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Operation Zenkoji 4.26


It made it big.

The group of monks visiting Zenkoji Temple to offer the payer of gratitude

Is Japan supporting china? NO WAY!

Many Japanese people are very much concerning for the human rights issue in Tibets and
working for the protesting campaign against Olympic torch relay.

We are NOT trying to extinguish nor rob the olympic torch as the original Olympic tocrch has already settled in China.
We believe that violence doesn't change anything.

Due to the powerful media which portrayed only the shocking scenes of the western protests including some violence , extinguishing the Olympic flame is also seen as a form of violence within the Japanese society, which infuriates the current situations of Tibet.
And as a response , we the tibet supporters in Japan, feel strong about showing the public our non-violent way.

What are we working out for then? Trying to stop the torch relay itself.
The relay has planed to start at ZENKOJI , an old buddhist temple in Nagano.
So many people are raising their voices to the temple, against the relay and not to start it from.

Our campaign includs urging the city of Nagano that the local government should boycott the torch relay.
This is The ''OPERATION ZENKOJI" all about. It means no extinguish of the torch but get rid of the relay itself.
Though we are not sure if the campaign will result to the impact raised by other cities of the world yet, but please help give our best shot !
It may not be as strong as it was in other places but we will show bloodless and no violence Japanese message
by saying farewell to bloody Olympic. (We will have some alternative actions in cases, of course.)

Let us suggest all those who are reading this message. Take meaningful actions for Free Tibets.
Try to send the right message to China and it doesn't have to be along with violence.

Our final goal will be complete refusal of the Olympic in China throughout of all those campaigns.
Moreover, we should search for the alternative Olympic hosts and places such as Paris, the city
once was the candidate for, or produce new worldwide multi-spots Olympic!!

It is China that has to stop the aggression and violence to Tibets, as well as to other autonomous regions.Let's stand up for it. Let's take an action for it. Let's make it in an effective way.
Japan continues to walk for peace forever and more.

Please help spread the word of this campaign in your country ! -- (zali)

Urgent action

Let's send the protest against the acceptance of the torch relay.

Meeting that can end that registers World Heritage of Zenkoji Temple

Remarks of the city staff in Nagano

City mayor of Nagano showed "There seemed to be a person who protested against Zenkoji Temple" and the unpleasantness.
It was reviled that some Tibet support group were given with false information by Nagano city council when they enquired for a permission for the use of a park for protest gathering along the torch run .
they were refused of obtaining a permit under a false information which said that the police won't grant them to do so.
same Nagano city council staff are noted for commenting on a torch protest overseas as ”A foolish thing”。
You can watch a video footage of a furious man makes official visit to confront the city mayor for this allegation with Tibetan flag here.

Mayor in Nagano City(Secretary division)

Nagano City Physical education section

Nagano City Cultural asset section
It aims at registration to World Heritage.

Please help spread the word of this campaign in your country !

Japanese News

The translation service is used. There might be a wrong mark and a strange expression. Please forgive me.

[Torch Relay] Nagano Japan: Zenkoji Temple withdraws from Olympic Torch Relay - The monks solidarity with Tibet -

The Buddhist Zenkoji Temple in Nagano on 18th April, Friday said it has decided to withdraw from plans to host Japan's opening stage of the Olympic torch relay on 26 April. The city of Nagano would change the starting point of the relay. While the relay has been dogged by protests over Tibet, Nagano would review the relay route for the security reason.

The temple officials visited Nagano City Hall in the Friday Morning to refuse the relay.

"As Buddhists, we are also concerned that Chinese authorities are suppressing the human rights of Tibetans", Zenkoji Temple Secretary, Shinsho Wakaomi told a press conference and made it clear that the reason of withdraw is out of solidarity with Tibet.
The temple's decision was made by consensus on the previous day.

'We share a strong feeling that we are the same Buddhists as Tibetans' one of the Zenkoji monk said.

The city of Nagano will modify the route within the weekend but will make the least possible changes.

Japanese politician Kono, with a pro-Chinese tilt meets Chinese FM Yang Jiechi

House of Representatives Speaker Yohei Kono met visiting Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi on 18th April at chairman's residence. Kono said Japanese side is expecting Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit to Japan in May, and the good wishes to Beijing Olympic.

'I wish China will solve the Tibet issue without making it an international issue' said Kono, contradicting the chinese authorities describing it an 'internal affair'.

'China needs to care the high level of international attention to human right and better modify the publicity' said Kono. While the torch relay has been dogged by protests over Tibet, he only expected the good wishes to Beijing Olympic. 'I highly praise that Japan regards Tibet issue as China's internal affair' said Yang Jiechi, appreciating profoundly the statement by Kono.

Chief Secretary of Liberal Democratic Party Fumiaki Ibuki met Chinese FM on the same day.
'International media has failed to convey China's stance properly. Media needs to realize that China is ready for dialogue with Dalai Lama' said Ibuki, defending Chinese authorities.

'Stun gun in Nagano' is posted on the Bulletin Board popular with chinese students in Tokyo

There is no end to the number of arrests for warning murder or bombing on internet. While they could tell it is bad, those people thrills to make a horrifying announcement. However, most of the warnings are not executed and have no reality.
An alpha-blogger and the owner of 'Tenkan Nichijo', bulletin board popular with chinese students in Tokyo, found a threatening post that spoke about attacking pro-Tibetan protesters with the stun guns, in the thread to discuss about torch relay cheers in Nagano.
Some Tibet supporters in Japan are concerned that the warning has reality.

Chinese Student Union in Japan said on 17th April that it has planned to send about 2,000 chinese students in Japan to Nagano for cheering Olympic Torch relay on 26th.

'We are planning a peaceful cheer. If the protests (against Tibet supporters) occurs, It will be controlled by Japanese police' said Union President Li. "We are calling for the participants not to cause any conflict nor violence.

The participants consist of chinese students from almost 100 Japanese universities and chinese working in Japan. The chinese participants from Tokyo is traveling to Nagano by 30-40 charter bus in the 26th morning. From the other area in Japan, they will get to Nagano independently.

The union ordered a large amount of Chinese Flags from China. With the campaign slogan 'From Nagano to Beijin' and ' One world, One dream' , it wishes to appeal the image of Chinese patriotism and peace.

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met Japanese former Prime Minister Tomoichi Murayana and the other visiting Japanese politicians at Beijing on 18th.

'Stable and long-term Sino-Japanese friendship will bring in the benefits for both side and also contribute to the peace and stability not only in Asia but in the world.' said Xi. ' Chinese President Hu Jintao's official visit to Japan (in May) will beneficial to Japan and China.'
Xi expressed his wishes to cooperate with Japanese side to make the visit successful.

Japanese former PM Murayama said Japanese people are warmly expecting Chinese President's visit and wished this time's visit would produce for both sides. 'Japanese people are supporting and expecting the good wishes to Beijing Olympic' said Murayama.

Zenkoji Temple, Nagano's city symbol, refused torch relay on 18th, The city officials accepted its decision and the relay route will be modified. 80 torchbearers (celebrities, athletes and regular citizens) covering a total of 18.5 kilometers are upset about the unexpected change.

'To be honest, I'm concerned about interruption. But as JOC commissioned me, I would try my best. I hope there will be no interruption.' said torchbearer Sahori Yoshida (25), gold medalist in wrestling at Athens Olympic.
Mizuno, a sponsor of Shingo Suetugu(27), a track-and-field athlete, commented that he had not changed his mind (to run in the torch relay).

Meanwhile, a sponsor office of some celebrity torch runner anonymously expressed a disappointment. 'It's not sure if he(she) will still participate. We should face to the social condition' said the office nervously. Coca- Cola cancelled plans to sponsor a float in torch relay. Coca-Cola Japan has picked out authorized NPO Special Olympics honorary chairperson Kayoko Hosokawa as a torch runner. 'Commenting at this point is unnecessary' said Coca-Cola Japan.

Even some civil runners refused an interview in this situation. 'Zenkoji Temple is symbol of Nagano. I am very disappointed (that the temple refused the torch relay), but I accept its decision. The relay will be strictly guarded, so I would be OK. ' said civil runner Jyunich Takahashi (37), office worker in Nagano City.

Yuko Arimori (41), medalist at both Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics, received an interview as a torch runner. 'I understand that Zenkoji Temple protested over Tibet. The temple has a right to make its own decision and I don't have to interfere in it'. she said ' Tibet issue may be tough to torch runners and athletes. But if the torch relay is contributing to grab the attention to Tibet and giving the chance to call for peace, this is great. I want to run for the world peace. Those chinese guard (in blue track suits) are not necessary. Olympic does not belong only to the host (China), but Olympic is peaceful festivities belonging to everyone. If China thinks the Olympic belongs only to China, it's wrong' (Partly abbreviated)

[Nagano Olympic Torch] Will it be possible to glance at Olympic Flame? 80 riot policemen are to escort the torch.

Japanese security authorities has established the line to beef up the riot policemen to escort the torch up to 80 to make 30-meter-long 'Human Security Barrier' for the Beijing Olympics torch relay on April 26th in Nagano.

The torch will be obscured by people along the route. 'Providing the extra security can't be helped' said the security authorities.

Zenkoji Temple has withdrawn from plans to host the opening stage of the torch relay. The city of Nagano narrowed down the area for alternative starting point to the old public facility site locating on the west by the approach of Zenkoji Temple. The modification of the starting point will be soon announced officially.

About 20 policemen will be deployed on both side of the torch runner, from who the barrier extends about 30 meters. The decision to increase security was made after the protests over Tibet has attempted to disrupt the torch relay in other countries.

City of Nagano Executive Committee accepted the 2 Chinese guard torch team inside of the above-mentioned Human Security Barrier.

Nagano Prefectural Police has sought assistance from neighboring prefectural police headquarters. About 3100 members will be deployed to provide a heavy security(2300 members from Nagano Prefectural Police + 800 assisting members).

Out of 4 alternative starting points of the torch relay, the city of Nagano narrowed down to the old working people's welfare center site. The site is a vacant lot along Prefectural road and a setting for opening ceremony will be easily done. Moreover, by only filling the 3 legs(about 550 meters) that Zenkoji Temple has withdrawn, no more change needs to be made from the original plan.

A blue sacred fire guard member is not welcomed.

The guard member of the blue jersey appearance to do Namisou to the torch relay runner of the Beijing Olympics in British London etc. is told and the relay of the Nagano city the 26th is told the visit to Japan.
Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission was an interview after the Cabinet Council on the 11th, and it was said, "What position it was is not understood well".
"The guard to do a smooth relay of the torch is roles of us who consists of Nagano prefectural police. I do not welcome the idea named Japan in other countries because I ran either. "It spoke.

Nagano City cancels the sacred fire commemoration event.

"Torch relay commemoration event" that had been scheduled in Nagano previous Olympic Stadium since 14 o'clock Saturday, April 26 has been canceled by convenience.

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