インテリジェントデザインの次の名前は"evolution" (2007/05/16)

2007年にPZ Myers准教授はインテリジェントデザインに代わる名称を"evolution"だと予測した。

If you've been wondering what the new name for repackaged Intelligent Design was going to be after the drubbing it took in Dover, look no further: it's going to be called "evolution". The new textbook from the gang at the DI, intended to replace Of Pandas and People is going to be titled "Explore Evolution".

Doverで大敗を喫した後、インテリジェントデザインを再包装する新たな名前が何になるだろうと考えているなら、もう迷うことはない。それは「進化」と呼ばれるようになる。"Of Pandas and People"に代わって、Discovery Instituteのギャングの出す新しい教科書のタイトルは「Explore Evolution」である。

It's a cunning plan to sow confusion, which is ultimately all the Intelligent Design creationists are good at. If state education standards mandate instruction in evolution and if the laws of the land make teaching Intelligent Design creationism illegal, well, they'll adapt and teach "evolution" … it's just that this version of "evolution" flouts the ideas of experts, ignores the evidence, misrepresents the theory, and promotes a role for design in "evolutionary" history.


It's an interesting tactic. Simply write a very bad book about evolution, market it appropriately, and find enough ideologically motivated science teachers to use it, and they will have effectively continued their efforts to subvert science education in this country.


インテリジェントデザインの本山たる Discovery Institute はFAQで「進化を再定義」している。

1. What is the theory of intelligent design?

The theory of intelligent design holds that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.


2. Is intelligent design theory incompatible with evolution?


It depends on what one means by the word "evolution." If one simply means "change over time," or even that living things are related by common ancestry, then there is no inherent conflict between evolutionary theory and intelligent design theory. However, the dominant theory of evolution today is neo-Darwinism, which contends that evolution is driven by natural selection acting on random mutations, an unpredictable and purposeless process that "has no discernable direction or goal, including survival of a species." (NABT Statement on Teaching Evolution). It is this specific claim made by neo-Darwinism that intelligent design theory directly challenges.



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