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Urgent campaign

Join Candle in My Window - for Tibet

Join half a million that already have done so

Join the Biggest Show of Support Ever - for Tibet

On Thursday Aug 7th, the night before the Olympic Games start

Join Candle in My Window - for Tibet

Light a Candle for Tibet at your home, workplace or in a public place.

You will not be alone. Many millions around the world will do the same in prayer for freedom and hope.

And our candles will be seen by billions on TV screens all over the world on the day the Olympics open. Tibet will not be forgotten.
Join http://www.candle4tibet.or

g/ today and invite all your friends to join too.

We can do it. The world will be watching us.

Please forward this email to as many of your contacts as you can. Every single one of them can be a new engine for our growth.

Campaign for a Tibet/China talk at the forthcoming G8 summit at Lake

Toya in Hokkaido, Japan.

Has the boycott that you did achieved the result?

Please buy the product of the rival company.
The photograph and the receipt are affixed, and the message is sent to the
Olympics corporate sponsor.
It might be also good for the Coca-Cola to send an empty can of Pepsi.
Pressure is made to be put from the sponsor to IOC, and pressure is made to be put from IOC to China.
I want to do the sponsor to not the enemy but the ally.
I want to do IOC to not the enemy but the ally.
Let's expand this activity all over the world.

Operation Civil Olympics

We did not wish to watch neither the torch relay with angry protests or our own representatives honourably receive thier medal by the same people who supported genocide in Tibet In bloody Olympics of China.

Members of public in japan succeeded to boycott the starting ceremony of torch reley by a peaceful protest. It shows that we can still reshape our Olympics to the shape we wish to have.

When the IOC choose China for the host counrty of next Olympics , they made China to promise to improve on human rights issues.
So,naturally they still have sole responsibility to negotiate with China.
(We wish that we do not have to campaign for the new IOC!”)

Our effort do not just stop there, we call for your help on creating a contact list of all associated bodies such as sponsors and supporters are like to meet as much protest as possible .

To IOC (or your own country's Olympic committee)
IOC http://www.olympic.org/

Mr J Rogge (or insert a name of your own Olympic committee chair )

In light of the IOC's Olympic Truce commitment "to create a window of opportunities for dialogue, reconciliation and the resolution of conflicts...and to encourage political leaders to act in favour of peace" (www.olympic.org), it is clear that the IOC ideals and values are very applicable for Tibet as we approach the 2008 Games. The IOC has long contended that awarding Beijing the 2008 Games will improve human rights in China, but as we have seen in the past month,this is clearly not the case.

I do not believe that the China, with a clear violation of human rights condition in Tibet is simply not fit to be the host country for the Olympics.
If the Olympics must go ahead in China, I urge you to demend the following conditions.

1; An immediate end to the current crackdown and any persecution within Tibet and the release of all those who have been arrested and detained and Provide the provision of proper medical treatment to the injured.

2; immediate lift to the media black out and foreign journalists be allowed unfettered access to Tibet and Tibetan regions of China.
and sending of an independent international body, to investigate the unrest and its underlying causes.

3; unconditional talk with the Dalai lama to negotiate full autonomy for the Tibetan people by calling on the Chinese government to hold the next round of negotiations with the Tibetan government-in-exile in a third country, attended by independent observers.

If these demands are not met , I believe you must object the china's right to host the Olympics , and start to explore other places and time to open this years Olympics outside of china.
(Please add your personal requests and views to these points)

yours sincerely,
(your name)

Wishing for the world peace means changing our existing world, right? So let's get going and participate and be proud of ourselves,we all have a right to declare ”I made a difference”. Don't you think it will be so cool to boast to our kids and grand-kids ,”We have changed the course of the Olympics once for human rights and peace”? 

Please spread this campain by forwarding this email to all bulletin board of your community and friends .

Please also send us a contact information of your country's Olympic committee and it's associated groups for our campain list.

Thank you.
Free Tibet!

More information -> OperationCivilOlympics

Monks visiting Zenkoji Temple to offer a prayer of thanks.

Nagano's Zenkoji Temple has withdrawn it's plans to host the opening stage of the Beijing Olympic torch relay in Japan. Some reports say that the decision received a mixed reception in Nagano city. We feel this likely disappointed people who were expecting a peaceful torch parade though Nagano.
However, there have been many Tibetan casualties since the peaceful protest against the oppression of human rights on March 7th. Monks, joined by lay people protested in Tibet and were violently suppressed by armed forces.
To this day there is still a total media ban on foreign journalists in
Tibet and the current situation is unknown to the general public.
You may recall that the international media widely reported when Tibetan 
monks, risking their lives, tearfully pleaded with the press at Jokhang
Trulnang Temple, in Lhasa and Labrang Tashikhyil Monastery in Amdo.
In order to explain how the Tibetans' human rights have been deprived by
the Chinese authorities, we would like to give three examples:
1) The Tibetan language is not an official language in The Tibetan Autonomous Region or any of the other Tibetan provinces of Amdo and Kham (now annexed into China's Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and Gansu provinces). This clearly shows that substantial autonomy has not been achieved yet. The term "Autonomous" is really just a name, not a practice.
2) While Tibetan females are encouraged to marry Chinese men, the reverse, Tibetan men marrying Chinese women is resented. If, for example,
the Japanese government would impose a like unspoken rule (discouraging Chinese men from marrying Japanese women), the Chinese Authorities would find it unacceptable.
3) While there are 13,000 business establishments and hotels in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, only 300 or so are owned and operated by Tibetans. This situation has only served to exacerbate the economic gap between Chinese migrants and Tibetans.
We hope that the above examples clearly show the dire situation of
the Tibetans in their own country.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet, consistently shows through his commitment as a Buddhist that Tibetans can
make a great contribution for the well being of this world; as Buddhists
and through their culture and practices. Tibet, with its priceless culture within our now global community and its unique and wonderful Buddhism is
facing the danger of cultural extinction.
I urge all the Buddhists in the world to stand up for a peaceful protest to save Tibet. We would like to show our solidarity with Tibet, as Japanese Buddhism monks, by visiting Zenkoji Temple to offer a payer of gratitude for the brave protests.
Zenkoji memorial ceremony:
April 26th, 2008 at 6:30 a.m. in front of the Zenkoji temple's main hall in Nagano.
At 7 a.m. we will join the memorial ceremony for the recent Tibetan casualties being hosted at the Zenkoji temple's main hall.
Avocates :
Rev. Shuei Kobayashi , Priest of Juzenin Temple & Chairman of Japan Committee for Tibet.
Re.v. Gensho Ooki , Executive of Enkyoji Tendai- denominational head temple, Himeji.
Rev. Tetsuyo Takatsuji , Priest of Entsuin Temple & EXCO of Nagoya Peace March for Tibet.
Rev. Shoko Imoto , Priest of Hoonji Temple& Representative of Catuddisa Sangha.
Rev. Taiken Kamikawa , Priest of Koshoji Temple & Chairman of Catuddisa Sangha Hokkaido.
Supporters, Shigeharu Aoyama, President, Japan's Independent Institutes co.,Ltd.
Pema Gyalpo, Director of Tibet Cuture Center International, Tokyo & Prof. of
Toin Yokohama Univ.

Operation Zenkoji

It made it big. ->Operation Zenkoji

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April 21st, 2008 - The launch of the "Monks for Peace" press conference is held.

  • Regarding the memorial service at Zenkoji temple on April 26th

As a member of the "Monks for Peace" who have been involved in
organizing the memorial ceremony inspired by Zenkoji temple,
I would like to make a statement.

In this world, there are many different races, ethnicities,
countries and religions. As Buddhists we pray that despite the
inevitable differences between each of us, the world will be
harmonious in it's diversity and that through compassion we can
have a deep understanding of each other that results in world peace.
I believe that the philosophy of equality is the very sprit of
the Olympic charter.

However, what has happening in Tibet began prior to the start
of the torch relay and has taught us the reality of the
challenge we face. As you know, there were many precious Tibetan
and Kham lives lost.

When I meditate with a clear mind in order to reach out to the dead,
I can feel each individual human being's warmth, heart full of joy
and wish to live happily. This feeling reveals to me that they are
helpless victims of life's unforeseen fortune, though they are all
come from different places.

On the morning of the Beijing Olympic torch relay, we will continue
our tradition of contribution to the Olympics that started with the
opening ceremonial gong of peace during the Nagano Olympics.
In the main prayer room of the Zenkoji temple we will pray for the
spirits of all the Tibetans and Kham who were victims of this sad event
by calling out as many names as possible in a Buddhist prayer.

Through this opportunity, we would like to advocate the true
meaning of world peace beyond the division of country, ethnicity,
and religion.

From the very beginning we have sincerely supported further peace
through the Beijing Olympics. It is our deep desire to spread the
vision of equality which is stated within the Olympic charter.

Furthermore, we wish that you would contribute in creating a
truly compassionate world by helping make the Beijing Olympics

Therefore, we warmly invite those from Japan, China and other like
minded peoples from all over the world to come and pray for the
victims with us while reconfirming your hopes for world peace.


~ with hands held in prayer ~