Entry Pod

The Entry Pod are a type of generated vehicle that help the player to land on the asteroids without any fall damage. This vehicle spawns along the player upon entering the dimension. Once the player has entered Asteroids, the entry pod spawn involving the player and start to fall to the surface of an asteroid. this is the only lander that cannot curve pressing w/a/s/d and, like the landing baloons, cannot accelerate/decelerate pressing shift/space. They have no crafting recipe as they cannot be crafted. It is an entity generated by the game. Entry Pod have its own inventory space which can be accessed by right-clicking the Pod. The inventory consists of the slots for the items transported by the rocket before entering the dimension, two slots to retrieve the rocket itself and Rocket Launch Pads and another slot to retrieve the remaining Rocket Fuel which can be collected with Empty Liquid Canisters. Even after exiting the Pod, the inventory can be used as a chest to store items.

The Entry Pod can be busted by punching or firing arrows. They will drop all the content except the fuel and itself.