1926年1月6日: Ittawamba郡のRobinson州下院議員が進化論教育を禁止する州法案を提案。

Evolution Issue Up In Mississippi

Jackson, Miss, Jan. 6 --(A.P.)-- The evoluion issue was thrown into the Mississippi legislaure today when Representative Robinson of Ittawamba County introduced house bill No. 19 to prohibit the teaching of the theory of evolution in the schools and colleges of Mississippi, supported in whole or in part by state appropriation.

This bill is almost a replica of the Tennessee law and provides a fine of $100 to $500 for violaions of its provisions.




Mississipi's Senate Bars Evolutions

Jackson, Miss, Feb 24--(A.P.) -- The ani-evolution bill passed the Mississippi senate today by a vote 29 to 16.

The vote came after three hours of excited debate, the bill passing wihout amendment in the same form it passed the house, 76 to 62, making it illegal to teach an theory "that man ascended or descended from a lower order of life." A motion to indefinitely postpone consideration was lost, 26 to 16,




§ 6798. Schools supported by state not to teach that man ascended or descended from the lower order of animals. — It shall be unlawful for any teacher or other instructor in any university, college, normal, public school or other institution of the state which is supported in whole or in part from public funds derived by state or local taxation to teach that mankind ascended or descended from a lower order of animals and also it shall be unlawful for any teacher, textbook commission or other authority exercising the power to select textbooks for above mentioned educational institutions to adopt or use in any such institution a textbook that teaches the doctrine that mankind ascended or descended from the lower order of animals.

州の資金を受けている学校で、人間が下等な動物から発達した、あるいは子孫であると教えないこと -- 州政府もしくは地方自治体の税金に基づく公的資金で全額もしくは一部をまかなう、いかなる大学、公立学校、教育機関の、いかなる教師あるいは講師が、人間が下等な動物から発達した、あるいは子孫であると教えることは違法である。また、上記教育機関のいかなる教師、教科書委員会など、教科書選定の権限を持つ者が、人間が下等な動物から発達した、あるいは子孫であるという教義を教える教科書を選定することは違法である。

§ 6799. Penalty for violation of law. — Any teacher or other instructor or textbook commissioner who is found guilty of violation of the foregoing section by teaching, using, adopting any such textbooks in any such educational institution shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction be fined not exceeding $500.00; and upon conviction shall vacate the position thus held in any educational institution of the character above mentioned or any commission of which he may then be a member.

法律違反の罰則 ーー いかなる教師あるいは講師あるいは教科書委員会委員が、いかなるそのような教育機関で、前項に定めるような教科書を教えたり、使ったり、採択したりして、違反したことがわかった場合、軽罪の有罪であり、500ドル以下の罰金を課す。その時点で、上記にあたる教育機関あるいは教科書委員会に所属している場合は、その地位を退く


1967年にテネシー州議会は反進化論州法を廃止し、1968年にアーカンソー州の反進化論州法がEpperson v. Akansas裁判で違憲・無効になった。しかし、ミシシッピ州では1970年に至るも抵抗が続いていた。

Mississippi Retains Its 'Evolution Ban'

Jackson, Miss, (UPI) -- Mississippi's ban on the teaching of evolution remained intact today after an emotion-charged debate in the state House of Representatives that brought memories of the famed "Scopes monke trial" of 1925.

A controversial bill to repeal the 44-years-old law was defeated 70-42 after one opponen urged Mississippi to "hold the line as a Christian state" and another charged repealing the law would "make a monkey out of the Creator."

ミシシッピ州の進化論教育禁止は、1925年のScopes Monkey Trial"を思い起こさせる、州下院での感情的な議論の末に、本日、生き残った。44年前に成立した反進化論教育法を撤回させる、論争となった州法案は、反対者が「キリスト教州としてのラインを守る」ように強く主張して、70-42で否決された。

Mississippis is the last state which still has a law on the book against teaching in public schools or in state textbooks tha mankin "ascened or descended from the lower order of animals."

A similar law wa ruled unconstitutional in Arkansas in 1968, and a federal lawsuit was filed earlier this week attacking Mississippi's 196 statute


This was the first serious effort in years by he legislature to do away with the old law, and it touched off the livellest fight so far of the 1970 session, "If this law is going to be repealed, let it be done by a federal judge -- not by the people of this state because we need all the Divine help we can get." shouted Rep. W. B."Buck" Meek of Eupora. "These are Christian statutes on our books and I believe Chrisians are still in control in this state."

これは過去数十年で初の、州議会による古い反進化論州法を廃止しようという真剣な努力であり、1970年度州議会で大きな議論お引き起こした。Eupora選出のW.B."Buck" Meek州下院議員は「この州法を廃止するというのなら、それは連邦判事の仕事だ。我々は神から得られる助けを必要としているので、人々の手でやるべきではない。これは我々の州法のキリスト教規定であり、私は今でもキリスト教徒がこの州を制していると考えている。」と叫んだ。

Rep Ney Gore of Marks, said the law was a "restriction on man's mind and man's though and man's beliefs which the state should not arrogate unto itself

MarksのNey Gore州下院議員は「この州法は、州が横取りしてはならない、人間の精神と思考と信条を制約するものである」と述べた。

The debate rang with references to Christianity, atheism, and "egghead" professors. Rep Jim Turner of Carthage, citing the Biblical account of creation that God created man "in his own image," said repealling the law would "make a monkey out of my creator."

議論はキリスト教・無神論・卵形頭の教授たちにも及んだ。Carthage選出のJim Turner州下院議員は。神が「自らの似姿に」人間を創造したという聖書の記述を引用して、反進化論州法の撤回は「我らの創造主から猿をつくる」ことになると述べた。


Evolution Loses in Mississippi

Jackson, Miss, -AP- Judge W. T. Horton rules Tuesday that Mississippi's law governing teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution was constituional because it "merely prohibits the teaching of the doctrine as true and factual."

It was the first step in a legal test of Mississippi's law on evolution

A bill to abolish the antievolution laws was defeated last month by the state legislature.

Horton said the law did not prohibit teaching of the theory that mankind might have evolved from a lower form of life... " but makes it unlawful to teach the doctrines as a fact and prevents the adoption of a textbook which teaches it as a fact."

火曜日にミシシッピ州のダーウィンの進化論の教育を規定する州法は、教義を真実あるいは事実として禁じているだけなので、合憲であるとW.T. Horton判事は判決した。これはミシシッピの進化論についての州法の合憲性をめぐる第一歩である。




このSmith v. State裁判は、Epperson v. Arkansas裁判の判例があるため、機械的にミシシッピ反進化論州法を違憲・無効と判決した。

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