Instructions and notes


This page describes important notes and instructions how to use sample codes on the site.

Important notes

  • Error handlings and resource deallocations are ommited to concentrate on how to realize functions.
  • Operation check has been done only on PS3. Please let me know if you find problems on other platforms.


There are two options:
but you should choose HD Cookbook at this time rom scalability and extensibity viewpoint.

The following table summarizes the procesure for each option.
MBDfP HD Cookbook
Preparation Obtain and install stub file and MBDfP Obtain and install stub file and HD Cookbook
Editing code Change class name to MyXlet, save it as file name "", and compile it replace "xlets/tests/functional/Playground/ with sample code
Building package Generate 00000.jar based on MyXlet.class and bluray.MyXlet.permコ, sign 00000.jar with sign.bat, and then copy 00000.jar to the directory BDMV/JAR in "disc files" of MBDfP Execute Ant[NULL]
Writing the package to recording media Rename INDEX.BDM and MOVIEOBJ.BDM to index.bdmv andMovieObject.bdmv, respectively、and copy the directory tree just under AVCHD directory in MBDfP to root of BD-RE/R media Copy directory tree just under dist directory to the root of BD-RE/R media

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