Terms of Voice Bank Use

This English translation is for reference. Any questions arising shall be settled by the original Japanese text given here.

Updated on October 18, 2010

The voicebank Momone Momo is free to any use including creating songs or speeches.
Prior permission is not necessarily required for non-commercial music CD and/or anime DVD distribution(s), and for non-commercial song and/or movie broadcasting on the Internet.
Commercial use of the voicebank Momone Momo is free of charge, however, prior acknowledgment to the author Momoko Fujimoto is required.

The concept art has the different usage rule. Please visit here.

(1)Make sure to credit any one of "桃音モモ", "Momone Momo", "Momoko Fujimoto" or "Momone Voice Archive" when using this voicebank as the main component of your work except for the case of Chapter 4 below.
The credit above is not necessarily required when using the voicebank Momone Momo as the auxiliary component of your work (e.g. using this voicebank as a backing singer or in the processed form which does not hold the original feature of Momone Momo).
(2)This voicebank shall not be used for illegal works (e.g. slander, foretelling of crime, discrimination, copyright violation and other illegal actions).
(3)Prior permission is required when redistributing this voicebank.
(4)Do not credit any of the name in Chapter 1 onto the works which include violent, obscene and/or strongly political expressions. The use of the character Momone Momo to the work above is forbidden.

This clause seen here may be subject to change without prior notice. Please adhere the latest version of the usage clause.

Though not obligatory, your acknowledgment will be appreciated when broadcasting your works in the mediums other than on Nicovideo, YouTube or Pixiv.
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