Korean eating dogs an apology based on lies

Sunday, July 13, 2008
Korean eating dogs an apology based on lies


Some weeks ago posted a video with a short comment about Koreans eating dogs off the streets. This comment caused many Koreans to write that is not true, stating Koreans no longer eat dogs and if some do, it is only a few. The next day another video was posted offering an apology for making such a statement as it seemed incorrect.

Recently the government in China issued orders to the restaurants in Beijing designated as Olympic restaurants, to remove dog from their menus. This was reported by numerous news organizations and agencies throughout the world. Their articles went on to read that Chinese eat dog meat as well as Koreans in China enjoy restaurants which serve dog meat. These articles further stated that in 1988 when the Olympics were in Seoul, South Korea, a similar order was issued by the South Korean government.

Now why would the South Korean government request and/or order restaurants in Seoul to remove dog meat from restaurant menus if people in South Korea no longer eat dogs? The truth is those who sent the messages and comments stating Koreans do not eat dogs were telling a lie. They were and are liars! At least the Chinese were honest enough to admit they eat dogs as the government in South Korea was in 1988.

The subsequent video posted weeks ago with the apology was posted based on lies, thus negating the apology.


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