What is the WaiWai issue?

Astonishingly hideous newspaper articles published by one of Japanese "quality" papers on their English-language news site has infuriated many people. Some concerned people began online campaign to raise awareness of the issue, resulting in a large-scale protest movement.

Mainichi Newspapers, one of Japan's four major "quality" newspapers, who has the 3rd largest readership, had published incredibly vulgar and indecent articles, many of which described Japanese women and girls as sexually promiscuous on the "WaiWai" corner of their English news site, Mainich Daily News.

There were articles which gave tips for safe ways to buy under-age Japanese girls. There were also a report which described a traditional religious festival as having strangly strong sexual connotation. The problem is that these articles had been online for several years.

The problematic articles have been already deleted -- Mainich Newspapers has apparently chosen to delete all the evidence. They're now claiming that a very small number of extreme people are making a fuss about a few not-so-appropriate articles. That is why the volunteers began to archive such articles so that we will be able to show Mainichi that their cover-up attempt is only in vain.



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