Although BD Players contains minimum font data for rendering text, the variety of fonts is very limited. This page explains basic information on how to utilize font on BD media

The following two methods are provided for mapping font names to font data:
  1. Resident font
  2. Downloadable font

The remaining part summarizes how to prepare fonts and use those for each method.

Resident font

  • How to prepare font: place Font file[NULL]s under /BDMV/AUXDATA, and then store five digits of the Font file name in terminalInfo[NULL]->defaultFontFile field of BD-J Object file[NULL].
  • How to use font: Graphics context refers to the font by default, so no additional method calls are needed.

Downloadable font

  • How to prepare font: place Font file[NULL]s and Font Index file[NULL] storing the mapping information between the Font file[NULL]s and font names under /BDMV/AUXDATA.
  • How to use font: create a Font instance by using FontFactory.createFont(font name, font style, font size) and then set it to graphics context.

See also

  • BDA[NULL]: gives overvew in "BD-J Baseline Application and Logical Model Definition for BD-ROM"
  • Font file[NULL]: explains Font format
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