Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Report

My machine is pegatron IPX7A-ion ATOM N330. ALC662 Sound Board.
Mountin Lion 10.8.2 is difficult to install, however, after some settings,
it works correctly.

My check points are followings.

1. Patched Kernel for ATOM is necessary.

2. DSDT.aml file seems to be necessary. But in my case, the DSDT.aml file is not edited.

3. NULLCPUPowerManagement.kext is necessary.

4. FakeSMC is necessary. Especially, the kozlek's FakeSMC (with Sensors) works correctly with
version 10.8.2 of AppleACPIPlatform.kext, IOPCIFamily.kext and IOUSBFamily.kext.
If other FakeSMC is used, old version of these three files should be used.

5. USB 2.0 is fragle before the completed installation. First boot with USB memory drive, using USB 1.0
settings in bios is more safe.

6. Old version of Chameleon does not work. I use the Chameleon Wizard 4.1.0 and chameleon r2116.

7. AppleThunderboltNHI.kext brings trouble in most installation. It must be removed.

8. AppleHDA or its pathced version does not work. Let's use the VoodooHDA. And the HDAEnabler is not used.

10. In some case, before GUI login screen is shown, the system is frozen. In such case, try again with the
same settings at least twice.

10. For the correct shudown, EvoReboot is indispensable.

11. Sleep/Wake is very difficult to work. Sleep brings system freeze. IF the system was frozen,
you should switch off the computer, then you should switch on to boot the system.
In my case, I set the hibernatemode = 1 and use the SleepEnabler.kext and PleaseSleep application.
Sleep and Wake up of both front power sw and magic packet(WOL) works correctly.

12. The apple ethernet driver nvenet.kext (in the plugin of IONetworkingFamily.kext) causes the kernel panic.
The nForceLan.kext is more stable on boot.
The wol, however, does not work with nForceLan.kext.
最終更新:2012年12月18日 17:45