A common foe is the death of old hatreds.


"We shall persevere."


"Archons dispense justice according to an ancient, and flawed, premise."
――Nissa Revane


"My cats have taught me more about the sacred than anything in some old ruin."


"Move, you wretched thing! You're scaring the hurdas!"
――Bruse Tarl, Goma Fada nomad


"I implore you not to forget the horrors of the past. You would have us start the Brothers' War anew!"
――Sorine Relicbane, Soldevi Heretic


"There are harsher ways to learn the meaning of the word ‘no.'"
――Rashida Scalebane


The swarm seemed unmoved by the artificial slivers' destruction. "They clearly were not the leaders," Hanna cursed. "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way."


"Let Phyrexia breed evil in the darkness; my holy light will reveal its taint."


The scepter of power is fragile in a calloused hand.
――Cho-Arrim saying


"The tools of evil are mere things. And like all things, they cannot last forever."
――Song of All, canto 881


Where the holy light of the angels has shone, only purity remains.


"From legend it was forged, and to legend it returns."


"One down, several thousand more to go."


"The gifts of the past must find their way into deserving hands."


"Iona no longer guards this place. We do."
――Kasla, Emeria shepherd


"You called it the castle of a god. It is less than that, and so much more."
――Kasla, Emeria shepherd


In any adventuring party, the cleric is the heart: healing wounds, inspiring courage, and raising morale.


"I've walked every one of the Teetering Peaks and never set a foot wrong. I can get you to safety."


Griffins nest in precarious places, so fledglings often find themselves taking their first flights at surprising moments.


Ondu moas make wildly uncomfortable mounts, but for determined warriors, their speed is enough to make up for it.


"Down below's where things go to die."
――Kreq of Sunder Bay


"Wise adventurers—and clever beasties—stick to the higher ground."
――Kreq of Sunder Bay


Too flashy to ignore. Too fast to catch.


Every kor blade is imbued with the skill of a thousand generations.


"The landbind ritual connects us to our sacred sites. More importantly, it binds us with every other kor who has visited here, through countless generations."


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