Solomon's Keepがバージョン3.0にアップデートされました。


Hi all,
Been working hard, and am planning to submit 3.0 to Apple tomorrow if the beta testers don't find anything nasty on the last build...
Here's what ended up in SK 3.0:

o An "addons" button has been added to the main screen. As I expand the game at this point, some people might not want some features, and some features will be in-app purchases, so major game-changer, even if free, will be available in the addons panel).


o The Amazing Cabinet has been added to the game! (You can enable it, for free, in the addons panel)

「Amazing Cabinet」がゲームに追加されました。addonsパネルから無料で有効化出来ます。

o Damage resistance has been capped at 95%


o Poison arrows will no longer poison through magic shield

毒矢はMAGIC SHIELDを無視しなくなりました。

o A Discuss button in setup will take you right to the Raptisoft forums where you can ask questions. (If you're on a mobile device, it will take you to the mobile version of the forums)


o A new potion has been added, which does 4x damage for 30 seconds. It's expensive, and only occasionally in the store, but could mean the difference between life and death!


o All awesomeness high scores are now reset! There is a new awesomeness scoring system in place that makes your awesomeness score better reflect how toe-curlingly awesome you really are. I'll post details on how this works elsewhere.


o Facebook has been removed, because so many people were having facebook problems.


o When you kill Solomon, you will immediately level up.


o Frost magic now is available as a 99 cent addon! Frost magic can weld to form Frost Missile, Steam, and Blizzard Beam, and a new cold-based secondary spell is added, meaning five new offensive spells.

Frost magicが115円のアドオンになりました。Frost magicはFrost Missile, Steam, Blizzard Beamに合成でき、新たに氷系のSECONDARY SKILLSが追加になり、計5つの攻撃系スペルが増えた事になります。

o Meditating now also speeds the recovery of secondary skills


o Demigod difficulty has been added after Archmage, with appropriate feats.
Demigod Difficulty is very, very difficult!


o Max player level has been raised from 57 to 75


o Having the creativity skill reduces all skill level requirements by 7 (i.e. if a
skill is only available above level 25, creativity makes it available at level 18)


o The spell caps on all four offensive spells have been raised to 20 (with a maximum of 25 with items) to assist in the greater difficulty offered by Demigod.

難易度Demigodに合わせて、4つのPRIMARY SPELLSのレベル上限は20(ITEMによるブースト込みで25)にあがりました。

o Boss Monsters now scale up their attack tactics on higher difficulties (increased speed and frequency). You will earn your awesomeness.


o The display of skills in the character sheet has been cleaned up to group related skills together.


o Ring of Fire and Acid Rain can be upgraded five levels further after you pass level 20.

キャラクターLvが20を超えると、RING OF FIREACID RAINはさらに5レベル強化できるようになります。

o Magic Shield can be upgraded two levels further after you pass level 25

キャラクターLvが25を超えると、MAGIC SHIELDはさらに2レベル強化できるようになります。

o Siege Mage's skill cap has been increased two levels

SIEGE MAGEのレベル上限は2上がりました。

o A mana-less fireball now looks different than a full-strength fireball

MANA切れ時のFIRE BALLのグラフィックは通常のと変わりました。

o Elemental Enhancement Spells: You say there's no good reason not to weld? Well now there is. All four primary attacks have their own "elemental focus" spell which don't get welded in, and which are available after player level 30: Elemental Maximum spells require that you have a skill point in all the sub-skills of the elemental spell.

現状では、合成魔法使わない理由が無いですよね。そこで基本の4つのMAGICに、その属性に特化した Elemental Enhancement Spellsを追加しました。キャラクターLvが30以上で、合成していないMAGICでのみ機能します。また、そのMAGICのサブスキルを全て取得しておく必要があります。

o A 99 cent addon has been added that lets you select a different look for your wizard, and female wizards! (Sorry, all wizards are blue... it's the traditional color that the Wizard College drapes a surely doomed wizard in when he/she goes off on a deadly quest).


o You can now donate, if you want to help fund further Raptisoft games. Donating will give you the option to submit your name to our sponsor list, which will be included in every single video game I ever put out henceforth.
Incidentally, all in-app purchase monies and donations at this point will go into funding Solomon's Keep for Windows, which I hope to have out by Summer of 2011. It is *not* going to be a straight port of the iPhone version; it will be a complete rewrite to take advantage of using a mouse (for instance, setting different skills by mouse button for easy switching, and keyboard shortcuts). I also plan this same version, with minimal changes, to be ported to iPad, Mac, and iPhone 4.

もしRaptisoftのゲームにもっとお金を出せるなら、寄付をすることが出来ます。寄付した場合、今後発売するゲームにスポンサーとして名前を載せる事も出来るようになります。ちなみに、すべてのアプリの購入代価と寄付は、Windows版Solomon's Keepの開発資金に使われます。2011年夏までにそれを出したいと思っています。それは、iPhone版のベタ移植ではありません。マウス操作にに合わせて完全に作り直します。(例えば、マウスボタンに異なるスキルをセットしたり、キーボードのショートカットを用意したり)このバージョンを最小限の変更でiPad、MacとiPhone4に移植する計画もあります。

Thanks all for your support, and I hope you enjoy the new features!

I hope you will like the frost welds as well... they are:

Frost Jet + Magic Missile = frost missile (sort of like throwing around little snow tornadoes if you have Chill Wind)

Frost Jet + Fireball = Steam Jet (sort of like frost jet except steam hangs around for a bit, continuing to hurt things. It also interacts with Acid Rain so that if you steam within acid rain, both do extra damage)

Frost Jet + Lightning = Blizzard Beam (a disintegrating beam of lightning and hail that can be swept around the room).

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