Sample code


This page is a list of sample codes which demonstrate various BD-J functions. Please refer to Instructions and notes before you run these codes.
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Graphics, UI

  • Text rendering using downloadable font
  • JPEG rendering to background plane
  • Obtaining configuration change event and resolution of plane
  • Enabling coexistence of Quarter HD(QHD) Graphics and HD video
  • Enabling coexistence of HD/QHD graphics and SD video(KEEP_RESOLUTION)
  • Setting HScene area: How to set the area of HScene.
  • Setting HScene background color
  • Z-order control of HScenes
  • Z-order control of Components
  • Text button widget(HTextButton)
  • Graphics button widget(HGraphicsButton]]
  • Progress bar widget(HRange)
  • Receiving key event from component without focus
  • Receiving key event exclusively
  • Receiving playback key event
  • Obtaining various information on key buttons
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