ミニマップ表示 (no XVM) - Mmap.xml
<!-- View Range Circle Settings--><!--内側の円-->
<circlestyle>dashed</circlestyle><!-- style of the view range circle, valid values: line, dots and dashed (破線) -->

<!-- View Direction Laser Settings--><!--視野方向線-->
<laserstyle>dots</laserstyle><!-- style of the laser line, valid values: line, dots and dashed-->

<!-- Minimap Vehicle Icon Descriptor Text Settings--><!--戦車名-->
<fontsize>7</fontsize><!-- fontsize of tanknames on map-->
<lastposcolor>0x7F0000</lastposcolor><!-- last known position marker color, i.e. 0xFFFFFF for white --><!-- 消失した戦車アイコン色 -->

<!-- 50m X-Ray Spotting Circle Settings--><!--50m円-->
<fiftymalpha>10</fiftymalpha><!-- set alpha for 50m X-ray spotting circle, 0 to disable -->

<!-- General Settings for the Minimap--><!--レベルを考慮した戦車アイコン-->
<showMinimapSuperHeavy>false</showMinimapSuperHeavy><!-- enables the tier dependant icons for al tank types, setting to false will give you the standard icons-->