derpy after being rotated

Version 0.12-70 - BUILT
  • added Shader-capabilities to the Heavy Plated Shield
  • added Scaffolding Slabs and Stairs
  • added a tiny bit of Albedo compat. Makes fancy lights happen on the Tesla Coils!
  • changed Mystical Agriculture compat to work for Inferium seeds
  • changed bullets to have increased speed
  • changed HE cartridges to travel in an arc and make a different sound
    • API update, cartridges can define custom sounds
  • changed, updated and improved the CTM compatability (thanks InsomniaKitten)
  • fixed Treated Wood recipes not consuming creosote
  • fixed up fence-connections for some IE blocks
  • fixed duplication glitch within the Refinery
  • fixed particle issues with some Multiblocks

Version 0.12-69 - BUILT
  • fixed TConstruct dependency
  • fixed Assembler not properly handling Fluid Ingredients from IE and CoFH
  • fixed Revolver GUI not properly syncing
  • fixed model loading error (thanks PaleoCrafter)

Version 0.12-68 - BUILT
  • re-added TConstruct compat
  • added Fertilizer compat for ActuallyAdditions, BetterWithMods and IC2
  • changed player arms for certain IE items to also affect armor
  • changed shield to use Forge's new provided shield method
  • changed Mystical Agriculture compat to not output seeds anymore
  • changed Arc Furnace, Squeezer and Fermenter to only output comparator signals for their input
  • changed revolver GUI to allow display of dual-wielded revolvers
  • fixed cloche not accepting power from the bottom block
  • fixed speedloader recipe mistakenly crafting a revolver
  • fixed gunpowder recipe being active even when there isn't any charcoal dust
  • fixed shield only equipping on the clientside with the magnet glove
  • fixed shield flickering when recharging in offhand
  • fixed back button in the manual failing
  • fixed shaders resulting in invisible revolver grips
  • fixed crafttweaker integration
  • fixed various AABBs errors causign projectiles to miss
  • fixed cloche having incorrect item handling (leading to trouble with EIO conduits)
  • fixed Forestry compat not loading
  • fixed Fluid Router allowing for an infinite loop
  • fixed Assembler not handling some recipes properly

Version 0.12-67 - BUILT
  • added the Probe Connector. It can read Comparator Overrides on Inventories and stuff!
  • added fancy animations for the reload with a speeloader and opening the revolver GUI
  • added the Circuit Board material, requires for Probe Connector and Turrets
  • added Comparator interfacing to a lot of IE multiblocks (using the RS controlpanel)
  • re-added animations for the drill. It rotates again \o/
  • changed TE OreDict comapt to run in init phase
  • changed Revolvers to aim at enemies properly
  • changed re-equip animations for Revolver to look better
  • changed the Speedloader to a separate item, added a unique reload sound
  • changed the link system in the manual to allow linking to specific crafting recipes
  • fixed missing recipes for Metal plates
  • fixed Uranium Blocks + Slabs not having a recipe
  • fixed IE's fluids to always stitch into the sheet and have buckets load correctly
  • fixed missing Hammer Crushing recipes
  • fixed IE recipes using fluids not emptying containers properly & duplicating them
  • fixed recipes for Aluminium and Steel wires

Version 0.12-66 - BUILT
  • fixed the missing dustCharcoal reference in recipes

Version 0.12-65 - BUILT
  • changed crafting recipes to the new json based system!
  • fixed ClientProxy trying to subscribe on the Server side
  • fixed arm sleeves on players not matching arm position. Nothing I can do about armor, I'm afraid.

Version 0.12-64 - BUILT
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.12, fixed a lot of the issues resulting from this update
    • NOTE: Currently, IE's vanilla crafting recipes are not yet JSONs. This will probably change in future releases.
    • NOTE ALSO: Update may be a bit unstable. Feel free to report issues on github.
  • added Advancements to replace Achievements, some even give rewards!
  • added a custom trigger to detect formation of multiblocks
  • added two new Shaders: WAAAGH! and Lusus Naturae
  • added a super fancy spinning animation to Revolvers that use a specific skin.
    • atm limited to two exclusive skins, may be expanded in future.
  • changed holding animations for Revolver, Drill, Chemthrower and Railgun
    • has a config option in case it conflicts with other animation mods
  • changed certain Mineral Veins to output Sulfur Dust
  • changed OneProbe integration a tiny bit, showing SideConfigs on Barrels, Capacitors, etc.
  • fixed Minecart shaders crashing with layer counts over the default

Version 0.11-63 - BUILT
  • added the Heavy Plated Shield!
    • it protects like a normal shield
    • it has awesome upgrades
  • added Vacuum Tubes as a new mid-game crafting material
  • added a manual entry for the new components
  • added Crafttweaker integration for Blueprint recipes
  • changed/fixed HUD displays for Railgun, Chemthrower and Revolver
  • changed Turrets to be interactable from the top block (thanks Malte)
  • changed Arc Furance to distribute inputs evenly again (thanks Malte)
  • changed Sulfur and Saltpeter textures to be Hazards instead of my terrible ones
  • changed recipes for Mechanical components, added Bluepritns for reduced cost
  • changed JEI integration to use newer JEI methods
  • changed Engineer's Workbench to no longer be part of IE's main achievement progression
  • fixed Redstone connectors not properly accepting signals (thanks Malte)
  • fixed OC compat not loading due to incorrect mod ID (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Capacitor Backpack potentially charging itself
  • fixed crashes with Capacitor Backpack and Railgun interacting with capabilities (thanks Malte)
  • fixed localization file getting screwed up to ASCII
  • fixed up interacton between Silos and RefinedStorage (thanks Malte)
  • fixed ghostloading messing up randomizers for a lot of stuff (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a plethora of ghostloading issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Capacitor Backpacks being all-around derpy when crafting (thanks Malte)
  • fixed broken Pipe renders (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Turntable not reacting to redstone signals
  • fixed Fluid Outlet outputtign through closed sides
  • fixed render issues with the charging station (thanks Malte)
  • fixed (possibly) Wooden Crates in villages losing their contents on pickup

Version 0.11-62 - BUILT
  • official 1.11.2 release, same changelog as build 59

Version 0.11-59 - UNRELEASED
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.11.2 and all the bugfixes that came with it! (thanks AtomicBlom and Malte for all the help <3)
  • added a migration system to allow loading 1.10 worlds into MC 1.11.2! (thanks Malte)
  • added special chemthrower behaviour for fluid concrete. It's the GLOO cannon from Prey! :D
  • added compat for Forestry's fertilizer to be used in the cloche
  • added the Alloy Kiln!
    • a small multiblock that allows earlygame alloying of metals
    • also features Crafttweaker support (thanks primetoxinz)
  • added new textures for the Dynamo, copper ingots, wirecoils and coil blocks (thanks Mr. Hazard)
  • added the Capacitor Backpack! Supplies your items with power!
  • added Thermal Foundation's Phyto-Grow as a valid Cloche fertilizer
  • added Sulfur & Saltpeter dust to make gunpower. Better texture and more uses soon!
  • changed balance on Drills: Heads have more durability, lubrication reduces wear, augers boost speed
  • changed Turrets to use the improved Tile Renders (thanks Malte)
  • changed outputsize on Coke and Blastbrick recipes, reducing earlygame resource costs
  • changed the Windmills!
    • new model (courtesy of Mr. Hazard)
    • instead of having two types, they are now "upgraded" with sails
  • changed produce&seed output for wheat and beetroot in the Cloche
  • changed Toolboxes and Wooden Crates to keep their enchantments on placement
  • changed Railgun to store less energy (so the Capacitor Backpack actually has a reason to exist), buffed its damage by 50%
  • changed Redstone Connectors to properly connect to Redstone Dust (thanks Malte)
  • fixed recipes for redstone ignoring conveyers
  • fixed render-crash with the Cloche
  • fixed nested configs not generating
  • fixed inventory texture for the LV connector
  • fixed cross-mod compat for the Cloche
  • fixed soil-texture getter for the cloche
  • fixed Covered Conveyors not protecting inserted items against pickup
  • fixed Improved Blast Furnace consuming too much fuel (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Multiblock disassemly code, specifically regarding multi-break-tools like Drills or TCon Hammers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed possible NBT overflows with toolboxes, crates, shulkerboxes, etc (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Fluid Pipe covers not initializing properly (thanks Malte)
  • fixed recipe-wildcard handling in the manual (thanks Landmaster)
  • fixed logic and effects for the Grunt Birthday Party achievement
  • fixed missing sounds for Metal Press and other things
  • fixed JEI display for the Crusher to show secondary output percentages
  • fixed Jerrycan/Sheetmetal Tank interaction (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Arc Furnace not recycling wire coils because wire was an unknown resource

Version 0.10-58 - BUILT
  • added the Fluid Router. It does exactly what the Item Router does, but for fluids.
  • added Crafttweaker integration for the Mixer
  • added the Garden Cloche! It grows a variety of crops!
    • added farming compatability for Actually Additions
    • added farming compatability for Attained Drops
    • added farming compatability for Mystical Agriculture
    • added farming compatability for Harvestcraft
    • added farming compatability for Better With Mods
    • added farming compatability for Extra Utils
  • added Chemthrower compatability for ThermalFoundation fluids
  • added carpet, quarter and threequarter thicknesses for Concrete to make the fluid dry to more reasonable levels
  • added a toggleable option to the Mixer to output all fluids instead of just the bottom one
  • added placeable Toolboxes, they are fully accessible while placed
  • added placeable Coresamples, these can be rightclicked with a map to set a marker to their origin
  • added a visible chunk boundary when holding or looking at the Sample Drill
  • added Redstone Wires to the API (thanks Malte)
  • added a render reset hook to the API (thanks Malte)
  • added the Covered Conveyor, preventing players from picking up items from it
  • added a Conveyor unaffected by redstone
  • added the Fluid Outlet. It puts fluids in the world!
  • added OC compat for Mixer and BottlingMachine (thanks GuyRunningSouth)
  • added a Villager Job to sell Shader Bags
  • added a Crusher recipe to turn slag into sand
  • added a special ItemFrame render for Blueprints
  • added the ability to flip Powered Lanterns using the hammer
  • added the option for Strip Curtains to output a strong RS signal
  • added a sound to the Breaker Switch - Clearly the best feature of this update
  • changed Razorwire to render extended wooden boards when stacked
  • changed the Conductive debuff to apply to Teslacoil and Electro-Razorwire damage
  • changed metal plates and Sheetmetal to be craftable for any IE-used metal
  • changed Crafttweaker functions for Squeezer and Fermenter to feature input-based removal
  • changed dropping Conveyors to use Iron Trapdoors rather than Hoppers in the recipe
  • changed fluid potions to have reduced durations in the chemthrower
  • fixed Concrete blocks not applying suffocation damage
  • fixed some cartridges being allowed in turrets, fixes crash with Immersive Floofs
  • fixed energy drain on eletrified bullets, reduced drain for multii-projectile cartridges
  • fixed ownerless, tameable entities causing crashes in Turret targeting
  • fixed item in- and outputs on Turrets being unavailable
  • fixed manual entry for Razorwire
  • fixed NullPointer on FluidStacks
  • fixed Turntables and Hammers being able to rotate extended pistons, chests, beds, end portals and skulls
  • fixed the Drill taking more damage than intended (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the display of double arrays in the manual (thanks Malte)
  • fixed lang file as per suggestions on github
  • fixed Balloons and Redstone Connectors being invisible in the End
  • fixed Chemthrower projectiles being set on fire even when the fluid isn't flammable
  • fixed invalid connections being made possible due to splitting stacks (thanks Malte)
  • fixed bounding boxes and wire offsets for transformers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed transformers mistakenly having TESRs and accepting LV+MV wires in combination (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the Potion fluid not having textures (thanks Malte)
  • fixed ConcurrentModificationException on Crafttweaker reloads (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the Mixer not working when its internal tank is filled (thanks Malte)
  • fixed IE slag not being usable in ThermalExpansion recipes
  • fixed the Turrets losing its inventory (thanks Malte)
  • fixed NBT sensitive fluids not outputting from barrels properly (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a dupebug of empty fluid containers in the Assembler
  • fixed Assembler outputting damageable craftign items
  • fixed missing sounds on IE explosions
  • fixed Refinery dividing by 0 if timer config is adjusted downwards
  • fixed AutoWorkbench not exposing the right slots to its item handler and rendering the wrong items
  • fixed projectiles ignoring PvP protection within player teams
  • fixed wires not being removed properly if TileDrops are off (thanks Malte)
  • fixed floating Engineer's houses
  • fixed broken Energy Storage tooltips
  • fixed Metal Press not dropping its mold when broken
  • fixed various double-size blocks deleting things above them
  • fixed stuttering on Metal Press and Watermill (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Relays connecting to energy accepting things, to make their role more obvious (thanks Malte)
  • fixed resource reloading on TESRs (thanks Malte)
  • fixed various Turret projectile issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a Blast Furnace processing speed bug (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Skyhook being a stupidly powerful weapon (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the Crusher outputting to the wrong side
  • Translations Added/Updated: ru_RU (lex1975) (this time for real, since I forgot it last time), zh_TW (xaxa123)

Version 0.10-57 - BUILT
  • added RazorWire! It pricks and slows, and you can electrify it.
  • added Fluid Concrete. Slows entities down and immobilizes them when it dries
  • added a Potion fluid. Effects vary on NBT data. Works in the Chemthrower, can be bottled in Bottling Machine.
  • added blocks for (almost) all IE Fluids
  • added the Mixer! It mixes solid components into fluids to make concrete or various potions!
  • added Turrets! Configurable targeting, currently allowing for fluids (Chemthrower) or bullets (Revolver) as ammo
  • changed Floodlights to allow inversion of redstone control
  • changed Charging Station to allow charging Forge Energy items as well
  • fixed Bottling Machine recipes not consuming fluid and duping items (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Redstone Wires illegally connecting to relays
  • fixed ArcFurnace recipes causing NPEs when added through Minetweaker
  • fixed JEI handler preventing Draconic Evolution for loading theirs
  • fixed OneProbe showing components of Multiblocks rather than the MB itself
  • fixed derped texture on Metal Press
  • fixed side-solidity for Stone Multiblocks
  • fixed the density of Creosote Oil. A certain Lemming notified me that it's in fact, denser than water.
  • Translations Added/Updated: ru_RU (lex1975)

Version 0.10-56 - BUILT
  • fixed duplication of stacks of items dropped onto the bottling machine
  • fixed EntityDataManager registration (thanks mconwa01)
  • fixed manual entry of the fluidpump citing the use of "wirecutters" instead of "hammer"
  • fixed manual typo in the fermenter entry

Version 0.10-55 - BUILT
  • re-added the Bottling Machine! It bottles things up, like fluids and emotions!
  • added indicative scrollbars to the manual
  • added nullcheck to guard against malformed sound events
  • added a login check to synchronizing Excavator data
  • added a config option for hte drop weight of Hemp Seeds
  • changed IC2 compat to no longer load with IC2 classic
  • changed permission levels on comamnds to allow "/cie resetrenders" for everyone
  • fixed Minetweaker and JEI integration. Arc Furnace reduced to a single categroy, I'm afraid.
  • fixed Automatic Workbench using Pair from JavaFX
  • fixed null-master exceptions for Multiblocks
  • fixed rotations of wooden blocks (Gunpowder Barrel, Item Router)
  • fixed GUI of the Item Router
  • fixed SideOnly exceptions triggered by Chisel&Bits
  • fixed Withers dropping Lootbags. They really shouldn't anymore.
  • fixed world loading caused by connection persistence and validation (thanks Dogboy21)
  • fixed Crusher not collecting drops from low-health entities
  • fixed Assembler and Metal Press not reorienting conveyors when broken

Version 0.10-54 - BUILT
  • added the Automated Engineer's Workbench, allowing automated handling of Blueprint Recipes
  • added the Turntable, a block that allows rotating of other blocks
  • added the "Dominator" shader
  • changed Wirecoils to change their distance display to red when too far from their linking point
  • changed Graphite Electrodes to stack to 16 to make them more viable as Railgun ammo
  • changed Assembler to allow crafting IC2 recipes (thanks Malte)
  • fixed issues with lowercasing without locale
  • fixed ThermoElectric Gens, Dynamos and Wire Connectors not handling Forge Energy
  • fixed Shaderbags having their conversion recipes crash
  • fixed duplicate rod recipes in the Metal Press
  • fixed TConstruct book not showing Hemp item
  • fixed multithreading issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed crash with unknown recipes in the Assembler (thanks Malte)
  • fixed resource overhead with Bucket Wheel rendering (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Manual not handling scrolling lists properly
  • fixed Sheetmetal Tanks not rendering fluids with colour
  • fixed Chemthrower not dropping player-only items (Blazerods)
  • fixed Buckshot and Dragonsbreath having the wrong return cartridges and the wrong DamageSource
  • fixed needless chunkupdates caused by Blastfurnace Preheaters
  • fixed Splitting Conveyors flipping directions too early

Version 0.10-53 - BUILT
  • added new shaders
  • fixed Sample Drill crashing upon energy insertion
  • fixed Tesla Coil crashing upon energy insertion
  • fixed Revolver rendering on Tiny Potatoes
  • fixed Refinery not allowing extraction
  • fixed achievement for crafting the Mining Drill not firing
    • retro-actively firing crafting achievements when modifying them in the workbench
  • fixed Lightning Rod not building its fence-net properly
  • fixed bounds and disassembly of the Lightning Rod
  • fixed Splitting Conveyors sometimes not clearing temporary NBT data from entities
  • fixed a bit of log spam by invalid/missing models
  • fixed Blueprints not taking unstacked resources
  • fixed Vertical Conveyors not rendering walls on their base properly
  • fixed a dupebug with InventorySorter
  • fixed Fluids not updating to existing entries when failing to register

Version 0.10-52 - BUILT
  • added the ability for Dropping Conveyors to drop through trapdoors
  • added a new shader
  • fixed Nullpointer for Connectors accepting FUs

Version 0.10-51 - BUILT
  • re-added Festive Crates! Happy Holidays!
  • re-added Botania compat for shaders, Relic rarity lootbags + shaders
  • added the ability for Strip Curtains to emit redstone when an entity passes through
  • added compatability for Forge Energy / Forge Units. End of an era, I guess.
  • fixed a nullpointer on JumpCushions
  • fixed Splitting and Dropping Conveyor not inserting into inventories
  • fixed crashes in the manual due to incomplete tesselation
  • fixed load-cycle with TCon
  • fixed HarvestCraft recipes usign water/milk not working in the assembler
  • fixed Furnace Heater constantly updating the block when insufficiently powered
  • IE now has a Maven (thanks SkySom)

Version 0.10-50 - BUILT
  • added versioncheck for TConstruct to prevent crashes with ranged weapons
  • added Icons for all IE machines to JEI and fixed recipe displays
  • fixed furnace heater constantly updating chunks
  • improved UV maps on the revolver, added a new shader

Version 0.10-49 - BUILT
  • rewrote the shader system
    • improved texture performance
    • changed API integration
    • added listing in the manual, including re-ordering
    • removed the recipe to turn shaders back into bags
  • added the ability to rename wooden crates
  • added IRotationAcceptor interface for dynamos and the things that drive them (thanks Malte)
  • re-added the config for Excavator fail chance (thanks Malte)
  • re-added the ability to dye balloons (thanks Malte)
  • re-added the ability to add shaders to balloons
  • changed the drill's hardness checks to easier dig ores (thanks Malte)
  • fixed duped fluidcontainers on treated wood recipes
  • fixed incompat issue with new versions of TConstruct
  • fixed CraftTweaker compat (thanks mezz)
  • fixed Crusher recipe for sand requiring grass rather than gravel (thanks MalkContent)
  • fixed NPE on inserting items
  • fixed Wirecutters consuming durability and not working properly on transformers
  • fixed various client issues (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Structural Connectors and Redstone Connectors not displaying properly (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Conveyors throwing NPEs on Servers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed dupebug with Charging Station
  • fixed a few missing sounds
  • fixed a concurrent modification in Tesla Coil sounds (thanks Malte)

Version 0.10-48 - BUILT
  • added CTM support to Engineering Blocks and Scaffolds when Chisel is installed (in cooperation with Drullkus)
  • changed Breakers to be rotatable (thanks Malte)
  • changed Conveyor Belts showing walls when having their sides towards a metal press or assembler
  • fixed missing comments in the config file
  • fixed breaker switches crashing on servers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed IE models causing lag on chunk updates (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Breaker Switches not outputting redstone signals (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Redstone Breakers ignoring their inversion (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Ear Defenders being broken (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Squeezers and Fermenters not outputting Items automatically
  • fixed Silo not auto-outputting when supplied with a redstone signal
  • fixed Railgun not shooting alu, iron and steel sticks from other mods
  • fixed Manual on Railguns crashing without Railcraft installed (thanks Malte)

Version 0.10-47 - BUILT
  • moved all clientside references from the config

Version 0.10-46 - BUILT
  • fixed serverside crash due to abstract proxy
  • fixed mcmod.info file

Version 0.10-45 - BUILT
  • change over to Forge's new config system:
    • Or don't, but you'll get a load of duplicate and unnecessary options.
    • If an old config breaks anything, you were warned.
  • added WAILA support for Tesla Coils
  • added The One Probe Compat for machines and energy storage
  • added a config option to disable villagers and their houses
  • added a config option to disable OreDict names in Advanced Tooltips
  • re-added config option for Railgun damage
  • re-added support for Railcrafts rails and rebar to be used as projectiles
  • re-added shader support for Railcraft carts
  • re-added the placement options for Redstone Breakers (thanks Malte)
  • changed blocks with configurable sides (capacitors, barrels) to use unlisted properties and lazy loading. Reduces IE's model count at startup by >75%
  • change Refinery model to have a big power input like Fermenter and Squeezer
  • fixed Refinery not properly accepting fluids
  • fixed crash when crafting cetain items (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Conveyors dropping invalid items (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Pumps not working due to miscalculated XORs (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Watermills having too small models
  • fixed wonky wire rendering (thanks Malte)
  • fixed material list for the Lightning Rod
  • fixed Faraday suit not blocking Tesla damage
  • fixed Floodlight having broken rendering and expanded computer support (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Buckshot projectiles not applying full damage
  • fixed Scaffolding not rendering properly on the inside
  • fixed breakerswitch not emitting redstone
  • fixed force chunkloading through redstone connectors
  • fixed Toolbox voiding items
  • fixed Pipes resetting connection configs (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Silo voiding items and not having Comparator output
  • fixed Pipes not dropping their covers
  • fixed placement logic for multiblock placements (posts, transformers, drill, teslacoil)
  • fixed CraftTweaker integration for the Refinery
  • fixed stair rendering
  • fixed explosion resistance for leaded concrete stairs and slabs
  • fixed Crusher overloading its process queue
  • fixed multiple minor issues

Version 0.10-44 - BUILT
  • fixed clientside exception

Version 0.10-43 - BUILT
  • added version dependency for TCon to prevent further reports of that
  • added Banners! They look awesome! Shoutouts to Tris for making all the textures!
  • added support for TConstructs resourcepack based materials
  • added Strip Curtains. Purely decorative, dyeable, pretty nice for factories!
  • re-added the ability to climb scaffolding on pipes
  • re-added the Lightning Rod!
  • expanded the "allow" and "interdict" functions on the Hammer in regards to multiblocks
  • expanded the API on wires for an addon
  • changed manualpages for Multiblocks to be better at everything (thanks boni)
  • greatly improved renderperformance on waterwheels and windmills (thanks Malte)
  • fixed wooden barrels not being toggleable
  • fixed wooden barrels acceptign invalid fluids
  • fixed side-solidity on pumps
  • fixed changelog display in the Engineer's Manual
  • fixed jerrycans not getting filled properly and beign lost in crafting
  • fixed broken villager trades
  • fixed glitches in the toolbox (hopefully)
  • fixed overlays when WAWLA is installed (thanks Malte)
  • fixed WAILA display for EnergyProviders
  • fixed crash with Phial Cartridges
  • fixed Homing Cartridges not doing damage
  • fixed CraftTweaker method name
  • fixed Balloons not emitting light
  • fixed crash during Arc Furnace recycling calculations (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Bucket Wheel continuing to rotate when the Excavator is broken and desyncing (thanks Malte)
  • fixed LootEntry manipulation (3rd time's the charm?) (thanks Malte)
  • fixed crash with Railcraft (thanks Malte)

Version 0.10-42 - BUILT
  • fixed NPE when throwign items into the crusher
  • attempted fix for render crashes with TESRs and their blockstates

Version 0.10-41 - BUILT
  • added the function to dye conveyor belts!
  • added the splitting conveyor belt, it alternates left and right!
  • re-added the ability to pull recipes from JEI into the assembler
  • re-added charge counter to railgun
  • re-added some missing achievements
  • re-added the ability to cover pipes in scaffold. IMC messages an define additional whitelisted blocks
  • re-added Crafttweaker/Minetweaker integration
  • updated TCon compat to latest TCon
  • removed Fluid Bottles. People can shut up about those now >_>
  • fixed Assembler not crafting and occasionally crashing
  • fixed Arc Furnace rendering, output rates and dupebugs
  • fixed slab rendering
  • fixed wooden crates not updating comparators
  • fixed floodlight being terrible (thanks Malte)
  • fixed lots of bugs with wire models (thanks Malte)
  • fixed crashes with projectiles
  • fixed SkyHook being derpy
  • fixed Transformers not attaching on posts
  • fixed IE blocks not having placement sounds
  • fixed selection and colision bounds on multiple blocks
  • fixed OC comapt on the crusher being borked (thanks Malte)
  • fixed lootentry access error (thanks Malte)
  • fixed wires sometimes not rendering on servers
  • fixed a manual derp (thanks Malte)

Version 0.10-40 - BUILT
  • fixed machines crashing
  • fixed sheetmetal tank not outputting

Version 0.10-39 - BUILT
  • added Bloodmagic compat:
    • demon will bullets. 'nuff said.
  • re-added Chisel Compat. Won't work till Chisel actually brigns IMC integration back in
  • re-added Botania compat:
    • conveyor belts are immune to magnets
    • terrasteel bullets are back
    • armed the potatoes
  • re-added Wolfpack Cartridges!
  • changed Water- and Windmills to use normal TESR again after all
  • changed Lanterns to be rotateable with the hammer
  • changed a load of Assembler functionality. Fixed fluid crafting and container items
  • changed multiblocks in the manual to indicate whether the components are in your inventory
  • changed arcfurnace to output slag faster
  • fixed lighting on wires and connectors (thanks Malte)
  • fixed wire rendering accross chunks; they split into two renders to at least give indication now (thanks Malte)
  • fixed recipes for Faraday Armor
  • fixed incorrect checks for empty lists when creating ingredient stacks
  • fixed Universal Bucket being initialized too late
  • fixed crashes relating to missign Railgun ammo
  • fixed Wooden Posts not extending arms
  • fixed derpy looking railgun and missing sounds on the Revolver
  • fixed windmills not recognizing walls properly
  • fixed JEI rendering for Metal Press and Crusher
  • fixed multiple capability issues on IE tiles
  • fixed conveyors shooting items out to the sides when inserted into
  • fixed floodlights crashing on placement
  • fixed balloons not being consumed when placed in the air and suffocating players
  • fixed conveyors from the creative menu being unplaceable
  • fixed dieselgen crashing for invalid fuel
  • fixed rotations on the bucket wheel
  • fixed broken renderign on the ear defenders
  • fixed drill and chemthrower losing fluid when modifying
  • fixed shiftclicking bullets into the revolver
  • fixed dieselgen and refinery not accepting fluids when mirrored
  • fixed hemp being plantable on non-farmland
  • fixed arcfurnace consuming too many additives
  • various other small fixes!

Version 0.10-38 - BUILT
  • added the new IConveyorBelt system
    • fully dynamic conveyor system, with custom models and all
    • addon mods can easily add their own!
    • features magnet prevention. Works on EIO, in future BM and Reliquary (?)
  • added Crusher recipe for coke blocks
  • re-added EIO compat, mostly Arc Recipes
  • fixed Assembler not assembling (thanks Alex)
  • fixed Chemthrower Projectiles making arrow noises
  • possible fix for the black rendering wires
  • fixed (finally, hopefully) the desync caused by forming Coke Oven and Blast Furnace

Version 0.10-37 - BUILT
  • added the new IBullet system!
    • bullets are no longer based on metadata, but use NBT tags to differentiate types, their abilities are handled externally
    • updated manual accordingly
  • added recipe for leaded concrete
  • changed Conveyors to have a better placement system
  • fixed crashes when shiftclicking in revolver gui
  • fixed slots not assignign properly in revolver gui
  • fixed a bunch of manual things

Version 0.10-36 - BUILT
  • added Hemp Seeds to Forestry's bags
  • changed Windmill and Improved Windmill to have models with 90% less polys. PERFORMANCE!
  • removed unnecesary debug outprints
  • fixed NPE in manual
  • fixed issues on the manual's mineral pages
  • fixed models for coresamples

Version 0.10-35 - BUILT
  • re-added Open Computers compat
  • cahnged waterwheel and windmills to use FastTESR
  • fixed NPE in ShapedIngredientRecipe
  • fixed Treated Wood display in the TCon Book

Version 0.10-34 - BUILT
  • added TCon alloy recipes
  • fixed crash in earmuff recipe, using a client access method
  • fixed arc alloy recipes having too little output
  • prepping for FastTESR hopefully soon!

Version 0.10-33 - BUILT
  • fixed crashes when break smart models, parsed texture into baked builder
  • fixed ItemRenders for multiblocks
  • fixed rendering of Wind- and Watermills
  • fixed entrylsits in the manual being short
  • fixed the forming of multiblocks scrambling the player's inventory
  • fixed treated wood recipe consuming buckets (Forge Bug, really...)
  • fixed machines crashign when fillign buckets internally

Version 0.10-31 - BUILT
  • added Redstone Wire connector
  • cleaned up recipes and manual a little
  • fixed wire rendering
  • fixed crash with cart shaders

Version 0.10-30 - BUILT
  • UPDATE TO 1.10.2

Version 0.9-29 - BUILT
  • UPDATE TO 1.9.4
  • mostly port, movign stuff to new fluid systems, capabilities, etc
  • moved 3D Maneuver gear. It didn't fit the style of hte mod and was incredibly glitchy

Version 0.8-28 - BUILT
  • re-added the Floodlight back in
  • re-added the transformers that can attach to posts (thanks Malte)
  • re-added the ability for the pump to not create cobblestone and improved the pump (thanks Malte)
  • added the Faraday Suit, an armor to survive tesla coils and allow for lightshows! (code by Malte, art by Mr. Hazard)
  • added sound and nicer animations to the metal press
  • added new textures for the Capacitors! Celebrating IE's one year of public release! :D
  • changed recipes for WireCoil. They now take wire which is made out of plate with shears/wirecutters or with the metal press
  • changed wirecutters to take durability damage when removing wires from connectors
  • added fluorescent tubes. They glow when near a tesla coil! (thanks Malte)
  • added a "Bad Eyesight" config to make the manual render in darker, bold font. Can mess up formatting
  • fixed a crash and dupe bug with the toolbox (thanks Malte)
  • fixed weird render issues and crashes with multiblocks (thanks Malte)
  • fixed silo voiding items (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a crash when exploding bullets hit reactive creatures like endermen (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a crash when pumping fluids out of sheetmetal tanks (thanks Malte)
  • fixed rotation bug on the bucketwheel (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a bug where houses try to spawn the nonexistent villager
  • fixed most IE blocks letting through light when they shouldn't (thanks Malte)

Version 0.8-27 - BUILT
  • re-added documentation on biodiesel (thanks Malte)
  • re-added the Assembler! For all your autocrafting needs!
  • changed the plantoil value for hemp seeds back to what it was in 1.7.10
  • changed internal rendering of connectors to use vflip again rather than flipped textures (thanks Malte)
  • changed conveyor belts to halt their animation when red
  • added comparator support to the current transformer (thanks Malte)
  • added a hacky workaround for WAILA making wires look bad (WAILA should fix this, but we'll manage) (thanks Malte)
  • added a manual page for Uranium Ore
  • added a proper sound to the revolver firing
  • added the Tesla Coil! It will shock you!
  • added the ability to allow Tinkers Tools to the toolbox, as well as a better API to allow adding them (thanks Malte)
  • fixed sheetmetal tanks showing the wrong structure in the manual
  • fixed recipe for leaded concrete stairs
  • fixed gunpowder barrels exploding when punched
  • fixed pipes not visually connecting to refinery
  • fixed the arc furnace only processing one item at a time (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the arc furnace voiding items if the first output slot is full (thanks Malte)
  • fixed TESR render crash (I still totally blame Vanilla/Forge for that) (thanks Malte)
  • fixed invisible molten metals in Tinkers compat (thanks Malte)
  • fixed pipes not transferring properly (thanks Malte)
  • fixed invisible wires on balloons (thanks Malte)
  • fixed balloons not being placeable in mid air (thanks Malte)
  • fixed bottles not getting filled in squeezer/fermenter (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Skyhook pulling people into walls (thanks Malte)
  • fixed Dropping Conveyors not dropping (thanks Malte)
  • fixed entities getting stuck on uphill conveyors (thanks Malte)
  • fixed scaffolding not beign climbable (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the crusher still hurting entities even when turned off (thanks Malte)
  • fixed IE blocks not being chiselable (thanks Malte)
  • fixed maneuver gear dupe bug (thanks Malte)
  • fixed furnaces not lighting up when using external heater (thanks Malte)
  • fixed scaffolding not being placeable while jumping (thanks Malte)
  • fixed preheaters not consuming power correctly and not having a manual entry
  • fixed crusher crushing entities on collision

Version 0.8-26 - BUILT
  • added a load of Tinkers Construct compat:
    • Treated Wood tool material. Similar to normal wood, but no splinters
    • Constantan tool material. Additional weapon effects based on biome temperature
    • Slime Fluids works in the chemthrower again
    • fixed smeltery alloy recipe for Constantan
  • re-added InvTweaks compat to the Wooden Crates
  • re-added Railgun and Chemthrower documentation to the manual
  • buffed the default damage of the Railgun
  • changed silver bullets to do extra damage to undead (Witchery isn't updated, so they'd be useless otherwise)
  • fixed Multiblocks looking derpy when formed (thanks Malte)
  • fixed connection offsets on transformers (thanks Malte)
  • improved connections on transformers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed connections on pipes looking weird and broken (thanks Malte)

Version 0.8-25 - BUILT
  • wires can transfer across unloaded chunks now! :D (thanks Malte)
  • added reinforced (creeper-proof) storage crates
  • changed voltmeter to allow measuring between two non-output points (thanks Malte)
  • fixed an NPE in rendering
  • fixed fluid pipes not rendering properly
  • fixed invalidly added recipe to create dusts where no ignots exist
  • fixed missing coke dust recipe
  • fixed Arc Furnace not having solid sides
  • fixed NPE in Improve Blast Furnace's capabilities
  • fixed Crash with the Mining Drill (thanks Malte)
  • fixed watermill outputting less than it should because of broken math (thanks Malte)
  • fixed extremely high losses on wires (thanks Malte)
  • fixed insulating glass being opaque (thanks Malte)
  • ported miscellaneous other fixes from 1.7 (thanks Malte)
  • added zh_CN localization (thanks to 3TUSK, Amamiya-Nagisa, bakaxyf, CannonFotter, crafteverywhere, IamAchang, Joccob, LYDfalse, UUUii)

Version 0.8-24 - BUILT
  • massive shoutout to Malte for figuring out some proper wire rendering! :D
  • added compat for DenseOres (crushing/smelting)
  • fixed lanterns not emitting light
  • fixed silver bullets causing a crash
  • fixed gunpowder barrels crashing because of a duplicate datamarker
  • fixed gunpowder barrels dropping from explosions
  • fixed CokeOvens not interacting with hoppers
  • fixed wires not outputting to RF-only receivers (thanks Malte)
  • fixed connections on HV relays (thanks Malte)
  • fixed a crash caused by hammering the top/bottom of a wooden post
  • fixed the stackoverflow in sheetmetal tanks
  • fixed the themoelectric gen crashing (thanks Malte)
  • fixed the waterwheels breaking more other wheels (thanks Malte)
  • fixed textures on stone slabs (thanks Malte)


Immersive Engineeringの導入方法

前提として「MOD解説/MinecraftForge」に従って【Minecraft Forge】を導入する。
  1. 指定されているフォルダの中に、ダウンロードした ImmersiveEngineering-*****.jar をjarファイルのままコピー&貼り付けする。
  2. 必要に応じて、ConnectedTexturesModを導入する。
  3. マインクラフトを起動、ログインしてタイトル画面まで進めたなら導入成功。

  1. 上記の手順に従って、シングルプレイ用に Immersive Engineering を導入する。
  2. 必要に応じて、ConnectedTexturesModを導入する。
  3. サーバー主側から指定がある場合は、指示通りにコンフィグファイルを修正し、 Immersive Engineering 以外のMODも導入する。
  4. 対象のサーバーにログイン。

前提として「MOD解説/MinecraftForge」に従って【Minecraft Forge】を導入する。
  1. 指定されているフォルダの中に、ダウンロードした Immersive Engineering をjar(zip)ファイルのままコピー&貼り付けする。
  2. サーバーを起動。正常に起動し、MOD内容が反映されていれば導入は終了。


Immersive Engineering 0.12 - 84
Immersive Engineering 0.11 - 63
Immersive Engineering 0.10 - 61
Immersive Engineering 0.8 - 32

  • ◆Minecraft 1.8.9
  • Latest Minecraft Forge
Immersive Engineering v0.7.7
  • ◆Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Latest Minecraft Forge





Immersive Petroleum(製作者:Flaxbeard氏)[1.12.X/1.11.2/1.10.2]

Immersive Railroading(製作者:trainman264氏)[1.12.X/1.11.X/1.10.X]

Immersive Tech(製作者:FerroO2000氏)[1.12.X]

Immersive Cables(製作者:SanAndreasP氏)[1.12.2/1.10.2]

Alternating Flux(製作者:AntiBlueQuirk氏)[1.12.2]

Engineer's Doors(製作者:Nihiltres氏)[1.12.2]

Immersive Integration(製作者:UnwrittenFun氏)[1.7.10]


インターフェイス 説明




前提に使用する【Minecraft Forge】も非常に競合の原因になりやすいMODである。
また、単純な競合の他に、【Minecraft Forge】本体との互換性問題もある。詳しくは「MOD解説/MinecraftForge」のページも参照の事。


  • 編集に関わらない内容のコメント・質問・雑談は一律して削除されます。
  • 投稿の前に一度コメントログに目を通し、既に同じ内容が載っていないか確認して下さい。
  • 投稿の際は必ず前提MOD及びそのMODのバージョンを明記し、様々なケースを試した上で報告して下さい。
  • 投稿されているコメントへの返信の際は、返信したいコメント横の○にチェックを入れて返信して下さい。
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