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Japan-Free-Game is a Discord server community of free (indies) game developers in japan!

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1. Don't troll
2. No links to malware, screamers etc
3. No nsfw content except in #r-18
4. Don't act like a nuisance
5. Breaking any of these rules will get you KICK or even a BAN.
6. Other detailed explanation is here (Japanese) : Outline and rules of each(JP)


0. Please introduce yourself here: #hello .
1. If you can not speak Japanese please use here: #english .
  (But your challenge to speak Japanese will be welcomed)
2. Japanese language is recommended for other channels.
  (Of cource, you can use English there.
  People who can understand English will reply and tlanslate your words.
  But many Japanese can't understand English.Sorry... )


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