Terms of Concept Art Use


This English translation is for reference. Any questions arising shall be settled by the original Japanese text given here.

Updated on October 18, 2010

Non-commercial Works (Private or Fan-circle/Doujin Works)
The character Momone Momo is free of use including comics, illustrations, animations, figurines cosplay designs and/or sundries. Prior acknowledgment is not necessarily required.

Commercial Works
Prior permission is required when using the character Momone Momo for commercial use.

(1) Do not use the character Momone Momo for articles which include strongly political, violent and/or obscene expressions.
(2) The character Momone Momo belongs to the voice bank Momone Momo and the author Fujimoto Momoko only. No other voice bank or source should be attached to this character.

This guideline seen here may be subject to change without prior notice. Please adhere the latest version of the usage clause.

Though not obligatory, your acknowledgment will be appreciated when broadcasting your works in the mediums other than on Nicovideo or YouTube, or when distributing comics and/or figurines.
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