彗星の水と地下の水をノアの洪水の水源だと主張したWilliam Whiston

17世紀末の流行だったのが、1696年のWilliam Whistonの"A New Theory of the Earth"である。彼は、当時、大半が水で構成されると知られていた彗星の尾を地球が通過したことで洪水が起こったとhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_New_Theory_of_the_Earth?。
In order to make some Estimate of the Quantity of Water, which this Hypothesis affords us; Let us allow that the Rarity of the Tail of the Comet is so great, as indeed it is, that it will not afford us any Quantity considerable to our present Purpose


これとともに、Thomas Burnetの説と絡めて、彗星が地球のもろい地殻を引っ張って、大いなる深淵の泉から水を噴出させたと論じている Richard L. Meehan
Hence also we easily account for that other main Cause of the Deluge, the breaking up of the fountains of the great deep; For when the near Approach of the Comet to the Earth had render'd the Shape of that internal dense Fluid, on which its upper Crust rested, so very oblong and oval; and its Surface so much larger than before, as to occasion the opening of its perpendicular Fissures, which are visible at this Day, especially in stony and mountainous Places; when this, I say, was the case; the vast Weight of the new additional Waters from the Comet would attempt to press this upper Earth deeper into the dense Fluid below, especially in the Vallies, which pressure would naturally squeeze up the subterraneous Waters, through the mountainous Fissures then open, and would throw them out upon the Earth, and so joyn the subterraneous to the cometical Waters, for the Supply of a Quantity sufficient for so vast a Purpose as that of an universal Deluge, Nor has any other Hypothesis, I think, accounted for theses secondary Waters for the Deluge, any more than for the former.


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