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  • <b>Bill Bartmann – Opportunity Seeker – Spotting Profitable Opportunities</b>

    Bill Bartmann asks, “If it’s such a great opportunity, why are you offering it to me?”

    Bill Bartmann says it is important to recognize an opportunity and to realize that every opportunity has a cost. Even profitable opportunities have their negatives; one must be able to see this and act accordingly.

    Bill Bartmann began his career as a self-made billionaire after recovering from a serious injury and being told he would never walk again. Five months later, he walked out of the hospital and got on the right path to financial success.

    Bill Bartmann’s path led him to an opportunity to become a billionaire in the debt collection businesses. Yes, this is an industry with a bad reputation; debt collectors are somewhere below politicians and scam artists. Since few people want to go into this business, Bartmann saw an opportunity for less competition and more profit.

    Bill Bartmann broke the mold and redefined the debt collections industry to make over a billion dollars. His company earned the praise of Working Woman Magazine for being the “Top 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers.”

    Bill Bartmann wants to share an opportunity with the world, including ordinary citizens, beginning and seasoned investors and entrepreneurs. Anyone can make money buying bad loans for pennies on the dollar.

    Bill Bartmann made his fortune in ‘90s, buying defaulted loans during the last big-time government bailout. This time around:

    The Bailout is Much BIGGER
    Opportunities for profit are Much GREATER
    You have a Roadmap to Wealth in the form of Bill Bartmann’s book, Bailout Riches!

    Bill Bartmann is the author of Bailout Riches: How Everyday Investors Can Make a Fortune Buying Bad Loans for Pennies on the Dollar. The book recently became an Amazon #1 world-wide best-seller. Bill Bartmann has been in every major newspaper and is frequently interviewed on television.

    Here is your opportunity to get your roadmap to wealth with Bill Bartmann’s Book, Bailout Riches! http://www.roadtomajorwealth.com
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    If you want to learn how to make a fortune in this current financial market, you may want to listen to my interview with self made billionaire Bill Bartmann. He explains how to take advantage of the current bank failures to make a fortune!

    He also told that it could be done with OPM – Other Peoples Money, and you do not need any cash yourself.

    It was an incredible call and he even offered for a select few that he is looking for business partners! You can actually "partner" with Bill Bartmann!!!

    Click Here To Hear The Interview

    Here’s a little info about Bill Bartmann in case you did not know his resume.

    Bill is the nation’s foremost expert on entrepreneurship and has been inducted into the Entrepreneur of the Year Hall of Fame.

    Among his many other credentials:

    * Inc. Magazine called him “The Billionaire Nobody Knows”
    * USA Today called him “One of the USA’s Richest Men”
    * Even Mother Theresa, Bill Cosby, Lou Holtz, and Donny Deutsch have highly endorsed him.

    I am going to interview Bill and get the hard core truth about this business.

    Here is what you will learn from this call:

    * How this business can be launched with no start up cash
    * How to identify non-performing assets to purchase
    * The 5 steps to purchasing loans for pennies on the dollar
    * How to borrow the money from the bank to purchase loans
    * Why this opportunity has a two year time span to capitalize on
    * How Bill Bartmann bought his first box of loans for $13,000 and a decade later had a net worth of more than $3.5 Billion.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Bill-Bartmann-Articles http://www.google.com/profiles/billbartmann
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