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By Mark Galeotti, Martin Laurie, and Wesley Quadros
Cover art by Stefano Gaudiano
I M P E R I A L L U N A R H A N D B O O K The Lunar Empire I S S 1 3 0 2

Contents copyright (c) 2007 by Moon Design Publications, all rights reserved.
Similarities between characters in Glorantha and any persons living or dead are coincidental. Cover illustration
copyright (c) 2000 by Stefano Gaudiano. Interior artwork and graphics copyright (c) 2007 by Moon Design
Publications, Inc. Reproduction of material from this book for personal or private profit, by photographic,
eletronic, or any other means of storage or retrieval, is strictly prohibited.
Publication ISS1302 Second Printing June 2007 ISBN#1-929052-04-9
Glorantha and HeroQuest are trademarks of Issaries, Inc.
Sedenya delights in the opportunity to teach the barbarians
the glories of the Empire. She blesses who reads this.
e a i f q o w p g . z h b u s
Volume 1: The Lunar Empire
By Mark Galeotti, Martin Laurie, and Wesley Quadros.
Based on the works and ideas of Greg Stafford.
Commentary, concepts, and additional material by Dave Camoirano, Chris Gidlow, Stephen Martin,
Peter Metcalfe, Jonas Schiott, Greg Stafford, and the “Life of Moonson” freeform and its authors.
Cover art by Stefano Gaudiano § Cover by Gevin Shaw.
Interior illustrations by Simon Bray, Gene Day, Ossi Hiekkala, Julien Lapan, Fernando Martinez
Flores, Jim Pavelec, Markku Silvennoinen, Darran Sims, and Tanner Critz.
Maps by Wesley Quadros § Runes by Issaries, Inc.
Editing by Stephen Martin and Mark Galeotti.
Layout design: Melanie Haage § Layout: Stephen Martin.
Martin Laurie dedicates this book to his father, Malcolm Laurie, gone but never forgotten.
Published by:
Moon Design Publications
3450 Wooddale Ct
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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