Japanese chess strategy that people except Japanese began to think about

American defense

It is a defensive strategy that American "poto" Mr. who enjoys Japanese chess on the Internet Japanese chess site in Japan began to think about by the strategy with very high phylactic power.
Everybody Japanese was surprised at the original strategy.

It had a very high phylactic power, and I think that it introduces this American defense to everyone.

An American defense, and an important horse is a knight and Canehata.

This strategy is a strategy of the defense valuing, and the spirit that finishes defending from first to last becomes important.

This first move's shape is an American defense.
Canehata and the center of knight are defended, and well-balanced Gencata.
It is recommended Gencata in a favorite person to defend.

Let's explain from the beginning.

It makes it later again because it is considerably advanced though I want to say.
I'm sorry.

It is another version of an American defense.
The phylactic power is high and recommended.

  • This formation is very strong. I take it then I could win against Habu. -- John.K (2009-02-24 08:14:11)
  • I was firstlly 10-kyu at ShogiDojo24. But After reading this page, I became 4-Dan in a week! -- George (2009-02-24 08:21:11)
  • I'm champion of shogi in Amerika. I think this stratgy is very very strong! -- Michel (2009-02-24 08:29:45)
  • It is wonderful! This is the strongest strategy! -- Tom (2009-02-24 12:28:30)
  • who rote zis fxxkin brokn eng? -- kors (2009-02-25 10:22:04)
  • japanese english -- 名無しさん (2009-02-25 20:34:32)
  • gava loves kstr -- 名無しさん (2009-02-27 07:20:07)
  • this is a pen! -- asuka (2009-02-27 19:33:48)
  • I am gava!! -- gava (2009-03-10 08:35:26)
  • これが将棋のアメリカンディフェンスですね! -- 名無しさん (2012-03-09 19:26:03)


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