Tatsuya@Ramuh Profile


Please don't contact to Tatsuya directly or please don't accuse him by shout with showing his name.
Otherwise, you might be subject to user regulation of FF11.

  • He says that his friend is a GM and that he can talk to a GM at anytime.

  • He says he can have his GM friend access accounts just by asking him

  • Claims he works for a big Japanese company, but always changes the subject and can never prove he does.

  • Says he's rich enough to own 3 cars but can't afford even a simple computer

  • He was once married in game, "divorced" her, and now trash talks her on forums under random names.

  • Insults and harrasses members of his own linkshell on forums

  • He has multiple people (who)playing his account

  • Always threatens people with his lawyer, whenever people question him he threatens to get them in trouble.

  • He runs a Dynamis LS, charges his members a fee to enter but then takes all the Dynamis currency and sells it for his own profit.

  • He lies for his own benefit, he takes from others and manipulates them into thinking he's doing somethin right, only because they don't know any better.


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