TSO Summoner's Gear

Summoned Vengeance(+Spell/CA Damage UP+25、Skill+5)
Quicksilver Blood(+Spell/CA Damage UP+25、Skill+5)
Minion's Resilience(+Spell/CA Damage UP+250、SV+125)
Power Flux(+Spell/CA Damage UP+40、Crit+1%)
Empowered Magic(+Caster&Pet base damage+1%)
Stone Defense(HP+250,+防御/受け流し+2.5)
Toxic Avenger(SV+382毒/病気 + offensive proc:
255 poison and 255 disease damage to target, 2.0 times a minute)


The Ruins of Guk:ガック遺跡(TSO:イキーシャ湿原)
 *Halls of the Fallen:難易度3:死人のホール

\aITEM 969233904 271957293:Glowing Mask\/a

 \aITEM 242747849 44229440:Armored Robes of the Usurper\/a

\aITEM 2003123609 1963706612:Netted Robes\/a


 * The Lower Corridors:難易度4:下層回廊

\aITEM 1765784161 -471232089:Adamantine Studded Cloth Cap\/a

\aITEM -542437947 1055047118:Furious Pantaloons of the Froglok King\/a

 * Ykesha’s Outer Stronghold:難易度5:イキーシャの外部要塞 ☆☆☆

\aITEM -137096903 1694766449:Gruuper's Bangle of Incineration\/a

\aITEM 997214058 106305898:Malovari's Misplaced Bauble of Banishment\/a

\aITEM 1788745785 584508871:Apron of Gukish Cuisine\/a

\aITEM 165414038 -62469655:Boots of Consequences\/a

\aITEM 618097898 868044303:Ring of the Maw\/a


Miragul’s Phylactery:ミラガルの聖柩(エバーフロスト)
 *Scion of Ice:難易度1:氷の接ぎ穂 ☆
\aITEM -139974257 598741193:Hood of the Shade\/a

\aITEM 1082465275 -179231149:Cloak of Suppressed Memories\/a

\aITEM 1293400139 -1527505139:Guardian of Conciousness Earstud\/a



 *The Anathema:難易度2:ジ・アナテマ ☆
 \aITEM 1230100659 843187305:Choker of Tears and Dreams\/a

\aITEM -1283041522 361820302:Darkest Fleck of Umbrage\/a

\aITEM -1893251852 -689636267:Frozen Captivator's Gloves\/a

 *The Crucible:難易度3:ミラガルのるつぼ ☆☆

   \aITEM -774663725 887937912:Demonstration of Frigid Will\/a

 \aITEM -1157721601 -1495941620:Wand of Elemental Knowledge\/a

   \aITEM 1412808674 1541166074:Robe of the Masters\/a

\aITEM 1212941506 1601744315:Orb of the Three\/a


 *The Deep Forge難易度1:ディープ・フォージ ☆

\aITEM 2142429219 1733057567:Flowing Robes of Elemental Dominance\/a

\aITEM -1975637183 -1461793080:Lavagod Bangle of Control\/a
\aITEM -1693361128 2060728324:Ashen Cloth Cowl\/a


 *Najena’s Hollow:難易度2:ナジェナのうつろの塔 ☆☆☆
\aITEM 1742204660 -2090443436:Najena's Ring of Readiness\/a

\aITEM -643360218 -1609760535:Drakota Fang Necklace\/a

\aITEM -1766881207 -52259287:Flametested Bands\/a

\aITEM 148691178 1561805847:Sash of Gnomish Devices\/a


 * Evernight Abbey:難易度1:常夜の修道院

\aITEM -1949254009 1414321847:Jewel Inlaid Fang\/a

 * Mistmyr Manor:難易度2:ミストマイア荘園

\aITEM 1433693312 -1128483228:Nzhevar’s Belt of the Exploding Heart\/a

\aITEM -195483345 1084813418:Cursed Cloak of Thex\/a

 * Ravenscale Repository:難易度3:レイヴンスケイルの魔庫 ☆

\aITEM 412423441 783938474:The Bloodied Advisor's Robes\/a

\aITEM 2107528594 -2097916508:Cloak of the Mistmoore Legion\/a

\aITEM 1556512229 -158726145:Helix\/a

\aITEM -301940936 -1372368100:Lubeshian Orator's Symbol\/a

\aITEM -573810573 88737641:Robe of the Powermonger\/a

\aITEM -1714657391 -747950141:Pantaloons of the Bechoi Stonemason\/a

\aITEM -1282643845 -1421415532:Jeweled Ydallian Belt\/a

\aITEM 1419529491 843520898:Mummified Ydal Eye\/a

The Sebilisian Empire:セビリザン帝国(RoK:ナスサー沼沢)
 *Veksar :The Sunken Theater:難易度2:ヴェクサー: 水没劇場 ☆☆☆

\aITEM 1544895902 1071313584:Aidyl's Scaled Sash of Dragon Songs\/a

\aITEM -1144608232 264207432:Blazing Orb of Control\/a

 * Nu’Roga:難易度2:ヌローガ ☆☆

  \aITEM 499046220 1986024192:Tarnished Circlet of Shadow\/a

 \aITEM -268790295 1672048117:Tuz'Rak's Jewel of Summoning\/a

  \aITEM 306029927 1469315475:Cement Smudged Sleeves\/a



 * Kor’Sha:難易度4:コルシャ ☆☆☆

\aITEM -593116805 670475428:Mind of the Weapon\/a

\aITEM 79467794 425894018:Dreadpriest's Ravaging Symbol of Speed\/a

\aITEM -1366192532 1360736383:Mutated Staff of Dread\/a

\aITEM 725168620 -1236893984:Sannik's Link\/a

\aITEM -2027715351 1872540586:Atrebite Robes of Power\/a

\aITEM -1819345476 1876194028:Girdle of Mutagenica\/a



 *Cavern of the Afflicted:難易度1:苛みの洞窟 ☆☆☆
   \aITEM 781467272 -685572651:Undead Jester's Cap\/a

\aITEM 293997906 510059531:Woven Belt of Dark Tidings\/a

\aITEM -1204419406 1172253289:Darkness Imbued Robes\/a

 *Halls of the Forsaken:難易度3:見放されし堂 ☆☆☆
 \aITEM -916179267 343214599:Summoner's Cuffs of Spectral Fury\/a

\aITEM -899728780 1336243162:Demon Summoner's Headgaurd\/a

 *Necrotic Asylum:難易度4:壊死のアサイラム ☆☆☆

\aITEM 1129405889 -588595794:Necrotic Wrist Wrappings\/a

\aITEM -3323794 -1941042679:Vest of Screaming Silk\/a

The Void:ヴォイド(TSO:イキーシャ湿原)
 * Obelisk of Ahkzul:難易度1:アクザルのオベリスク ☆

\aITEM -70041709 104743417:Enthralling Earjewel of the Abyss\/a


 * Anchor of Bazzul:難易度3:アンカー・オブ・バズール ☆☆☆

\aITEM 1708160282 -996361547:Earring of the Void Transfer\/a

\aITEM 1702698910 64836528:Zynos' Helm of Voidcalling\/a

\aITEM -364854801 1752480789:Hardened Voidmetal Waistband\/a

\aITEM -611994402 844551391:Ynosii's Guard\/a

\aITEM 1949664387 -1884950930:Bauble of Dizsho’s Channeling\/a


 * The Palace of Ferzhul:難易度5:ファズールの宮殿 ☆☆☆

\aITEM 196938529 535272706:Indestructible Obliterator's Shackle\/a

\aITEM -373528028 -489742003:Forgotten Ring of Souls\/a

\aITEM 976044371 -195768463:Ferzhul's Earring of the Void\/a

\aITEM 481230584 -827271023:Bangle of Portals\/a






\aITEM 1717941226 798369694:Froglok Skin Cord\/a


\aITEM 764980083 732352653:Robe of the Undying\/a

\aITEM -20504832 -1193685745:Robe of the Ykeshan Follower\/a


\aITEM 1804891598 1755237285:Threaded Void Robe of Distraction\/a




\aITEM -530622962 -2144996587:Shiny Metallic Robe\/a

 \aITEM 1101373989 -865436038:Dark Mail Gauntlets\/a



















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