英国で理科の授業で創造論を教えようとするフリースクールが認可申請/阻止 (2011/02/06, 2012/01/16)

英国で理科の授業で創造論を教えようとするフリースクールが認可申請 (2011/02/06)

英国におけるFree School とは「all-ability state-funded schools set up in response to what local people say they want and need in order to improve education for children in their community (コミュニティの子供たちの教育を改善するために地域住民が求め・必要とするものに応じて設立される政府資金による学校)」である。


An evangelical church, which intends to teach creationism as part of its science curriculum, has submitted a proposal to open a free school in Nottinghamshire.

The Everyday Champions Church in Newark handed its plans to open a 625-pupil secondary school in the area to the Department for Education last week.

The application came just a day before the DfE held its first free school conference, where education secretary Michael Gove said applications from creationist groups would be considered, with each judged on its individual merits. ...

創造論を理科のカリキュラムの一部として教えようとする福音主義キリスト教会のひとつが、ノッチンガムシャーにフリースクールを開校する申請を出した。ニューアークの"Everyday Champions Church"は在校生625名の中学校を開校する計画を教育省に先週、提出した。

教育省が初めて開催したフリースクールコンファレンスで、教育長官Michael Goveが創造論者からの申請も個々のメリットに応じて判断の上、検討対象とすると述べた前日に、この申請は出されていた。

Pastor Gareth Morgan, the church leader and the driving force behind the free school bid, confirmed that creationism would be taught across the curriculum, should the school be given the green light.

"Creationism will be taught as the belief of the leadership of the school," Pastor Morgan said. "It will not be taught exclusively in the sciences, for example. At the same time, evolution will be taught as a theory."

教会の指導者でフリースクールの推進者であるGareth Morgan牧師は、カリキュラムの中で創造論を教えることを確認し、申請中の学校が承認されるべきだと述べた。「創造論は学校の指導原理として信仰として教える。理科の授業では創造論だけを教えることはない、同時に進化論を理論として教える」


The National Secular Society urged Mr Gove to protect the science curriculum. Executive director Keith Porteous Wood said: "The secretary of state should emphasise that in regards to science, schools should teach the accepted theory of evolution and that any biblical teachings should be left to religious education.

"If creationism were taught in a science environment, there is a danger that it would be taught with the implication that it is the real explanation and that the scientific version was 'only a theory'," he added.

英国世俗協会はGove教育長官の理科のカリキュラムを守るよう強く求めている。Keith Porteous Wood代表は「教育長官は、理科の授業では認められた進化論を教えるべきで、聖書教育は宗教教育にとどめるべきだと強調すべきだ。創造論が理科の授業で教えられるなら、創造論が本当の説明で、進化論は"理論に過ぎない"という意味合いで教えられることになる」と述べた。

British Humanist Associationによれば現在申請中の10の学校のうち7つが宗教学校である。それらすべてが創造論を理科で教えようとしているかどうかは定かではない。しかし、このGareth Morgan牧師の学校だけということはないだろう。

英国のフリースクールでの創造論教育は阻止された (2012/01/16)


The Department for Education has revised its model funding agreement, allowing the education secretary to withdraw cash from schools that fail to meet strict criteria relating to what they teach. Under the new agreement, funding will be withdrawn for any free school that teaches what it claims are "evidence-based views or theories" that run "contrary to established scientific and/or historical evidence and explanations".

Free schools, which are state-funded and run by local people or organisations, do not need to follow the national curriculum. Scientific groups have expressed concerns that their spread will see a reduction in the teaching of evolution in the classroom.

A BHA campaign, called "Teach evolution, not creationism", saw 30 leading scientists and educators call on the government to introduce statutory guidance against the teaching of creationism. The group said if the government would not support the call, an explicit amendment to the wording of the funding agreement could have the same effect. Last week the Department for Education confirmed it had amended the agreement, although a spokesman denied it was the result of pressure from scientists. ... "We will not accept any academy or free school proposal which plans to teach creationism in the science curriculum or as an alternative to accepted scientific theories," the spokesman said, adding that "all free school proposals will be subject to due diligence checks by the department's specialist team".

A spokeswoman for the BHA said: "The government's new wording is quite wide and in practice could prevent those who promote extreme religious or particular spiritual or pseudoscientific approaches from including them as part of the school curriculum as science or as evidence-based."