"Gals refresh body and soul by 'recycling sex' with old beaus"


Posh women are increasingly returning to the arms of their old beaus, even if they're as fat, bald and stinky as their husbands, in a phenomenon Shukan Gendai (8/18-25) labels "recycling sex."

"Mie," as we'll call the 38-year-old housewife, comes from a more expensive part of Tokyo and is a case in point.

"I live in a brand-new expensive condo with my doctor husband and our daughter. My husband makes 30 million yen a year. My favorite labels are Chanel and Hermes. I've recently joined a member's only gym, which I visit two or three times a week. I belonged to a tennis club that recently had a reunion, where I met up with my old boyfriend," Mie tells Shukan Gendai.

A week after the fateful meeting, Mie and her ex met again, this time at a swank hotel in Yokohama where they had wild sex.

"My husband is in a relationship with a Roppongi nightclub hostess, so he hardly ever comes home on weekdays. It's not like I'm disappointed with my husband. And I haven't fallen back in love with my ex-boyfriend. But we just have more and more of our secret trysts. Recently, I've probably been inviting him out more than he's asked me. If your lover is someone you've known for a while, it's much less risky than finding someone on a personals site. Sex with my ex-boyfriend is a simple way for me to get refreshed."

Relationship counselor Fusako Ando is seeing more women like Mie.

"These women care about their looks and are keen on keeping up with the latest trends. They've often graduated from prestigious women's colleges, married elite husbands, shop at exclusive parts of Tokyo like Aoyama or Roppongi and enjoy luxury labels. They've finished raising their kids and want to enjoy being fashionable again," Ando says. "They're the types who use eco bags while shopping and drive hybrid cars. They have a strong awareness of protecting the environment. And they have no worries about going back to old boyfriends. That's why I call what they're doing 'recycling sex.' "

There are certain signs men should watch out for that can be a giveaway for wives into "recycling sex," the men's weekly says. The first signal is when she prompts him to get into shape. A "recycling sex" wife explains.

"Thanks to sex with my ex-boyfriend, I've begun to feel beautiful myself again. It's not a good idea if I'm the only one to get in shape, I want my husband to look good, too. And 'recycling sex' has given me the urge to have more sex with my husband, too," the 36-year-old Yokohama woman says. "And if my husband and I are going to have sex, it'd be more enjoyable if he was in good shape."

And a wife doing yoga should also get alarm bells ringing, according to another "recycling sex" wife.

"I don't know whether yoga increases your female hormones, or what, but since I've been doing yoga it's made sex feel so much better for me," the woman tells Shukan Post. "Yoga improves your shape and I always have an excuse for getting out of the house by telling my husband I've got a yoga session on." (By Ryann Connell)



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