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=Published Articles =
even a high school student can write better stuff than this! :)

  • "More moms going down, to ensure grades go up!"

  • "Defense Ministry turns to 'Lolita' manga character to reveal inner self"
(The author of the original manga でこくーる has protested to MDN and made it
clear in her blog that "none of what was written is true")

  • "'Erotic sushi' bar serves up tantalizing treats"

  • "Gals refresh body and soul by 'recycling sex' with old beaus"

  • "Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax"

  • "Fast food sends schoolgirls into sexual feeding frenzy"
(Suspected to have been plagiarized from [ 外部リンク]
Kazuo Sakai stated"Fast food being unnaturaly easy to assimilate,may affect anorexia.
since anorexia is a central nervous system dysfunction, it can cause other addictions,
such as sex addictions.)!this could mean Mcdonals has sex addicts around the world!

  • "The Cook, the Beast, the Vice and its Lover"
An article saying a tokyo restaurant serving pig bestiality.
(bloggers who had information of primitive bestiality said that it it impossible
to do so with pigs- even in or not in rut,pigs are too vicious) about tabloids.

  • "Get wet and go wild: housewife rakes in extra loot at the neighborhood body wash"

  • "Just between us girls -- the secret slang splurted in the ejaculation industry"

  • "Sexaholics anonymous groupies let it all hang out"

  • "Picky Japanese princesses pass on putrid peckers"

  • "STDs spreading to Japan's older ranks"

  • "'Rubik's Cube sex' peddled as latest cure for Japan's bedroom bashfuls"

  • "Girls get good grip on sex technique at booty boot camp"

  • "A healthy helping hand that won't deplete your wallet"

  • "Booze and flattery: The dark art of getting her to give it up on a first date"

  • "Hot action at service areas sends drivers on the road again"

  • "Ladies loose-lipped on sex, but masturbation gets diddly squat"
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