What's This

Gifraffiti is a widget generating wobbling GIF images.

This widget utilizes Python script to output GIF images.

How to use

You can draw line strokes in the white canvas using mouse dragging. Line color can be changed with clicking left panel.

White color line is not white-colored-line but eraser. Lines crossed with a eraser track are erased. Part of lines are not erasable because of widget archtecture (the minimum unit is a trajectory).

When your drawing is completed, the drawing is converted to animated GIF by pushing "Anim" button. The motion is stopped by 'Stop" button.

Animated GIFs are draggable. When you drag an image out of the widget, you can drop the image to an application or desktop.

From version 0.2 shortcut keys are available, Cmd+Z (undo), Shift+Cmd+Z (redo), Cmd+G (make/stop animation)

Even if you are not good at drawing (like me ;D ), tracing mode will help you to enjoy animated GIF. Select transparency of the canvas by back panel from 'opaque' to 'transparent'. Move transparent canvas to a desktop image and draw tracing images on it.





Version history follows.


  • Replaced all Python scripts with an Objective-C plugin which is built as Universal binary.
  • License to be followed is changed to GPL version 2 because the plugin utilizes GD library to output GIF images. (Archived source codes of the plugin is included in the package folder of the widget as ''.)
  • Improved speed and quality of GIF.


  • 0.4.2 was mis-packaged not to include PIL.


  • Fixed bug that the widget freezes for data with many lines.
  • Standard timer and 'i' button


  • Bug fixed. (Frame rate could not be changed in previous release)


  • Automatic toggle to desktop by dragging out of the widget
  • "Drawing process" mode


  • Background & Shadow color


  • Eraser
  • Bug (in Undo after Clear) fixed.


  • Bug fixed


  • Tracing mode (transparent canvas)
  • Line width is selectable from front panel


  • Line color selectable
  • Wait timer
  • Shortcut keys implemented


  • Publish


For version 0.5.0 or later

All source codes and resoures included in the widget is distributed under GPL version 2.0 license. See the website of Free Software Foudnation for more detailed information about GPL.

For version 0.4.3 or earlier

All source codes and images in this widget is distributed under Creative Commons License.

You can download, use, change and redistributed without any charge with NO WARRANTY.

ZIP archives of this widget includes Python Imaging Library. Copyrights are declared for PIL as below.

Copyright (c) 1997-2005 by Secret Labs AB
Copyright (c) 1995-2005 by Fredrik Lundh
最終更新:2006年02月15日 01:39


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