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Super TIME Force」の最新版変更点



+Super TIME Force
+|198X Completed!|Complete the 198X time zone&br()198X time zoneをクリアする|15|
+|Year 673 Completed!|Complete the Medieval time zone&br()Medieval time zoneをクリアする|15|
+|Year 3072 Completed!|Complete the Future City time zone&br()Future City time zoneをクリアする|15|
+|1,000,000 BC Completed!|Complete the Prehistoric time zone&br()Prehistoric time zoneをクリアする|15|
+|Year 199X Completed!|Complete the Post-Apocalypse time zone&br()Post-Apocalypse time zoneをクリアする|15|
+|9600 BC Completed!|Complete the Ancient Atlantis time zone&br()Ancient Atlantis time zoneをクリアする|15|
+|Infinity|Defeat Dr. Infinity&br()Dr.Infinityを倒す|30|
+|Speed Freak|Complete any level with 30 seconds remaining on the clock&br()いずれかのlevelを30秒以上残してクリアする|20|
+|Talent Scout|Add a new team member to the Super Time Force&br()Super Time Forceに新しいチームメンバーを加える|10|
+|Something Smells Rank|Achieve your first STF rank on any level&br()いずれかのlevelで初めてSTFランクを獲得する|20|
+|They Are Looking|This ones totally a secret but you'll know it when you see it so hustle and look sharp&br()これは完全に秘密だが、角張った急かすものを見る時それを知る事が出来るだろう|10|
+|Gotta Save Them All!|Complete any level without leaving any saveable team members behind&br()いずれかのlevelを救出可能なチームメンバーを一人も見捨てることなくクリアする|20|
+|Baby's First Glorb|Get your first Glorb Badge&br()初めてGlorb Badgeを獲得する|10|
+|Number One Shard|Get your first Shard badge&br()初めてShard Badgeを獲得する|10|
+|All of the Glorbs|Collect all glorbs in the game&br()全てのGlorbを獲得する|20|
+|OMG You Sharded!|Shatter or collect all shards in the game&br()全てのShardを獲得する|20|
+|Asplosion|Use Jef's highly explosive rocket launcher to explode 15 enemies on a single level&br()1levelの間にJefのhighly explosive rocket launcherで敵を15体爆発させる|10|
+|The Runs|Complete a... clean... run of any level using only Squirty Harry&br()清掃…完了… いずれかのlevelをSquirty Harryのみを使用してクリアする|20|
+|Defence is the New Offence|Beat any level using only Shieldy Blockerson&br()いずれかのlevelをShieldy Blockersonのみを使用してクリアする|15|
+|I Challenge You to a Duel|Complete a Medieval level using only Lou Don Jim&br()MedievalのlevelをLou Don Jimのみを使用してクリアする|10|
+|3 Birds 1 Stone|Kill 3 enemies with a single Charged shot from Aimy McKillin&br()Aimy McKillinのCharged shot1発で3体の敵を倒す|10|
+|Range of Fire|Fire 7 different charged attacks in a single level&br()1つのlevelで異なる7種類のcharged attackを撃つ|10|
+|Impartiality|Complete any level using at least 6 different members of the Super Time Force&br()いずれかのlevelを少なくとも6人の異なるSuper Time Forceのメンバーを使用してクリアする|10|
+|Head Banger|Kill any enemy by bouncing on it's head, plumber-style&br()配管工風に、いずれかの敵をその敵の頭上で飛び跳ねて倒す|10|
+|That Was Quick|Die within 3 seconds of spawning&br()出現から3秒以内に死ぬ|10|
+|Whole Lotta Lead|Fire 5000 rounds with Jean Rambois' machine gun&br()Jean Ramboisのmachine gunを5000発撃つ|15|
+|Team Player|Prevent the death of 50 members of the Super Time Force&br()Super Time Forceのメンバー50人の死を防ぐ|20|
+・Something Smells Rank
+・They Are Looking
+・All of the Glorbs
+・OMG You Sharded!
+・Head Banger