‘The speed of light has decreased over time’ (c decay).

Although most of the evolutionary counter-arguments have been proven to be fallacious, there are still a number of problems, many of which were raised by creationists, which we believe have not been satisfactorily answered. CMI currently prefers Dr Russell Humphreys’ explanation for distant starlight, although neither we nor Dr Humphreys claim that his model is infallible.

光速減速として知られたこの考えに対する、進化論の対抗議論の大半は誤りだと示されたが、主として創造論者たちが指摘する多くの問題が残っている。CMIはDr. Russell Humphreysによる遠くの星が見える理由の説明がよいと考えているが、CMIもDr. Russell Humphreysも、そのモデルが間違いないとは主張していない。

The speed of light has decreased over time.

If the speed of light was faster in the past, this might help explain how we could see distant stars in a young universe. Three centuries of data are available, however, and light speed appears to be constant at about 186,000 miles/second (299,300 km/sec). We can speculate about a large-scale change of light speed in the past, but evidence is lacking. In addition, any alteration of light speed would affect several other constants of nature, but evidence of these changes is also lacking.






また、AiGはタイトルのみで、説明内容はタイトルリンク先の Far Out Claims About Astronomy の記述。

この項目に関して、インテリジェントデザイン支持者で、 William Dembskiと仲間たちのブログ のSalvador Cordovaは 個人サイト に宇宙も地球も6000歳なのに、遠くの星が見える理由」を書いて、光速が変化したと主張している:

But there have been observations that the speed of light may not be constant. In 2002, the prestigious scientific journal Nature reported on the work of Paul Davies and variable speed of light. The controversy still remains.

しかし、光速が定数ではないかもしれないという観測がある。2002年に一流の科学誌NatureがPaul Davisの成果と光速の変化について報告した。論争はまだ残っている。


A variable speed of light also leads to solving problems in radiometric dating. It can be shown that radioactive processes are tied to the speed of light. It stands to reason that radioactive decay may not have been constant over time, thus our estimates of based on age might have to be adjusted if the speed of light were faster in the past.


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