The Tier 1 Rocket is your only vehicle which you are able to make using only materials from The Overworld. The spaceships require Rocket Fuel for liftoff.

This rocket can be loaded with 1000 fuel points (1000 mB or 1 bucket) of rocket fuel. The safe fuel level is 60%.

Other more advanced rockets are the Tier 2 Rocket and the Cargo Rocket.



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Crafting Recipe

The Tier 1 Rocket is crafted using the NASA Workbench, to craft it you must fill up all the respective slots on the workbench. The Rocket requires one Nose Cone, four Rocket Fins, one Rocket Engine, and eight Heavy Duty Platings. You can fill the top right slots with chests to increase the storage space to 18, 36 and 54 slots. You can get a pre-fueled version of every spaceship from the creative mode tab.


For voyaging to space with your new Rocket, you also need a Rocket Launch Pad as a base station. Right-click the launch pads with your Rocket and you should see your Rocket standing there. Now place a Fuel Loader adjacent to the Rocket Launch Pads and fill your Rocket with Rocket Fuel.

Now enter your Rocket by right-clicking it. You can check Fuel Level and inventory by hitting F and you can take off by pressing 'space'.

It is highly recommended to have full Oxygen Gear and a Parachute with you!

Once you started into space, you can use W/A/S/D to control your Rocket, but flying straight up is enough. Relax and enjoy your flight! After some time you see the Planet Selection Screen.

Note: breaking the vehicle causes it to lose all its fuel.

See also

Tier 2 Rocket - can reach Mars
Cargo Rocket - remote-controlled liftoff

The Rocket leaves the atmosphere at approximately layer 1200 on earth.
The Rocket takes 20 seconds to launch.
the rocket travel at maximum 20 blocks/second, so use around a minute to reach the planet selection screen.

胴体:Heavy-Duty Plating x8
安定翼:Rocket Fin x4 = (Heavy-Duty Plating x4 + Compressed Steel x2)x4
エンジン:Rocket Engine x1=Heavy-Duty Plating x4 + Compressed Steel x1 +Compressed Tin x3
ノーズコーン:Nose Cone x1 = Heavy-Duty Plating x3

Heavy-Duty Plating x31 =(Compressed Steel x2 +Compressed Aluminium x2 + Compressed Bronze x2) x 31= Compressed Steel x 62 + Compressed Aluminium * 62 + Compressed Bronze * 62
Compressed Steel x 9
Compressed Tin x3

Compressed Steel x71 = Compressed Iron x71
Compressed Bronze x62=(Compressed Copper x1 +Compressed Tin x1) x 62
Compressed Aluminium x62

Iron Ingot x 142
Copper Ingot x 124
Tin Ingot x 124
発射台にIron Ingot x35 も必要
戻ってくる分も必要。すなわちIron Ingotは212個。