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  • Miroslaw Orzechowski:教育副大臣(極右政党"家族同盟") 
  • Roman Giertych: 副首相兼国民教育大臣 "家族同盟"党首
  • Maciej Giertych: Roman Giertychの父で、生物の学位を持つ

連立政権に参加しているポーランドの極右政党League of Polish Families (LPR)のMiroslaw Orzechowski教育副大臣の発言(2006/10/23)

"The theory of evolution is a lie, a mistake that we have legalised as a common truth," said Orzechowski.
"We must not teach lies, just as we must not teach evil in the place of good and ugliness in the place of beauty."

[quoted by Panda's Thumb ]

LPR党首Roman Giertychの父であり、生物の学位を持つMaciej Giertychの発言

“A scientist showed me a picture of an American boxer. He had all the traits of Neanderthal man. These people are among us. They are part of the human race, probably more prevalent once upon a time, but who still exist,” Giertych, who has a doctorate in biology, told the seminar.

[quoted by Panda's Thumb ]

Roman Giertych: 副首相兼国民教育大臣 "家族同盟"党首(2006/10/26)

Associated Pressが2006年10月26日付けで配信した記事「 Polish minister says schools will keep teaching evolution despite deputy's comment 」 によれば:

Poland's schools will continue to teach the theory of evolution, the education minister said Thursday, distancing himself from a deputy who recently called Darwinism a "lie."

Roman Giertych, leader of ultra-Roman Catholic League of Polish Families, said he saw no conflict between the theory of evolution and the Biblical teaching that God created the world.

"As long as most scientists in our country say that evolution is the right theory, it will be taught in Poland's schools," Giertych told a news conference.

ダーウィニズムを嘘だと呼んだ副大臣から距離をとり、ポーランドの学校は進化論を教え続けると、Roman Giertych国民教育大臣は木曜日に発言した。

"家族同盟"党首であるRoman Giertychは「進化論と、神が世界を創造したという聖書の教えには矛盾は見られない。我が国の多くの科学者が進化論は正しい理論だという限り、ポーランドの学校は進化論を教える」と言った。



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