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Daniel Kahl
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Earthquake Early Warning (緊急地震速報 - Kinkyu Jishin Sokuho)

The Earthquake Early Warning is an earthquake alert system provided by Japan Meteorological Agency through TV, radio and some other devices. It warns imminent strong earthquakes. It did work for the M9.0 quake on March 11. You will only have a matter of seconds after the alert, so stay calm and act fast when you see or hear it; make sure to hide yourself under something hard.

There is a good description on how it is actually issued in a Wikipedia-EN article: Earthquake Early Warning (Japan)
For further information, see also:

Nuclear Power Plants

As you know, Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants are still in a tough and unpredictable situation. The Japanese Government issued an evacuation order to people nearby. Keep your eyes on the news.

Evacuation order status

  • Fukushima Dai-ichi (No.1) Nuclear Power Plant
    • 20km-30km: STAY INDOORS
  • Fukushima Dai-ni (No.2) Nuclear Power Plant

(A relatively small amount of) radioactive material is released. To avoid internal contaminations, within 30km from Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, you must close all the windows and switch off ventilation fans and air conditioners. Avoid going outside. If you must, keep all of your skin covered in heavy clothing. Also wear a wet towel to cover your face to reduce radioactive materials entering your lungs. DO NOT drink any water or soft drinks left in a can or a bottle. When you are coming back in a building, you must change or dispose all of your clothes or accessories which were exposed to contaminated air. Dispose them outside, and do not bring them into the building.

News sources

For mobiles: NHK news English / Chinese / Korean / Portuguese / Spanish

Person Finders

There is a good summary of information in Google Crisis Response page. The following is an excerpt.

Google offers a service in Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese: Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake

NTT emergency voicemails:
171 + 1 + phone # to leave a message
172 + 1 + phone # to listen to a message

Disaster message boards provided by mobile phone careers: au by KDDI / Willcom / Softbank / NTT docomo / E-mobile provides a list of people missing in English, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, which can be updated by users.


These websites provide information on where to obtain water and food.
Also, whereabouts of toilets, petrol stations and mobile phone recharge stations are on the map.

-Spreadsheet (This list cannot be viewed from a normal mobile phone. (requires permission to access) Please view these by PC or Smartphones.)

For mobiles(Japanese only)

-Google Map Pins(This is a different information to what is listed on the above spreadsheet.)

Mobile search engine (Currently Japanese only, so if you cannot read Japanese please ask people around you)


Even if you are not in the earthquake and tsunami affected area in Japan, please try to minimize electricity usage, as there is currently a shortage of electricity supply.
Make sure to turn off lights when not in use, computers that are unattended, and TV when not watching.

Other suggested methods of saving electricity are:

  • Wear heavy clothing or anti cold climate wears to keep warm.
  • Covering up your wrist, ankle and neck will help the most.
  • Wear blankets etc, and reduce the usage of electricity based heating appliances.
  • Air Conditioners should especially be reduced in usage, as they munch electricity like crazy.
  • Use pocket warmers and hot water bottles.


022 265 2471
or 022 224 1919

Sendai City Council can provide English, Korean and Chinese language support.


Even though you do not have bank account book or hanko, as long as you have a proof of identity such as Gaijin Card (Certificate of Alien Registration, 外国人登録証明書, gaikokujin tōroku shōmeisho) or drives license or passport, you can withdraw maximum 100,000 yen.

ATM machines are still unavailable.

The list of banks are shown as follows:

七十七銀行(Shichiju-shichi Bank)
Head office(本店営業部)/Nakakecho branch(名掛丁支店)/Ichibancho branch(一番町支店)/Futsukacho branch(二日町支店)/Hachimancho branch(八幡町支店)/Kitasendai branch(北仙台支店)/Miyamachi branch(宮町支店)/Oroshimachi branch(卸町支店)/Higashi-Oroshimachi branch(東卸町支店)/Nagamachi branch(長町支店)/Kawaramachi branch(河原町支店)/Izumi branch(泉支店)/Chomeigaoka branch(長命ヶ丘支店)/Ishimaki branch(石巻支店)/Hurukawa branch(古川支店)/Shiroisi branch(白石支店)/Iwanuma branch(岩沼支店)

仙台銀行(Sendai Bank)
Head office(本店営業部)/Kokubuncho branch(国分町支店)/Chu-oh-dori branch(中央通支店)/Sendai-Higashighi branch(仙台東口支店)/Miyagino branch(宮城野支店)/Aramachi branch(荒町支店)/Oroshimachi branch(卸町支店)/Minami-Koizumi branch(南小泉支店)/Okino branch(沖野支店)/Haramachi branch(原町支店)/Toubu-Koujoushiten branch(東部工場団地支店)/Nagamachi branch(長町支店)/Nagamachi-Minami branch(長町南支店)/Taihaku Branch(太白出張所)/Yagiyama branch(八木山支店)/Nishi-nakada branch(西中田支店)/Natori branch(名取支店)/natorigaoka small branch(名取が丘出張所)/Dainohara branch(台原支店)/Kuromatsu branch(黒松支店)/Miyagicho branch(宮城町支店)/Sakuragaoka branch(桜ヶ丘支店)/Ogawara branch(大河原支店)/Wakuya branch(涌谷支店)/Miyamachi branch(宮町支店)/Uesuci branch(上杉支店)/Yahatacho branch(八幡町支店)/Rifu branch(利府支店)/Kitayama branch(北山支店)/Tokyo branch(東京支店)

Both bank main offices are open.



Miyagi Prefecture requested to Japan Water Works Association sendi

LIFELINE Information

According to Tohoku Electric Power(東北電力, Tohoku Denryoku), power has been restored to about 750,00 houses in Tohoku area and Nigata prefecture. However, still 3,940,332 houses are without powers.
Following houses are without power: Miyagi Prefecture 1,364,016 houses, Iwate 773,885 houses, Aomori 723,884 houses, Akita 51,799 houses, Yamagata 39,620 houses and Fukushima, 177,077 houses
In addition, there are 81 houses without power in Tokaichi-machi(十日市町)and tunan-town(津南町) in Nigata.
Tohoku Denryoku is asking people to minimize the electric usage due to the damage of power stations.

Miyagi Seikyo(みやぎ生活協同組合) opens 12 shops in Sendai and Tomitani Town.
The shops currently open are:
Kaigamori, Hachimancho, Niji-no-oka, Sakuragaoka, Saiwaicho, Kunimigaoka, Akashi, Iwakiri, Kuromatsu, Nisitaga, Nankoudai
They open until sunset due to a lack of power. There are limited stock available.

Japanese characters shop name list (Miyagi Sekyo):
Kaigamori branch(貝ヶ森店)、Hachimancho branch(八幡町店)、Niji-no-oka branch(虹の丘店)、Sakuragaoka branch(桜ヶ丘店)、Saiwaicho branch(幸町店)、Kunimigaoka branch(国見ヶ丘店)、Akashidai branch(明石台店)、Ichinazaka branch(市名坂店)、Iwakiri branch(岩切店)、Kuromatsu branch(黒松店)、Nisitaga branch(西多賀店)、Nankoudai branch(南光台店)

Miyagi Sekyo work hard to open other shops.

Ito-yo-kado opens all shops, Ion opens 128 shops out of 170 shops.

According to NTT East, currently 485,000 landline cannot be available. Therefore NTT East sets up that calls are free from payphones.

According to Sendai - Gas, domestic gas services are unavailable. They do not know when normal services will be resumed. 360,000 households in Sendai City(仙台市), Natori City(名取市), Tagagimachi city(高城町), Tomitani town(富谷町), Rifu town(利府町) and Daiwa town(大和町) are affected.
ng 204 water tankers.


Sendai City Council Emergency Operation Headquarters
(Updated on 13 March 2011, 1am)
Tsunami warning continues please do not go closed coastal areas

Even though we are receiving the emergency supplies from other areas in Japan, there is a limited supply. We appreciate your patience.
If you need to evacuate, please take water, food and blankets if you can.

Sendai City Council requests that convenience stores, supermakets or petrol stations owners to open to supply essentials. All council buildings are closed on 13 March, except stated as evacuated points.

Some kindergartens or childcare centre may be open, however food and water cannot be provided due to damages.
Hospital Situation
There are many people who are badly injured, the hospitals are giving priority to critical injured patients. Please understand if you have minor injuries you might not be able to get immediate medical support. All hospitals are open between 9am to 5pm. However emergency cases are accepted 24/7.

It is confirmed that all patients who are staying hospitals are safe. Hospital staff are busy attending to the injured so please do not visit your families in hospital, and do not make calls to hospitals asking for confirmation of patient’s situation.

  • Sendai Shiritsu Hospital (仙台市立病院) in Wakabayashi-ku(若林区)
  • Tohoku University Emergency Centre (東北大学病院高度救命センター) in Aoba-ku(青葉区)
  • Sendai Teishin hospital(仙台逓信病院) in Miyagino-ku(宮城野区) accepts emergency cases

  • JR Sendai hospital in Aoba-ku
  • Sendai Open Hospital
  • Sendai Red Cross hospital accept minor injuries
  • Kousei Nenkin Hospital
  • Nagamachi(長町病院) Hospital
  • Self Defence (自衛隊仙台病院)Army Sendai Hospital
  • Nakajima Hospital
  • Touhoku Rousai Hospital
  • Sendai City Kyu-Kan Centre (9am to 11pm)
  • Tobu Kyujitsu Shinryo-jyo (9am to 4.45pm)
Note: Kounan Hospital(広南病院) cannot accept any patients due to a lack of fuel for the generator.

To people require HEMODIALYSIS
If you require Hemodialysis, and cannot see your specialist, please go to Sendai Shyakai Hoken Hospital(仙台社会保険病院). If you have a letter from referees, medical record cards or medicines, that would be very helpful.
Call 022 275 311 for more details.

The subway system is not operational. We do not know when it will be reopened.

All City Bus and Miyagi Kotsu Bus will be operated from 6am on 13 March 2011. The bus timetable is not available at the moment.

As a replacement of the subway system, busses are running following sections:
Note: Please ask Japanese people to confirm the bus stop names.
  • Izumi-chyuo to Sendai
  • Yaotome to Sendai
  • Nagamachi to Sendai
  • Asahigaoka to Sendai

There are no gas supplies available. Please close all valves connecting gas (gas range, gas tap and gas meter valves). For your security, the staff will check all houses to make sure.

There are many places without water. Although you have tap water now, there is a chance to lose it in the future when mains water is being repaired. Please stock water in the bottles or your bath tub.

If you do not have tap water, you can get water from following places:
Open hours are from 8am to 8pm.

A following link shows the points where water is available.

Oritate elementary school(折立小学校)
Tohoku Insitutute of Technology (東北工業大学)
Saiwaicho civic centre(幸町市民センター)
Fukumuro elementary school(福室小学校)
Higashi-Sendai junior highschool(東仙台中学校)
Haramachi elementary school(原町小学校)
Tsurutani-higashi elementary school(鶴谷東小学校)
Hirose elementary school (広瀬小学校)
Daihara Shinrin Park, station side (台原森林公園、台原駅側)
Minami-koizumi elementary school(南小泉小学校)
Furujiro elementary school(古城小学校)
Okino-higashi elementary school(沖野東小学校)
Shiromaru elementary school (四郎丸小学校)
Nishitaga junior high school (西多賀中学校)
Onota waterworks department(水道局大野田庁舎)
Syokan junior high school (将監中央小)
Nako-dai elementary school (南光台小)
Takamori elementary school (高森小)

If you are in the area where tsunami hit, and have a well, DO NOT DRINK water from the well. The water has a high risk of contamination.

There is no rubbish collection available. Sendai City Council is trying hard to reopen the system so please be patient.

When you need to evacuate from house, please turn off mains power.
If you need to use candles or heater, please make sure they are not near flammable materials.
If you are using an old oil heater, frequently change air. Beware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

12 March, 4.43pm
According to Sendai Emergency Operations, 5 emergency centres have been set up and will provide emergency supplies of food and water to citizens from this evening.

Evacuation Centres are located at
If you cannot read Japanese, please show your phone to Japanese people around you.
Miyagino-Ku(宮城野区): Saiwaicho civic centre(幸町市民センター)、Fukumuro elementary school(福室小学校)、Higashi-Sendai junior highschool(東仙台中学校)、Haramachi elementary school(原町小学校)、Tsurutani-higashi elementary school(鶴谷東小学校)
Wakabayashi-ku(若林区): Minami-koizumi elementary school(南小泉小学校)、Rokugo junior high school(六郷中学校)、Sichigo elementary school(七郷小学校)、Furujiro elementary school(古城小学校)、Okino-higashi elementary school(沖野東小学校)
Taihaku-ku(太白区): Shiromaru elementary school (四郎丸小学校)、Nishitaga junior high school (西多賀中学校)、Yagiyama elementary school(八木山小学校)、Onota waterworks department(水道局大野田庁舎)、Tohoku Insitutute of Technology (東北工業大学)、Taihaku elementary school (太白小学校)、Oritate elementary school(折立小学校)、Moniwadai elementary school(茂庭台小学校)
Izumi-ku(泉区): Shogen-Chuoh elementary school(将監中央小学校)、Nankoudai elementary school(南光台小学校)


From Miyagki Prefecture Emergency Oepration Headquaters
Latest Update on 13 March 7pm

There is currently a petrol and diesel shortage. Try to minimize your usage of heaters during the day.

There is no rubbish collection available from 14 to 18 March 2011. Osaki City Council is trying hard to restart collection so please be patient.

However, the council accepts fallen bricks and masonry on 13 March 2011 from 8am to 4pm.
The location is in Furukawa, New Library Construction site (old council building).

Some kindergartens or childcare centre will open in the mornings from 14 March 2011. Please note that food and water cannot be provided due to damages.

Elementary and junior high schools will be closed until further notice.

Osaki City Council has been operating to assess your house condition. Please follow the colour of the stickers:
RED: DO NOT enter the building. If you must, please contact a structural engineer first.
YELLOW: Please beware of risk. If you need to fix some damaged parts, please talk to structural engineer or builders.
GREEN: The house damage is minor you can stay in house.

There are many areas without water. City Council appreciates your patience. If you do not have a tap water, you can get water at Furukawa Sogo Taiikukan (古川総合体育館). Available from 5am to 10pm.

Furukawa (古川) elementary schools (from No1 to No5)
Furukawa Indoor Sport Centre and Martial Arts Centre ( 古川総合体育館&武道館)
F Plaza (Fプラザ)
Furukawa junior high school (古川中学校)
Sida elementary school (志田小学校)
Osaki Chuo high school (大崎中央高校)
Higashi Osaki elementary school (東大崎小学校)
Tominaga Kouminkan (富永公民館)
Seitaki Kouminkan (清滝公民館)
Kuratama Kouminkan (敷玉公民館)
Fuukawa High school, North indoor sport centre (古川高校の北体育館)
Sanbon gi Himawari Kindergadent (三本木ひまわり園)
Sakae Shoukou Jyo (栄町集会所)
Nishi Furukawa Kouminkan (西古川公民館)
Fukunuma Koukaidou (福沼公会堂)
Furukawa Insitutute high school Indoor Sport centre (古川工業高校体育館)
Ayame school (あやめ学園)

Currently engineers are assessing and repairing power supplies. Please be patient.

Gas is available.


Hospital Information

A governor of Yamagata prefecture request to citizens to use small private hospitals rather than major 8 hospitals stated as emergency operation hospitals.

Emergency operation hospitals are: Kenritsu chu-o hospital (県立中央病院)、Yamagata Saisei Hospital(山形済生病院)、Yamagata Shiritsu Hosipital Saiseikan (山形市立病院済生館)、Yamagata University Hospital (山形大学医学部附属病院)、Kenritsu Shinjyo Hospital (県立新庄病院)、Nihonkai Sougou Hospital (日本海総合病院)、Tsuruoka shiritsu Shounai Hospital (鶴岡市立荘内病院) and Kouritsu Okitama Hospital (公立置賜総合病院)

Wastewater System

Please do not flush toilet – if it is yellow, let it mellow. If it is brown flush it down. The majority of pump stations are currently unavailable. If you have tap water, please minimize water usage.

Water System

Parts of Yamagata, Murayama, Nanyou and Takahata areas are without water.
Takahata town is already providing water using water tankers.
Yamagata city provides water following areas: Kashiwa-kura(柏倉地区)、Sugasawa (菅沢地区)、Takase(高瀬地区) and Iwanami (岩波地区)

Water services are available in following buidlings: Kasumi-jyo Koumin-kan (霞城公民館)、Yakushi Park (薬師公園)、Dai-ku elementary school (第九小学校)、Sakudara elementary school (桜田小学校)

Bank Information

Even though you do no have bank account book or hanko, as long as you have a proof of identity such as Gaijin Card or drives licence or passport, you can withdraw maximum 100,000 yen.

ATM machines are still unavailable.

The banks are: Yamagata bank (11 branches), Syonai Bank (9 branches), Kirayaka Bank (10 branches)

They open until tomorrow Sunday from 9.00am to 5.30pm.

Please contact for more details
Yamagata Bank (山形銀行)0120 331 388
Syonai Bank(荘内銀行) 0235 22 5211
Kirayaka Bank (きらやか銀行)0120 379 305



If you are sick, or injured, please contact to 29-241-4199
They are open 24/7.


If you are sick, please go to

Simazaki Hospital (島崎外科医院), Open until 4pm
0299 82 0191

Emeregency Childcare: Itako Souseikai Hospital (神栖市済生会病院) open until 4.30pm
0299 97-2111----



Hachinohe city provides all information in English. Please check their website.

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  • Create a site for mobile twitter automatically translated into various languages ​​on the news. The mobile support UTF8.(twitterのニュースを各国語に自動翻訳する携帯サイトを作成しました。UTF8対応携帯向けです。) (2011-03-18 16:30:20)
  • ↑バグがありましたが、直しておきました (2011-03-18 18:18:54)
  • 中東在住で海外に向けて英語で今回の震災の情報をずっとツイートしている方がいるというのを何かで聞いたのですが、名前が思い出せません。どなたかご存じないですか? (2011-04-02 01:46:22)
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