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Task representation



XML対応 フィールド名 内容 その他
checklist_id タスクが含まれるCheckVistのID
comments_count このタスクにぶら下がるノートの数
content タスク名
deleted Attribute is present only after task deletion (and has value true). In other cases information about deleted tasks is not included to results.
detail 重要度とか表す色の情報 "mark" : fg1,fg2,fg3,bg1,bg2,bg3
due 期日 形式 : 2015/10/07
id タスクID
parent_id 親のタスクID トップレベルの場合は、JSON形式では0が入る(XMLは空)
position 同一の親タスクにぶら下がるタスクの中での順番 最初のタスクは1
status タスクの完了状態 0-open, 1-closed, 2-invalidated
tasks 子タスクのID [JSON] Javascript array of children task IDs
tags タグ [JSON] Javascript hash from tag name => isPrivate status of the tag
tags_as_text タグ名 [JSON]複数ある場合はコンマ区切り
update_line [JSON] Information about last change in the task (text string like 'updated by kir')
updated_at 最終更新のタイムスタンプ [JSON] Timestamp of the last change in the task (like 2005/02/01 15:15:10 +0000, can be passed to javascript Date object). May be empty string if the task was never updated.
notes When with_notes parameter is set to "true", this field contains a list of notes added to this task. The list of fields for each note is described below. For XML, there is a node <notes> with subnodes <node>. For JSON, property nodes refers to Javascript array of note objects.
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