【4月29日 AFP】旧約聖書に登場する「ノアの方舟(はこぶね、Noah's Ark)」を探す中国とトルコの探検家チームが26日、方舟が漂着したといわれるトルコのアララト(Ararat)山の山頂付近で、方舟の木片を発見したと発表した。

I also got an email today from one of Randall Price’s students. The email contains a message from Dr. Price about this expedition. (Dr. Price, as some of you may recall, has been doing a lot of searching for the ark lately.) Here is an excerpt from his message:

私はRandall Priceの学生のひとりから今日、メールを受け取った。そのメールにはこの調査についてのDr. Oriceのメッセージも入っていた。知っている人もいるだろうが、Dr.Priceはこの最近、箱舟を探していた。Dr.Priceのメッセージ部分は以下の通り:
I was the archaeologist with the Chinese expedition in the summer of 2008 and was given photos of what they now are reporting to be the inside of the Ark. I and my partners invested $100,000 in this expedition (described below) which they have retained, despite their promise and our requests to return it, since it was not used for the expedition. The information given below is my opinion based on what I have seen and heard (from others who claim to have been eyewitnesses or know the exact details).

To make a long story short: this is all reported to be a fake. The photos were reputed to have been taken off site near the Black Sea, but the film footage the Chinese now have was shot on location on Mt. Ararat. In the late summer of 2008 ten Kurdish workers hired by Parasut, the guide used by the Chinese, are said to have planted large wood beams taken from an old structure in the Black Sea area (where the photos were originally taken) at the Mt. Ararat site. In the winter of 2008 a Chinese climber taken by Parasut’s men to the site saw the wood, but couldn’t get inside because of the severe weather conditions. During the summer of 2009 more wood was planted inside a cave at the site. The Chinese team went in the late summer of 2009 (I was there at the time and knew about the hoax) and was shown the cave with the wood and made their film. As I said, I have the photos of the inside of the so-called Ark (that show cobwebs in the corners of rafters – something just not possible in these conditions) and our Kurdish partner in Dogubabyazit (the village at the foot of Mt. Ararat) has all of the facts about the location, the men who planted the wood, and even the truck that transported it.


In short, Randall was duped. I feel bad about it because I know him. He’s a good guy with real degrees (so please don’t equate him with charlatans like Ron Wyatt). Yeah, he should have known better. But at least he’s being honest here.

要するに、Randallは騙されたのだ。私は彼を知っているので、気の毒に感じている。彼はいいやつで、本物の学位も持っている。なので、Ron Wyattのようないんちきの同類と思わないでほしい。しかし、彼はもっとよく知るべきだった。しかし少なくとも、彼はここでは正直だ。

これを受ける形でカナダのThe Starは、箱舟がフェイクではないかという報道をした:
Kurdish workers carted wood up Mt. Ararat in order to fake the discovery of Noah’s Ark, an archeologist who worked on the dig says.


Randall Price, an evangelical Christian, was apparently one of the original archeologists hired by the group. He has been circulating an email, alleging that the wooden beams were taken from a site near the Black Sea and then planted on Ararat. Price has stopped talking about the incident, and is involved in some sort of financial dispute with Noah’s Ark Ministries. But he did acknowledge the email to the Christian Science Monitor.

福音主義キリスト教徒Randall Priceは調査グループに雇われた考古学者のひとりである。彼は「角材が黒海近くの構造物から取り外され、アララト山に運ばれて設置された」と主張するメールを広めている。Priceは本件について話すことを止めている。彼はNoah's Ark Ministriesとの間に金銭訴訟を抱えている。しかし、Christian Science Monitor紙に対して、彼はメールの内容を認めた。

For now, the doubters have no way of directly confronting the evidence. The Noah’s Ark Ministries team intends to keep the ark’s purported location secret until they get it designated a UNESCO World Heritage site

今のところ懐疑者たちは証拠を直接見る方法がない。The Noah’s Ark Ministries調査隊には箱舟の所在地をUNESCO世界遺産に指定されるまで公開する意志がない。

調査をおこなった"The Noah’s Ark Ministries"事実上、誰にも現地を見せるつもりはないらしい。


1993年の件で、思い切り騙されてしまった"若い地球の創造論"ミニストリInstitute for Creation Research所長Dr. John D Morrisは、FoxNewsの報道によれば、今回の中国人たちによる箱舟の発見を、手の込んだペテンだと斬り捨てている:
Dr. John Morris, lead archeologist at the Institute for Creation Research, says "I'm leaning towards that the Chinese people have been deceived."

Morris has led 13 expeditions to Mount Ararat looking for the ark. He knows the area well and says of the recent find, "At best, it is an elaborate deception."

Institute for Creation Researchの指導的考古学者Dr. John Morrish「私は中国人たちが騙されたという考えに傾いている。」と述べた。


これまでも、ノアの箱舟を見つけたという主張に批判的だった"若い地球の創造論"ミニストリAnswers in Genesisも、慎重な表現ながら、今回の中国人たちによる箱舟の発見への懐疑を表明した:

Every few years we hear of claims that Noah’s Ark (or what may remain of it) has been found on the mountains of Ararat in Turkey. Over the weekend, a press conference was held in Hong Kong where it was announced that explorers were almost certain they had found the remains of the Ark. Answers in Genesis has seen many photos that were released, but without corroboration by the leading creationist organizations and not knowing all the research methods that were employed, we will withhold judgment until further study. Over the decades, we have learned to be cautious about such Ark claims.

数年ごとに、トルコのアララト山でノアの箱舟あるいは何らかの残骸が発見されたという主張がなされる。先週末にホンコンで記者会見が開けれ、探検者たちは箱舟の残骸の発見に確信を持っていると発表した。Answers in Genesisは公表された多くの写真を見たが、この探検は主要な創造論団体によって実証されておらず、探検者たちが使った調査方法も知らされていないので、我々はさらなる研究がおこなわれるまで判断を留保する。過去数十年にわたり、我々は、このような箱舟発見の主張に対して、慎重あるべきことを学んできた。

What also makes AiG so cautious about the latest report is that we have heard such claims several times before, even as they were made by people who described themselves as Bible-believing Christians. Some “discoveries” were eventually dismissed as structures of geologic origin and were not of wood. The “crying wolf” syndrome has already kicked in this week, as non-believers are dismissing this Ark claim as yet another bogus one. The creationist movement in general will have its credibility undermined further if this Ark-remnant is shown to be a fraud, and thus the testimony we seek to have in the world will be hindered.


Adding to our skepticism about the find is (as we have stated before) that the volcanic activity on the mountains of Ararat as well as several earthquakes make it doubtful that even parts of a wooden structure could have survived for over 4,300 years. Furthermore, much of the wood would have most likely been scavenged right after the Flood to erect forms of shelter and to build fires, etc. Also, as we look at the photos of this latest proposed Ark, we do not see evidence of the wood being coated with pitch (as Genesis 6:14 indicates). Other items seen in the photos are suspicious-looking as well; we will have more to say about our doubts on Saturday’s posting.