The Tier 3 Rocket is a rocket that is added with Galacticraft 3. It can be unlocked by obtaining the Tier 3 Rocket Schematic from a Mars Dungeon and placing the schematic in a NASA Workbench. The Tier 3 Rocket is required in order to reach the Asteroids dimension. As with previous rocket tiers, using a Tier 3 Rocket will still allow you to reach all lower tier dimensions (i.e. Moon, Space Station, Mars). This is the fastest rocket now existing in galacticraft: it can travel at 50blocks/second, so it can reach the planet selection screen in 24 seconds.


In order to craft a Tier 3 Rocket, you will need 10 Tier 3 Heavy-Duty Plates, one Heavy Nose Cone, one Heavy Rocket Engine, four Heavy Rocket Fins, and two Tier 1 Boosters. As with both previous rocket tiers, you may add up to 3 chests in the top right slots when crafting to increase the storage capacity.